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5 Factors to Consider Before Importing a Japanese Used Car in Kenya



Japanese Used Car

Why do people import vehicles, when they can easily buy them locally? For some, it’s because they can’t find a suitable choice for themselves locally, while for others, it’s the good condition vehicles that are missing from the domestic market. Moreover for some, importing a car is much cheaper comparing to buying one from a car dealer near their town.

And how about getting all these benefits together, while going for a Japanese used vehicle?

A couple of decades ago, importing a vehicle directly from Japan was a daunting experience for many of us out there. However, with the advance trading methodologies at a global scale, it’s pretty easy for customers to import their desired vehicle to any part of the world directly from Japan. Similarly, prospective car owners in Kenya could easily get an ideal vehicle from the ports of Japan without experiencing any hassles. Especially, taking services of an established car dealer who stocks quality Japanese used cars for sale in Kenya.

But, do we need to consider some factors before importing a second-hand Japanese vehicle? Certainly, as long as you put the following key factors into consideration you’ll benefit more importing your vehicle from Japan.

1.    Examine the Car

The physical appearance and shiny exteriors of the vehicle may perhaps lead you to a quick decision, which could later fill you with remorse, realizing later that it doesn’t offer you the features you want.

Don’t simply get into the rush of making a purchase decision based on what you see. Rather it’s crucial to examine the details of the vehicle before you make your mind to actually go for it at the very first place.

Simply go through the details provided by your car dealer to examine the quality and features that it’s actually offering. Remember, knowing what you are actually getting will help you assist in getting the best value for money.

2.    Getting the Right Car Dealer

It’s equally important to know your car dealer, just as the vehicle you are interested to import. There may be many cars dealers which are offering the vehicle of your interest, but you need to have a little background check before you plan on purchasing from any of them.

Go through their banking details, approval rates, stock vehicles and history of their business, to learn whether they are genuinely operating in the industry or not.

3.    Car Import Costs and Taxes

Is there a point of getting excited after visiting a dealer’s website and see cars which are available for sale as low as $1000?

The actual price of the vehicle is not the only thing which you will need to pay for getting your vehicle from Japan to Kenya. There are other things you need to pay for before actually getting to drive your desired vehicle in a few weeks’ time.

Calculate the import duties and taxes which you need to pay getting your vehicle from Japan to your port in Kenya, before you even think to pay for the vehicle you are buying from your car dealer.

4.    Year of Manufacturing

Perhaps it may not in one’s mind to ask for the exact manufacturing date of the vehicle at the time of its purchase. But it’s quite an important fact to consider when going for a second-hand vehicle.

One could simply avoid paying a large sum of money on their maintenance costs over the years through buying a vehicle which has considerably low on mileage and not manufactured before five years of their purchase decision.

5.    Car Resale Value

You might be interested to import a vehicle and drive it for a few years before reselling it locally. So, to stand a chance of having a good deal. It’s good that you buy a vehicle which has a good resale value, considering your local market.

Meanwhile, if you are first-time car importer from Japan, it’s wise to buy a vehicle which is cheap to maintain and has the potential to give you a good resale value before you sell it after driving it for a few thousand miles.


Although importing a Japanese vehicle directly from Japan has its own advantage. However, it’s quite crucial to take your steps after knowing the nitty-gritty of importing one.

Not only buying a suitable car is important, it’s equally vital to know all the import duties and taxes which you need to pay before you finalize your decision of actually purchasing one.

Author Bio:

Martin Lewis is an experienced car sales agent currently associated with an established car dealer in Japan. In his time he writes educating his readers regarding the benefits of purchasing used cars from Japan and importing them in different countries across Africa.

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Are Cars Getting Way Too Big?




Cars Getting Way Too Big

It seems that there is one thing that most people love – big cars. Whether you live in a city, where it would be impractical to have one, or you do not even need a car yourself, you are still likely to fancy a larger vehicle. Come on, how awesome is the Ford F150, or Toyota Tundra, or any big SUV you would prefer! But aren’t things going a bit too far?

Today we are going to explore an interesting topic. We have asked our friends at Instacar Transport to share their opinion and expertise with vehicles. They are in the business of transporting cars, so they are directly affected by the growing size of modern day vehicles. Let’s go!

Does This Problem Even Exist?

If you have never considered the size of vehicles to be an issue, you are not alone. When changes are gradual, you are not very likely to notice them. It only takes an inch here and there, and all of a sudden the cars have grown by 2 feet. How did this happen?

In fact, most midsized cars nowadays would be considered rather big if you had them 20 years ago. Funny enough, we are even calling some SUVs “midsized”, even if they can transport 7 people! Obviously, the size of the cars is growing. But that does not mean this is an issue, right? Well…

How Much Trouble Is A Big Car?

There is the popular notion that the bigger the car the safer it is – at least for the people in it. So you have at least one benefit of big cars. They also look impressive. And they can take quite a lot of stuff in (and people, of course). So far so good, right? No problems on the horizon.

That being said, we want you to consider this for a second – is a bigger car really safer? How would you know that? It may sound intuitive, but that does not make it true. In fact, the safety of the car is determined by its systems and not by its size. You can check most lists of the safest cars out there, and you will notice plenty of sedans. Sure, there are many SUVs as well, but that may actually be worse. Why? Because the very reason we need more car safety is because cars are getting bigger. A truck is likely to cause much more damage than a Mini Cooper, is it not?

But What Can We Do About It?

Naturally, if big cars are a problem, you may wonder if there is an actual solution. We would argue that there is – just do not buy big cars. But that is easier said than done. And not because people would not want to do it, but because the options are not that many. Yes, there are smaller vehicle, but most are not of the standard of the bigger ones. Only a handful of companies make deliberately safe and highly equipped small vehicles.

So yes, in the end we can conclude that cars are getting too big. Can we do something about it? Probably not. But car companies can. Many European countries are beginning to incentivize smaller cars. There is hope!

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We Offer Top Cash For Scrap Cars Melbourne Wide




Scrap Cars Melbourne

If like many people you own a scrap car, you might be thinking that nobody would ever want to buy it from you. This may be true for most private buyers and dealer trade-ins but top-quality Cash For Cars companies like Cash For Your Cars will happily pay top dollar for your car, no matter what condition it is in. Cash For Your Cars offer the best cash rates in Melbourne, up to $9,999, and have been of service to thousands of happy customers. We are known for a top-quality car removal service that puts your convenience first. We pay Top Cash For Scrap Car Melbourne wide.

We Pay The Best Cash For Cars Prices Because We Know The True Value of Cars

Cash For Your Cars stands out for being Melbourne’s most trusted car removal company. Customers are always left happy with our top cash offers and we are reliable from the get-go.

We buy:

  • Scrap Cars
  • Junk Cars
  • Wrecked Cars
  • Unwanted Cars
  • Old Cars
  • Accident Damaged Cars
  • Hail Damaged Cars
  • Fire Damaged Cars
  • Flood Damaged Cars
  • Mechanical Fault Cars
  • Smashed Cars

We Don’t Just Offer The Best Cash Offers – Our Car Removal Services Are Unparalleled

Cash For Your Cars buys and removes cars all acrossMelbourne and can finish everything in less than an hour. All you need to do is schedule us in and we’ll be there to help.

  1.    Call Us For A Quick Quote
  2.    Schedule Us For Car Removal
  3.    Get Paid In Top Dollar And We’ll Tow Your Car Away

We buy all brands including:

  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Suzuki
  • Nissan
  • Subaru
  • Holden
  • Honda
  • Mazda
  • Kia
  • Lexus
  • Isuzu
  • Mitsubishi
  • Hyundai
  • Renault
  • Skoda
  • Volkswagen

Our Car Removal Experts Are The Most Trusted In Melbourne

Our exceptional Car Removal experts have years of experience and provide fair and accurate car appraisals. We understand car seller’s need for a quick car removals service that doesn’t take too much time from their day.

Some of the things we consider when appraising your car include:

  •         Your Car’s Condition
  •         Your Car’s Make And Model
  •         Your Car’s Size
  •         Your Car’s Weight
  •         Your Car’s Age
  •         The Odometer Reading
  •         Your Car’s Working Parts
  •         Whether Or Not Your Car Is Drivable

For the best instant cash for car rates in Melbourne, call Cash For Your Cars at 0410 726 726.

Also, you can contact Pro Car Wash for Full Car Detailing Melbourne wide.

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Handy Tips To Get A Good Return For Car Worth Scrap




Car Worth Scrap

Long drives in the company of our near and dear ones in brand new cars fill us with pride, pleasure, and feelings of self-poise. But all are not so rich to afford new vehicles and they have to be content with their old cars. Many times these deteriorated vehicles have to be taken either for complete repairs or else have to be considered as scrap my car.

Make maximum buck – Those intending to say no to their old cars worth scrap and wishing to make a maximum buck should know the reason for its sale or scrap. Many guys may be intending to buy brand new cars while others may have to dispose of the old ones as they are shifting their existing homes. Permanent transfer to distant places could also be the reason behind selling the old cars that are so dear to the owners. Many guys wish to sell their old cars as they think them to be beyond repairs.

The next point worth consideration is the way it is sold by the owners. Many of them consult their known ones few of which could be interested in buying the vehicle. Few guys prefer having a glance at the newspapers that could be much helpful in finding the potential buyers. A click on the mouse could also be of great use to sell the old scrap cars to the prospective buyers with the hope to get a maximum buck from them. Car selling websites can also refer the sellers to the potential buyers of old vehicles. A glance at the customer review platforms can also be useful as they could refer the sellers to the buyers that are keen to buy the old cars.

Old is old and you cannot just expect the highest price out of your used cars worth scrap. As such it is wise to demand genuine rate for the same. Nobody on this earth would be ready to pay you more than the true worth of your old car, so set a reasonable selling price for the same.

Many car garages and the scrap dealers usually buy anything including the old cars in parts. That is also the best mode to get maximum cash for your old cars worth scrap. So you have made up your mind to get rid of your old car. Follow these tips and expect the highest price following the rule ‘scrap my car’.

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