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6 Must-Have Function Selections in an Advanced Blender



Advanced Blender

There are few appliances that have become an integral part of modern kitchens and blender is one of them. People are hard pressed for time and with both partners working, cooking meals standing for long hours in the kitchen is impossible. Eating out every other day is also not a good alternative as it is both unhealthy and unaffordable. To address this problem of having home-made and hygienic food amidst hectic schedules and lack of time, technology introduced various home appliances. These made life easy as preparing healthy and tasty food using these appliances is a quick and easy process.

While there are many appliances available in the market to make your life easy in the kitchen, choosing the right one is of paramount importance. There are many brands, models and variants available that vary both in terms of price as well as features. You might need some help in making the right decision. Otherwise, it can be quite overwhelming to make the right choice.

If you are looking forward to buying an advanced blender grinder to make smoothies, soups, juices etc., here are few features that it must have.

  1. High Power Motor: The motor used in the appliance should be a high-power one as it makes churning and grinding efficient and effortless. Whether you want to grind dosa batter or make that dry masala for the curry, the high-speed operation ensures that the hardest of ingredients get crushed with utmost finesse and in no time.
  1. Advanced Safety Feature: You might be juggling with a number of tasks together like looking at a presentation while grinding chutney. Multi-tasking, though a necessity at times, can lead to silly mistakes too. For instance, you might not remember to place a lid on the jar before you press the button. If the grinder doesn’t have the advanced safety feature where the appliance will not start until the lid is properly secured, then you can imagine the splash that would happen. You would be cursing yourself and cleaning it for the next 10 minutes or so.
  1. Pre-Set Functions: Having pre-set functions where each function is dedicated to a different function like making porridge, milkshake, soup, powder, dosa mix etc. makes your life very easy. You don’t have to think twice and just press that particular option and the work will be done efficiently. You can even delegate your kid or maid to do it as it is very easy and not much expertise is required. If the appliance comes with multispeed options, then you can adjust it as per your requirements.
  1. LCD Display: This is really an awesome feature that you should look for as it eases the operation. Whatever button you have pressed, the reading is clearly visible on the display and thus the chances of making any mistake are diminished.
  1. Heating Function: Often, when you use a normal blender, you need to cool down the ingredients before blending. This means that you might have to wait during the cooking process. The advanced blenders come with the option of heating function, which allows you to blend hot stuff too with ease.
  2. Safe Usage: The appliance should be safe to use. Often, overheating of the motor can cause wear and tear to the machine and shortens its lifespan. The advanced blenders come with both overcurrent and overheating protection. This makes it very safe both for the users as well as for the machine.

Always look for these features before you invest in a high-end blender. The more the useful features integrated in the blender, the higher is its usability. The availability of all these features can make your kitchen chores much easier.

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6 Handy Tips for Vacuuming Your Carpets




Tips for Vacuuming Your Carpets

If you are tired of the conventional method of cleaning your home, then a vacuum cleaner could be your best companion. This handy appliance not only makes cleaning the floors an easy and efficient job but also cleans the carpets and upholstery in a much better way than the conventional methods.

It is a one-stop solution for all kinds of cleaning tasks and adds comfort to life by making cleaning tasks easy and quick to complete. A vacuum cleaner is a precious appliance when it comes to cleaning of carpets. Here are a few tips to vacuum your carpets efficiently.

Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

There are umpteen models of vacuum cleaners available in the market today. You need to figure out which model best suits or at least adequately meets the requirements of your carpet. Not all vacuum cleaners are equal, and you should be vigilant enough to choose the right one or else you will end up causing more damage than cleaning.

Set the Vacuum at the Right Height

To maintain proper airflow and to get the best suction, it is required to set the vacuum at the right height. If you set it too high, it won’t be able to pick the dirt settled in the carpet and if it is too low it might damage the carpet.

Use the Right Cleaning Technique

Don’t go for short, quick, back-and-forth motions. For efficient cleaning, you should move in rows starting from one direction either vertically or horizontally. Once you reach the end of the strip, you have chosen, come back on it to pick up any dirt that was missed in first swipe. After completing all the strips in one direction, repeat the process in the other direction. It takes extra time and effort, but you clean up the carpet perfectly.

Use the Right Attachments 

Making use of the right brushes keeping in mind the fabric of the carpet is important for better and efficient cleaning. It also helps in keeping the carpet in good condition without causing any damage to its fabric, yarn etc. Some vacuum cleaner models come with a rotating brush, which helps in loosening the dirt that gets settled deep down. However, this accessory can be damaging if tried on looped style carpets as it will loosen its fibres. If you have a frieze carpet, then too, a rotating brush is a big no-no as the long strands of fibre can get entangled in the brush.

Vacuum Often

It is generally recommended to vacuum your carpet once a week. However, if you have kids or pets at home or if you entertain a lot of guests, then this frequency should go up to twice or thrice a week.

Use the Right Speed

To pick up the maximum dirt, you need to keep the speed right. If it’s a low-traffic area, you can make a quick pass, but on the high traffic zones, make sure to do two slow passes. This ensures that all ground-in dirt gets caught. It is more effective than having several fast passes in these areas.

If you follow these tips, it will definitely help you in completing your carpet cleaning job like a pro. Bid goodbye to dusty carpets that spoil the décor of your home!

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Be Aware of Tadley’s Pest Control Resources




Pest Control Resources

Seeking professional pest control Tadley resources should not be perceived as an improbable event by business owners during any season.  Moreover, treating infestations without specialist surveys and industry licenced applications should not be regarded as a wise avoidance of expense. To satisfy most mortgage, insurance and HSE requirements, a DIY approach is insufficient; professionals like the team at Pest Control Berkshire exist because they are in constant demand. Their expertise, experience and managed treatments are invaluable.

Did you know that under British law you are legally obliged to stop a pest from migrating to a neighbouring property (or land) and causing an issue to spread?

An ongoing inspection process, carried out either in-house or by Tadley pest controllers via a maintenance contract, offers the best way to discover any problems at the earliest opportunity, thereby reducing remedial costs and activities. It’s common sense to initiate a programme before an event or infestation occurs, not after. Please be proactive.

Simple oversights can create the need for pest control resources in Tadley

Leaving crumbs on a worktop, storing food stock in cupboards with unrepaired walls or floors, increased moisture levels, an untended outbuilding or attic space with splintering timber or cracked drainage; all can be at the root of a pest control problem.

It can be opportunist rodents, birds, hibernating wasps, bees or insects; a marauding mole or squirrel or a woodworm infestation that you uncover; all can lead to significant property damage, create fire risks, disease concerns and if ignored, structural integrity will be compromised.

You might believe that your property management is adequate and so a pest control issue will never present itself on your property. You may be correct, but for those who aren’t so fortunate, finding a pest can be stressful; resolution is swiftly required and with professionals, comprehensive.

Late in November 2018 the BBC reported on a care home in Manchester which was found to have “widespread systemic failures” including untreated rat and insect infestations. The Care Quality Commission closed the premises down after breaches in the Health and Social Care Act. The local authority’s environmental health team discovered that rats had accessed the care home via an open drain in the basement.

The management team on site may once have considered that they would never find themselves in such a predicament.

Natalie Bungay, technical officer at the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) advised that in 2018, wasp nest pest control call outs had risen five-fold at their peak across the UK.

Statistics used by the Labour Party in April 2018 stated that one NHS trust had called pest controllers over 700 times over 2 years. From 2015-2017, 95% of trusts called in pest control services providers to deal with rodents, wasps, ants and cockroaches. There were over 12000 NHS pest control incidents nationally over the period. (Source: BBC.)

Some pests flourish in winter, others wait for warmer months, but property owners and management must be vigilant every day of every season. Reduce the need for Tadley pest control specialists’ visits.

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Accessible Spring Refrigeration Hire for Events




Refrigeration Hire for Events

Don’t take food safety risks – refrigerate

Spring can throw any number of weather conditions at us; take 2018 as an example, we enjoyed the Beast from the East just weeks before a smouldering May heatwave led in to a wonderful summer.

If you are catering for members of the public, please don’t take chances with food or drink stock and decide that a shade offering wall, or a dark cupboard will be sufficiently cool so that you can avoid mobile refrigeration costs for additional or external facilities. Contact the leading refrigeration hire experts at Icecool Trailers for peace of mind.

Hire costs are highly competitive and the service levels excellent. The firm’s team understands your obligations as a chef, premises owner, events venue, caterer or host and you’ll be delighted with their efficiency. Pre-bookable mobile refrigeration is available in a range of sizes and capacities and they have a 24/7 emergency service for when a crisis develops; delivery can be made within 2-4 hours, dependent on the distances involved. They can also furnish you with freezer facilities for any hire duration.

Quality and Safety

The Food Standards Agency makes no distinction between temporary, pop-up, events, mobile or permanent food outlets; spring refrigeration hire and safety requires a proactive approach.

Remember, even if you are lucky enough to cheat the system without causing a food hygiene incident, no one enjoys curling dry sandwiches, tired canapes, warm wines and champagne or milk in tea or coffee which is tangy and injurious to their health. Ensure that quality expectations are met admirably or face the undesirable complaints and possible legal consequences.

Icecool Trailers is based in Newbury and serves a wide geographic area including the Home Counties, Thames Valley, London and the South East and the Midlands.

10 mobile refrigeration hire benefits:

  1. If you require units on wheels a fridge or freezer trailer is ideal; when wheels are unnecessary a cold or freezer room is perfect. The sizes of units range from 1.8 to 3m.
  2. Spring refrigeration hire facilities can be run via mains or generator; place them exactly where you need them; outside a kitchen, in a school playground, adjacent to a marquee on the lawn or in an outbuilding.
  3. Icecool Trailers mobile refrigeration offers flexibility. They deliver and set up the facilities and at the end of the hire period, down-power and remove them with minimal disruption. You incur no fuel expenses or time demands.
  4. Maximise stock lifespans, use stock in date order and employ F.I.F.O. with simple shelf repositioning.
  5. Mobile refrigeration units are insured but any stock placed within them requires an additional policy which it is the client’s responsibility to source.
  6. Units are lockable and can be opened from inside.
  7. Facilities are lit adequately.
  8. Food preparation tasks can be carried out within the mobile refrigeration.
  9. Reach your service potential. Don’t turn people away.
  10. Meet legislation with hygienic and well-maintained units.

Please consider mobile refrigeration as an essential component of your spring event.

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