A view of ovarian cancer

ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer as the name suggests tends to develop in the ovaries of a woman. Situated in the pelvis on either side of the uterus they are the reproductive organs in a woman. The size of ovary is that of an almond. The main reason for an ovarian cancer tends to arise

  • Histories of child bearing- in case of women who do not have a child are likely to have an ovarian cancer in comparison to women who possess. Though it has to be stated that the risk is on the lower side
  • Infertility- a research does point to the fact that infertility might increase the chances of developing ovarian cancer
  • Hormonal- when you start your periods early or late for sure it does go on to increase the chances of ovarian cancer.
  • Body weight and diet- when you are overweight it does increase possibility of ovarian cancer. If your diet is high in terms of fat and low in fresh fruits or vegetables, then the risk does increase all the more.

Follow up treatment post cancer treatment

It has to be stated that continuous follow up is the need of the hour for all ovarian patients. This does include patients where remission can occur. Though most often it tends to occur in the first 2 years, but it has to be stated that it can reoccur any time till 20 years.

Once surgery and chemotherapy is provided, it is likely that ovarian patients are asked to be part of CA125 tests. Most doctors are likely to undertake a second look surgery after 1 year. What it would mean is that the abdomen is opened up and cancer cells are tried to be found out. If the cells are being found out then chemotherapy is being performed once again. This is a controversial procedure as cancer is likely to be found or it could reoccur at any point of time. Chemotherapy would be a better choice rather than opting for second look surgery. The doctor is likely to ask you to be part of a series of tests and this includes CT scans or chest x rays.

The benefits associated with ovarian cancer surgery

Treatment could depend upon the reason and the benefits may boil down to the situation where you do find yourself. If a patient is detected with ovarian cancer at an early stage, then surgery is done with the aim of cutting down the cancer. In fact additional treatments could also be provided so that it does not return back. On the other hand if the cancer is at an advanced stage, then the symptoms may be able to control it and whereby the quality of life is being improved.

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