Camp Rules: 5 Essential Things to Bring for Your Beach Camping Trip

Camp Rules

We’re only weeks away before the summer solstice, and the magnificent outdoors are screaming. You love to crash on the beach, but also like to go camping? Well, there’s no need to fret because you can do both activities.

Beach camping is perhaps one of the low-key activities you can do this summer. With the crisp sea breeze, changing tides, waves that are more than ready for surfers, and views yearning to get explored, beach camping will surely make your summer worthwhile.

So, are you all set to go beach camping? It may sound like utopia, but it can go the other way around if you didn’t bring the essential items with you. For a little help, listed below are five items that you must carry when beach camping.

Sunscreen: Sun Protection

Keep in mind that when you’re on the beach, your skin becomes highly vulnerable to ultraviolet rays. Shielding yourself from the scorching heat of the sun doesn’t only mean to have a shelter or a shade, it also means to protect your skin by applying sunscreen with high SPF content.

Of course, nobody wants to head home with some sunburn patches or spots on your body and face which normally days or even weeks to disappear. As such, it’s best to apply sunscreen on your entire body to shield your skin against hideous patches.

Therefore, don’t leave your home without bringing sunscreen, as well as SPF lip balm and Aloe vera. Keep in mind to apply sunscreen on your body 45 minutes before you bask under the sun. Re-apply it every one or two hours after sweating or swimming. You can buy high-quality sunscreens at a reasonable price in any online stores such as Deal Wiki.

Camping Gear 

Obviously, the very first things you should bring on a camping expedition are your camping gears. Contingent upon on how you’re traveling, you’ll find out what things or gears you can substantially take with you.

Camp Rules

Sleeping bags and a tent are the primary items that you’ll need plus some dishes for cooking, and containers for storing food if you’re cooking alone.

Furthermore, if you’re loading in your car, consider bringing some chairs and a table to your campsite to make your stay or trip much more comfortable. But, if you’re backpacking, there’s no need to bring such items.

Essential Clothing 

As a rule of thumb, the clothes you pack for your beach camping relies upon on the weather and temperature forecast. So in the summertime, sandals, shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts are adequate. Though, it is also best to bring some warmer clothes, such as sweatshirts and sweatpants, for a cooler temperature.

Even if rain is not in the weather forecast, rain gear like pants, jackets, and hats are also useful clothing pieces to bring. The key to beach camping and other sorts of camping is the comfort. As such, make sure the clothing pieces you intend to wear are not too tight. Also, don’t pack your best clothes, as flickers from the fire can deteriorate them.

Safety Items

By all means, don’t forget to add a first-aid kit to your camping essentials. It should include cotton swabs, band-aids, bandages, safety pins, antibiotic cream, some medicines, and many more.

Also, it’s important to bring extra batteries or power banks for your mobile devices because if by any chance you get lost, you can easily contact someone. Furthermore, it’s wise to bring an emergency blanket that’ll keep you warm when the cold breeze strikes and waterproof matches to initiate campfires.

With the right amount of preparations and plans, you can certainly enjoy or have fun into your beach camping while being prepared for an emergency.

Garbage Bags 

Bringing garbage bags is very important. As campers, it’s your job to keep the beach as clean as it was before. You’re responsible for your garbage or trash. Hence, apply the CLAYGO (Clean As You Go) approach.

Of course, it’s no fun to camp on a beach when all you see is trash. Imagine if you’re snorkeling or diving and all you see are garbages instead of rich corals and marine wildlife. That’s certainly a disaster. Thus, clean your trash and make sure to keep it out of the oceans.


Beach camping is an excellent way to enjoy and appreciate what the world has to offer. But to be able to enjoy it to the fullest, you should never forget to bring some essential camping gears to enjoy the great outdoors.

Some of the vital things that you should bring are sunscreen, primary camping gears, necessary clothing, safety items, and of course garbage bags. When you prepare for such trips, you ensure that you enjoy your time without buckles.

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