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Camp Rules: 5 Essential Things to Bring for Your Beach Camping Trip



Camp Rules

We’re only weeks away before the summer solstice, and the magnificent outdoors are screaming. You love to crash on the beach, but also like to go camping? Well, there’s no need to fret because you can do both activities.

Beach camping is perhaps one of the low-key activities you can do this summer. With the crisp sea breeze, changing tides, waves that are more than ready for surfers, and views yearning to get explored, beach camping will surely make your summer worthwhile.

So, are you all set to go beach camping? It may sound like utopia, but it can go the other way around if you didn’t bring the essential items with you. For a little help, listed below are five items that you must carry when beach camping.

Sunscreen: Sun Protection

Keep in mind that when you’re on the beach, your skin becomes highly vulnerable to ultraviolet rays. Shielding yourself from the scorching heat of the sun doesn’t only mean to have a shelter or a shade, it also means to protect your skin by applying sunscreen with high SPF content.

Of course, nobody wants to head home with some sunburn patches or spots on your body and face which normally days or even weeks to disappear. As such, it’s best to apply sunscreen on your entire body to shield your skin against hideous patches.

Therefore, don’t leave your home without bringing sunscreen, as well as SPF lip balm and Aloe vera. Keep in mind to apply sunscreen on your body 45 minutes before you bask under the sun. Re-apply it every one or two hours after sweating or swimming. You can buy high-quality sunscreens at a reasonable price in any online stores such as Deal Wiki.

Camping Gear 

Obviously, the very first things you should bring on a camping expedition are your camping gears. Contingent upon on how you’re traveling, you’ll find out what things or gears you can substantially take with you.

Camp Rules

Sleeping bags and a tent are the primary items that you’ll need plus some dishes for cooking, and containers for storing food if you’re cooking alone.

Furthermore, if you’re loading in your car, consider bringing some chairs and a table to your campsite to make your stay or trip much more comfortable. But, if you’re backpacking, there’s no need to bring such items.

Essential Clothing 

As a rule of thumb, the clothes you pack for your beach camping relies upon on the weather and temperature forecast. So in the summertime, sandals, shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts are adequate. Though, it is also best to bring some warmer clothes, such as sweatshirts and sweatpants, for a cooler temperature.

Even if rain is not in the weather forecast, rain gear like pants, jackets, and hats are also useful clothing pieces to bring. The key to beach camping and other sorts of camping is the comfort. As such, make sure the clothing pieces you intend to wear are not too tight. Also, don’t pack your best clothes, as flickers from the fire can deteriorate them.

Safety Items

By all means, don’t forget to add a first-aid kit to your camping essentials. It should include cotton swabs, band-aids, bandages, safety pins, antibiotic cream, some medicines, and many more.

Also, it’s important to bring extra batteries or power banks for your mobile devices because if by any chance you get lost, you can easily contact someone. Furthermore, it’s wise to bring an emergency blanket that’ll keep you warm when the cold breeze strikes and waterproof matches to initiate campfires.

With the right amount of preparations and plans, you can certainly enjoy or have fun into your beach camping while being prepared for an emergency.

Garbage Bags 

Bringing garbage bags is very important. As campers, it’s your job to keep the beach as clean as it was before. You’re responsible for your garbage or trash. Hence, apply the CLAYGO (Clean As You Go) approach.

Of course, it’s no fun to camp on a beach when all you see is trash. Imagine if you’re snorkeling or diving and all you see are garbages instead of rich corals and marine wildlife. That’s certainly a disaster. Thus, clean your trash and make sure to keep it out of the oceans.


Beach camping is an excellent way to enjoy and appreciate what the world has to offer. But to be able to enjoy it to the fullest, you should never forget to bring some essential camping gears to enjoy the great outdoors.

Some of the vital things that you should bring are sunscreen, primary camping gears, necessary clothing, safety items, and of course garbage bags. When you prepare for such trips, you ensure that you enjoy your time without buckles.

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Off-Roading vs. Adventure Gear – Which Do You Need?




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To most of us, off-roading and adventure riding may mean the same thing but there are differences between these two. When it comes to choosing the right motorcycle for some adventure or off-road rides, there are some points to consider before you finalize your motorcycle purchase.

If you are planning to buy a new motorcycle and you will be using this motorcycle to ride on off-road trials with some friends during the weekends and other times you will be using the same motorcycle to commute to work on the street road, then you should consider an adventure motorcycle.  If you were to get an off-road bike, you would not be able to use it to ride on the street road because in most places, off-road bikes are strictly not permitted on the street roads.

Off-road bikes are usually lighter compared to adventure bikes as they are designed for riding on rough terrains and easy navigation through the terrains. Adventure bikes are designed with a heavier body for stable riding on the roads. Once you have made up your mind on the type of bike to buy, you will have no problem deciding on the best motorcycle riding gear for ride.

When it comes to choosing the helmet, a lighter helmet with good ventilation is more suitable for off road riding. It should not be heavily padded and the materials used should be able to absorb sweat before they get into your eyes. You will also need a helmet designed to accommodate your pair of goggles to protect your eyes from dirt and dust especially when riding on dry dusty terrain.

The next riding gear to choose is the riding jacket. You could choose an all season jacket which you can use throughout the year, or you could choose an armored jacketwith removable padding for extra protection. Both types of jackets are suitable for off-road and adventure rides. When choosing a jacket for off-road riding, the jacket should be well ventilated and not be too fitting to restrict easy movement of the body when navigating through the rough terrain. The same features will apply when it comes to choosing your motorcycle riding pants.

Next will be the riding boots and gloves which are necessary to protect your feet and hands. For overall riding, boots with extra protection for toes and gloves for protection of knuckles should be considered. Whatever you are looking for, you can easily purchase them from online motorcycle stores such as BikeBandit which is also known for providing aftermarket motorcycle parts as well as for ATVs for top brands including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Yamaha, and others.

This is also the place to look for OEM ATV parts or whatever motorcycle parts you may be looking for. From riding gear, replacement parts, tires, or accessories, they have it. When purchasing from online stores, it is good to read their customers’ review and choose one that are known for their reliability and credibility, plus one that provides good customer service before and after sales.

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Summer 2019: Best Off Road Trails & Parks in America




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Summer is almost here, and with it comes vacations, road trips and exciting adventures. If you’re an off-roader with an itch for travel, it might be high time to explore some of the most thrilling spots in America to take your Jeep. Check out these five cool locales this summer and hit the road as soon as possible.

  1. Wolf Caves: Texas 

In the Texas hill country, you can find Wolf Caves, a privately owned off-road park with over 400 acres of terrain. With the best Jeep accessories San Antonio can offer, most souped-up trucks can find a challenge here. 

  1. Redneck Mud Park: Florida 

The Sunshine State gets down and dirty at Redneck Mud Park. This park arranges special events for enthusiasts to come out, so check regularly to get your ticket. If you love mud-driving, you won’t want to miss this experience. 

  1. Munro Trail: Hawaii 

Most people forget about Hawaii, but its gorgeous landscape makes it a breathtaking place to take your vehicle. You can order lift kits Oahu and get your vehicle to the island of Lenai to drive up the mountains on the Munro Trail. 

  1. The Cliffs Insane Terrain: Illinois 

The Midwest has a gem to offer to off-roaders: The Cliffs Insane Terrain Park. You can find forest terrain and open landscape. Its most popular feature is its enormous mud hole. This park is open most weekends. 

  1. Moab: Utah 

The city of Moab is a mecca for off-roaders, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. You can find a variety of trails, including rocky terrain and sand dunes. For expert drivers, you can check out Hell’s Revenge, its most notorious trail.

There are hundreds of roads to explore out there, and there’s no time like the present to get started. To focus entirely on the adventure, give your truck a good onceover and invest in any parts that might wear out during the journey.

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Make Memories of Lifetime With Luxury Stay-Ins At Windermere




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The serene beauty of Windermere offers some of the best optics nature has made available to the human. With people flocking from all parts of the world to witness the tranquillity here, the place itself has some amazing stay-ins and accommodations to provide to them. The people come here to find relaxation from the buzzing life they have back at home. Having some time to unwind, with family or friends or by oneself, is what usually people come here for. However, no matter how much beautiful the place is, if the accommodation is not right, then it almost, all the times, spoils the entire trip. After all, after hard tripping and touring time, one needs to come back to a cosy and relaxing crib to give that divine and peaceful sleep. So, it is only apt to go for one of the luxury accommodations Windermere which would help you get just the right things you need while you are put up in Windermere.

What all things can you avail of when staying at a luxury resort/ hotel? 

While you are at Windermere and loving the rides that you take in the local areas, you and the people with you may have different ideas about what else would they like to do, when they are at the hotel. There are a variety of options for everyone to choose from. You can take your photos according to your tastes and likes. Here are some of the facilities some of the best accommodations in Windermere have to offer.

Hill hotels: Enjoy the beautiful view of the hillside of your hotel, which provides for a beautiful visual treat. For the ones looking to capture the beauty in their cameras, this place will surely pose as one of the most alluring sites, they have ever captured.

Spas: For the ones looking to relax in a spa, or want to let their bodies rejuvenate, can do so at a hotel which has these amenities. There are many hotels which offer these. One can opt for a sauna bath or a steam session or go for an in-house spa centre.

Lake views: For the nature-lovers and the ones who would like to take a stroll by the lake, you can opt for a room in one such accommodation. There are many luxury hotels here which are at a stone’s throw from the lake.

Decanter of sherry lovers: Hotels here offer decanter of sherry and wine. So, all those who would like to get a taste of the local sherry can opt for one of these resorts.

Indoor swimming pool: An indoor heated swimming pool is all you want when you are at a place to relax. Soak in the warmness of the sun while you lay in the pool, or play ball with your kids in the pool without having to worry about the cold outside. This heated pool will give a complete recline from the crazy humdrum of the city life.

Something for the food lovers: Enjoy the local delicacies with the local chefs preparing fresh dishes, at one of the resorts here.

There is something for everyone here. So, having said all this, there is no doubt that your visit to Windermere will give you some amazing memories to hold on to, for a lifetime!

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