Essential First Aid Skills That Will Help You to Survive in the Wilderness

Survive in the Wilderness

Watching television channel programming can give you a very misleading idea of how to survive when you are stranded; experts can make it look so easy. When you are planning a trek or a camping trip with your friends, it can be convenient not to look at survival skills as you are going to be carrying everything you need. However, should there be an accident or if you unexpectedly get injured, you will definitely need to know how to stay alive till you are rescued or able to make it back. Some vital first aid tips:

Know What Is Important

Surviving in the jungle is all about preparation and knowing to do first things first. If you are stranded alone in the Tadoba jungle, you should first attempt to secure yourself by removing yourself from any immediate danger. Check yourself carefully for any injuries and attend to them as best as you can with your first aid kit and anything useful near you. Make sure that you are safe from predators; thereafter start evaluating your requirements of shelter, water, fire, food, and hygiene. Difficult as it may sound, it is extremely important that you remain positive because you are going to need all the mental endurance you can generate to get out of the situation that you are in and get back to the safety and comfort of the Tadoba national park resorts.

Performing Basic First Aid

The ability of treat yourself medically when in an emergency situation is often the difference between life and death.

Cuts: While small cuts need nothing more than simple cleaning and disinfection, deeper cuts that are leading to severe loss of blood need more thorough bandaging or even a tourniquet. Tighten a strip of cloth that’s at least an inch wide on the limb above the cut and tighten till the bleeding stops. Try to keep the wound covered with a clean material.

Dislocation and fractures: A dislocated bone can put you out of action so it is very important that you try and rectify matters even though it may be painful. Rolling on the ground or hitting your shoulders against a hard surface should be enough to pop back the joint. Similarly, stretching the leg out may be good for setting the dislocated kneecap back. For a fractured limb, you need to make a splint; a couple of sticks tied with a string or even shoelaces should be adequate.

Burns: Remove clothing from the burnt area and cool it down by washing with water. Clean the surface of dirt and debris as best possible and apply an antiseptic if available; even honey can be effective. Keep the burn covered with a wet dressing, do not open up any blisters and try to keep the wound site elevated.


In the jungle, it is all too very easy to fall and suffer an injury, get bitten by insects or animals, or even suffer burns. You should make it a point to include a first aid kit in your rucksack with all the essential elements like bandages, antiseptic, etc.

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