What Is Expected of a Salesforce Consultant?

Salesforce Consultant

Let’s be honest; Salesforce is taking the world by storm. This is evident in the fact that more and more organizations are desperately looking for Salesforce consultants to come in and help them achieve their goals, generate revenue and deliver the best customer services. However, just because there is an urgent need for Salesforce developers in the job market, this doesn’t mean that the chance will be given to every Tom, Dick and Harry that claims to be a good consultant.

Just like any other vocation, there are certain qualities and skills that the organizations will look for before selecting their Salesforce consultant (or consultants) regardless of how desperate they are to find one. So first, before you can confidently say that you have what it takes to be a respected Salesforce consultant, you need to learn some important skills.

If you are considering taking that career path, then here are the qualities and skills that a Salesforce consultant should have.

  • Excellent communication skills are a must have–No matter where you go, or what you do, communication is key, especially in a professional setting like the Salesforce platform. Think about it; how will you tackle business issues if you cannot effectively and efficiently communicate with the client? This is not just for Salesforce consultants but anyone in the job market. However, a Salesforce consultant who has the ability to speak, explain him or herself with confidence and make others understand what he or she is communicating will have an edge over his/her competitors.
  • You must have good listening skills – For effective communication, you also have to learn how to be a good listener and not just a talker. And for you to be a good listener, you must first be well acquainted with the client’s business goals so that every idea that the clients puts across is well registered in your mind. As a professional consultant, it your responsibility to listen, grab the ideas, translate them into your own understanding, document (if need be) and share your conclusions with the client. But before all that, you must sit and listen to the ideas and thoughts of your client (clients).
  • You must be innovative and creative –According to Flosum.com, the Salesforce platform is a complex one so you should have the skills to match that. Can you apply your knowledge to tackle more than one business problem? Are you inspired to try out new things even if they seem impossible? Being innovative and creative are great qualities for a Salesforce consultant, especially now that organizations are determined to always be ahead of their competitors.
  • Lastly, you must be thirsty for knowledge – The fact that you have a Salesforce certification is not enough. In Salesforce consulting, having the desire to learn is a basic requirement. And since it will be upon you to find solutions to your clients’ problems, you should never stop learning. Ever heard of the saying ‘knowledge is power’? It sure is, especially in a job like yours.

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