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Four APIs You Need to Be Using in 2018



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What can we say about APIs? They are all around us, and we use them every day, through our mobile applications, websites, and desktop programs. APIs influence every part of our lives, and business is no different. Nowadays, on the internet, you can find thousands of APIs available. Choosing randomly is not a really smart thing to do, so we will help you by narrowing your choice to the best APIs in 2018.

Private APIs vs. Public APIs

APIs are both simple and complicated and simple at the same time. Most modern APIs come with RESTful API documentation that explains what they can be used for and how exactly they work. Nonetheless, implementing an API is definitely not an easy job.

If you’re not too familiar with APIs, you need to start somewhere. And first of all, you need to know that there are two distinctive types of APIs. So before we continue to our list, we believe that is important to let you know what is the difference between the private and the public APIs.

·        The Private APIs

Private APIs are used only by the company that developed them. Their architecture is open, so the developer just plugs them into the back-end to access the data that is needed. That saves both the time and the resources for the company. By developing their own APIs, companies eliminate the need for servers, back-end applications, etc.

Developing your own APIs is actually a huge trend in the modern business landscape. After all, according to new research, around 50% of all API requests today is made by the companies to their own APIs. You should also know that a private API could be customized to become public. After that process is completed, the API can be used by everyone freely.

·        The Public APIs

Public APIs, as their name suggests are public and open for anyone to implement them inside their own application. Anyone with the necessary skills can build an open API, so unsurprisingly, there are more open APIs than there are private ones. A developer can also download the API he wants and build a new application on top of it. Nowadays, APIs are crucial tools for building applications and websites.

They are perfect for new developers to experiment by building their apps on top of them. Some companies use them for extending and promoting their brand. More often than not, a company that releases an API will build an eco-system of all its APIs that are implemented by other developers inside their applications.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about some of the best APIs on the market today that can help you enhance your business…

1.     Twitter Stream API

Twitter`s API will give you access to the company’s global stream of data. And as we all know, there’s nothing more valuable than customer data in today’s day and age. It can give you valuable insights into your customers’ behavior on social media and help you create more complete customer profiles and in turn, help you market your product better.

In addition to customer data, the API can allow you to add some functionalities to your website as well. A developer can build his very own bots that will post the newest tweets to the application or website who has this API implemented. This API is mainly used for apps and websites that want to keep their visitors updated at every moment.

2.     Slack API

Slack’s API is very popular, so you might’ve known about it already. It is commonly used by the developers that are building their own application that is integrating with Slack. This can result in simple intelligent Chatbots or even advanced bots that can schedule your meetings and conferences.

An application that implements the Slack API can also be a cloud that contains all of the files you and your team members share with each other. That way the members of  your team will have an easier job searching for documents you’ve posted in the past. They just need to go to that cloud and search through the history, without worrying about losing anything.

3.     Google Contacts API

This API is very popular; so much so that you can find it almost any app made in the last five years. The developers implementing this API into their application will enable the user to import all of their Google contacts into their app. It can be used for inviting the other users to your application or importing pictures from the user’s Google Drive account.

Needless to say, the API processes countless requests during any given day. Those requests are managed by the OAuth 2.0 that displays pop-up message that will inform the users, that application wants to access to user`s  Google contacts list. Of course, there are more contact APIs that allow you to do the same thing, however Google`s is probably the best one out there.

4.     Amazon Product Advertising API

As the world`s biggest online retailer, it is only natural that Amazon has developed its own API. However, did you know that Amazon created possibly the first commercially-available API almost two decades ago? Their API went through a ton of changes in the meantime, but it’s still very popular today.

Amazon`s API allows developers to manage their own data and tech, and in turn, sell goods through their websites and apps. API is followed by well-written documentation where the developer will find all the answers he needs in the process of implementing API.


Even when you know what type of API you need for your app, you cannot choose just any random API. That would be very risky for your business. Since we didn’t have the time to go over every single type of API there is, we choose to look at the four most widely-used APIs today. All of these APIs are used by millions of users on a daily basis, so if you want to know more about them, you can easily learn from their huge user bases.

Thank you for reading our article. We hope that you enjoyed it and found it informative. If you have something to add or you have a question, feel free to leave a comment in our comment section. We will respond on a short notice. Have a nice day.

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5 Ways to Market Your Business Online in 2019




Ways to Market Your Business Online

Effective marketing strategies contribute much to the success of your business. While large companies usually have a designated team of professionals to take care of their marketing and advertising, small businesses don’t have that kind of luxury. More often than not, small business owners themselves have to look for efficient ways to market their business.

One of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to market your business is through online marketing. If you’re not familiar with online marketing, here are five ways you can market your business online:

1.    Social Media Ads

Social media pages are riddled with ads. If you were on Facebook, you’d notice tons of Facebook ads. Additionally, Facebook ads support different types of advertising such as Messenger, Instagram, and Audience Network. You can also purchase ad space for other social media sites as well such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media ads are great for businesses with a small marketing budget since most social media ads start at $5.

2.    Native Advertising

Native advertising is currently one of the latest, most effective forms of online marketing. Why? It’s because native ads blend in. It looks and feels like a blog post or an article, but it’s paid. For example, you may come across a post that says ‘5 Tips for Clearer Skin’ but it’s sponsored by a skincare brand. Even though it looks like a blog post, it’s clear that a skincare brand published the article/ad.

3.    Video Advertising

YouTube offers three types of video advertising: TrueView in-stream ads, which shows at the bottom of the video; bumper ads, perfect for mobile ads; and TrueView discovery ads, which can be seen in search results. For example, if you’re in the beauty industry, you can target your ads to appear on makeup tutorial videos or skin care videos.

4.    Retargeted Ads

Have you ever noticed an ad that keeps ‘following you around’? Let’s say you clicked on a shirt on a website. You may notice the same shirt showing up in ads on various websites you visit. This is called retargeted ads. Marketers hope that if you keep on seeing that shirt, you’ll eventually cave and decide to buy it.

5.    Display Advertising

Display ads are the most common form of online advertising. These are banner and sidebar ads that pop up on almost every website you visit. While banner ads have definitely evolved and have become more engaging, most people still find them as a nuisance. In fact, more than 200 million internet users installed ad-blocking software for banner and sidebar ads.

If you’re a small business owner looking to kick-start your marketing strategies, don’t let insufficient funds hinder the growth of your business. SMB Compass provides the funding your business needs to effectively market your business online or offline. We offer different types of loan programs for businesses all over the United States – yours included! Don’t hesitate to contact usby phone at (646) 569-9496 or email us at [email protected]

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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Estate Agents In Leyton?




Benefits Of Hiring Estate Agents

Estate agents Leyton find pride in speaking about an area that most did not know of earlier. So, for one’s who still are not aware of where Leyton is, this a thumbs up. It is a suburban area of the eastern part of London located around 10 km north east of Charing Cross. Leyton partly includes Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park that acted as a host to the 2012 Olympic Games. Though suburban, it is a residential area. The area is beautiful with sprawling houses with lovely terraces. Recently there has been a shift towards the building of housing estates. Hence, people are looking at Leyton as an alternative for them to either buy a house in or rent it. The suburb has become the talk of the town for the good reasons.

So, if you are one who wishes to either buy a house in Leyton or rent it, Estate agents Leyton are the ones to be consulted. They will make sure they find the best property for you keeping all your needs in mind. They execute many valuations and have an in-depth understanding of real estate indices in Leyton. So, if you wish to buy a property in Leyton all you need to do is to let them know of the postcode and the rest they shall take care of. They will inform you about the best prices in the real estate market in Leyton and help you find the house you always dreamt of. There are properties for sale, lettings and short lets for you to make the most of. Apart from that, there are new homes coming up in the area and you could be interested in them too. So, no matter what you want, they will inform you of every titbit such that you get what you want as soon as possible.

Estate agents Leyton have been in the business for decades and their presence is affirmed by so many satisfied customers who now have a home in Leyton. So, if you have a property to either let, sell or are looking for a new one, they are there at your service. Not only this, they are adept at managing the property that you own. All this makes life so simple right? Bet it does. If you have any of the aforementioned needs in mind, the first thing to do would be to get in touch with them.

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How Toll-Free Call Forwarding Service Is Beneficial For Business




Call Forwarding Service Is Beneficial For Business

Have you ever imagined how much businesses lose by missing out on important calls and messages from clients? Not only do they lose on potential sales, but not receiving or addressing customer calls also has a very damaging impact on an organization’s credibility and reputation. If your organization have an ineffective or unstructured communication system, you will definitely lose out precious business opportunities and lose customers to rival firms, which is bound to have a negative impact on your brand name.

So, is there any holistic solution that can help start-ups and small businesses revolutionize their communication system so that they do not miss out on valuable calls? Well, yes – all you need to do is invest in a 1800 toll-free number to keep customers super happy as it has the facility of seamless call forwarding. A virtual phone system can help your business extend customer reach and engagement, thereby increase profitability parameters.

One of the most amazing aspects of toll-free local numbers is that it can be operated from anywhere in the world, e.g If you have a UK virtual phone number with call forwarding service, your team members will be able to take customer calls and resolve their queries from any remote location. It gives a huge boost to internal mobility and streamlined two-way communication, hence giving a strong competitive edge to any organization.

Deciding to buy a local online phone number is a smart move as it shows your customers that your organization is committed to providing superior and speedy service. Your customers are able to contact support representatives at a local calling cost – which is essentially free. This makes sure that there are no barriers in the path of smooth communication, and increases responsiveness towards customer grievances or issues.

1800 toll-free numbers provide an impressive array of services, the most popular of which seems to be call forwarding. Customers no longer have to wait in long telephonic lines, and are speedily transferred to available live agents to solve their problems. It enhance the flexibility and agility of customer support, thereby encouraging clients to remain retained with the organization in the long run. 

Here are some reasons that will highlight the advantages of call forwarding service for organizations: 

  • Improves Brand Reputation: In today’s competitive business arena, your brand name can make or kill your revenues! Getting an excellent virtual phone Number can have a tremendous positive impact on your business reputation – your happy customers are sure to talk about the superior customer service and recommend your organization to friends or family members. So, if you want to project your company in a good way, and rise high up on brand popularity rankings, it is time to get a toll-free number right now!
  • Higher Customer Support: Make your organization highly customer-centric by investing in a toll-free number with call forwarding service – your customers will not have any hassles as they are assured of great support round the clock! There is no communication disruption, delay or lag through toll-free numbers, and your clients are immediately diverted to available support representatives who can solve their issues. Customers feel valued, and remain connected to your organization – it is a sure shot way to retain engaged and bonded target audience!
  • Efficient Call Routing: Toll-free numbers come packed with a number of vital corporate communication features, and one of the most useful facilities in 1800 toll-free numbers is the ability of automatic call routing. Calls can be easily forwarded to any mobile, landline or IP number so that customers do not have to wait for long hours. Another big benefit is that toll-free numbers come with portability so call transfers are quick and hassle-free, thereby enhancing operational efficiency!
  • Cost-Effectiveness:It is a smart business decision to buy a local online phone number for your organization as it can result in massive cost-savings. There is no requirement to maintain a large workforce to handle call routing or answer customer queries as 1800 toll-free numbers can automatically forward calls. This results in a gigantic reduction in communication expenses, and thereby is a highly cost-effective solution.

Toll-free numbers are a potent marketing communication tool that can transform the efficacy and productivity of any organization. It is also a great medium to provide call forwarding services to clients in an overseas market e.g If you invest in a UK virtual phone number, your organization will be able to provide speedy support to local customers and enhance your brand visibility.

It is time to ditch traditional telephone lines and move over to the telecommunication system of the future – VOIP phone systems! Make sure to buy a local online phone number to increase your bottom line results exponentially and rise to the zenith of commercial success instantly!

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