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Get Cheap CSGO Prime Accounts for Finding Clean Ranked Matches



csgo ranked

In the gaming community pertaining to CSGO, there’s a lot of talk about hackers. Hackers are usually those players who use an illegal software to perform better than other players in any game or server. Given how important ranks are in the gaming community, hackers are the last thing players want to face in their games. Ranks in CSGO classifies how well a player’s known and treated in the game. If any player has a high rank like LE or LEM, then they are better recognized and more players ask to play with them, invite them for party ranked games. Considering how hard it has become to rank up, winning consecutive ranked games, achieving any medium to high rank and retaining it is no less than a feat. The recent trend of players choosing to buy CSGO matchmaking ready accounts is a testament to that fact. Everyone wants to reach a higher rank than they already are at, and can’t stand losing out and getting deranked.

There are a lot of good players playing in matchmaking pools these days, as the ranked scenario has become saturated with them. This has made it tough for players to win matches, to rank up and to not get deranked. In such a situation, facing cheaters or hackers in one’s ranked match will make any player rage and feel like giving up. Having a hacker in either their own team, or on the opposite team will mean they’ll lose Elo points and inch closer to getting deranked. This is a very sorry place many CSGO players find themselves in, as they can’t decide on how to avoid finding hackers in their ranked games. That’s why, many CSGO players opt to buy cheap CSGO Prime Accounts, in an attempt to have a cleaner, better ranked experience.

Why is Opting to buy Cheap CSGO Prime Accounts effective for having Clean Ranked Gaming?

  1. A Prime account in CSGO is one which account has been verified and is therefore unique. An account becomes prime after passing through different stringent procedures. The account has be above level 20, and the person who wants it, must have a mobile number for linking it with. Once a player’s mobile number has been linked with the account and verified, that account becomes what’s known as a ‘prime CSGO account’.
  2. Prime CSGO accounts are unique in the sense that the same number that was used to verify and authenticate that account, cannot be used to verify any other account. So, if any hacker was to play with a prime account in CSGO, and got banned, they would be able to simply start over from ranked. Their number will become useless and they would be forced to play in normal.
  3. That’s why, many CSGO players choose to buy cheap CSGO Prime Accounts when they can, to play in prime matchmaking instead of the regular one. This one is safer and easier for them to play in, without having to face a surge of hackers in matchmaking. Since no one other than prime account holders can play in prime matchmaking, having a prime account really helps avoid hackers and play a clean game.

This option even works out well for those who have lost their own prime account for some reason. They can just buy new, Cheap CSGO Prime Accounts since they won’t be able to use their own number which they’d have already registered. Thus, this is the main reason why players choose to buy prime rather than opting to buy CSGO matchmaking ready accounts.

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Buy Playerunknown’s battlegrounds to enjoy the upcoming improvements




Playerunknown’s battlegrounds

There is no gamer living in the world who is not aware of the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a last-man-standing shooter game which took the gaming universe with a storm. It introduced a brand new genre to the world which made gamers go head over heels for the game.

People across the world are opting to Buy PUBG which is indeed the best thing to do if you are a gamer. The best thing about PUBG is that it is being developed with the help of the feedback offered by users in their community.

What’s new?

Recently, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) introduced so many new elements in the game at Microsoft E3 2018 press conference. They introduced a ballistic shield, a new map and a glimpse of the snowy condition. The snow weather is still unknown if it is just a weather condition or a new map. These new updates to the game were enough to Buy Playerunknowns battlegrounds. But the developer decided to introduce more elements to the game.

The Xbox One version of PUBG has numerous bugs but developers have decided to compensate for them. PUBG Corp. detailed some upcoming changes to the game which will definitely make players forget about the bugs.

The game will don limb penetration and map selection which are decided to create an uproar again. It is to make players Buy PUBG if they have not bought it yet. Below are the changes which players will soon see.

  1. Developers are introducing limb penetration in the game which will make enemies deal more damage. Players have no effect when shot in certain parts of the body and soon it will not be the case.
  2. PUBG Corp. is working on a server-side update to fix the Character Position Readjustment. This is the issue where the player looks like teleporting back to a previous position. This is a conflict between a player’s location client-side versus server-side and will be fixed soon.
  3. There will be a final date to introduce the map selection in the game. The update is said to available by late summer or early fall.
  4. This will take a while but is worth fixing. Many players have discovered an invisible winning player bug which is somewhat related to the teleport bug.
  5. Players sometimes deal damage behind their cover and this will be fixed soon. This occurs due to the ping difference between the player and the server. The team is investigating this it seems.

All these flaws need to be fixed by developers as soon as possible. Games like Fortnite are taking the market of PUBG which is making PUBGers abandon the game. The new updates to the game tend to intrigue players to Buy PUBG again. Regardless of the competition with other battle royale games, the players will be at the positive side.

Developers are striving to make people Buy Playerunknowns battlegrounds by introducing events and new updates to the game. These updates are making the PUBG increasing again. Still, developers need to fix the bugs and flaws to retain their long-standing fame.

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A simple explanation of CSGO rankings




CSGO rankings

Most of the Counter Strike Global Offensive players are looking for ways to understand the CSGO rankings. Whether a player has a silver rank or is about to reach Global Elite, the ranking system of CS: GO is an incredible way to compare skills with other global players.

The ranks of CS: GO ranges from noobs to elites just like every other game with ranks. The reason of concern for the players are the processes of ranking up and down. Most of the noobs can do the perfect job of agitating whereas the elites can tilt into tantrums by their talent. It goes without saying, every player has to invest more time in order to get better in the game.

So what are CS: GO ranks?

The developers of the game, Valve, introduced a hierarchy which includes 18 different ranks. Each of the rank is more skilled than the last one and they range from Silver 1 to The CSGO Global Elite (GE). Their ranks are the only criteria which determine the skills of a player. CS: GO ranks are the only aspect which enables the system to differentiate between a skilled player and a noob.

How to be one of the top CSGO players?

The level system of Counter Strike Global Offensive ranges from 1 to 40. It is only used as a rewarding system to acquire skin drops and service medals. The medals change colour every 40 times the player ranks up. It is important to unlock ‘Matchmaking’ and to do so, the player has to reach level 2.

A player has to win 10 competitive matches to see the rank and get places in a skill group. CS: GO places players in a lower tier until halfway of the placement process of the player. There is also a restriction which makes the player not to play more than 2 matches a day until he wins 10 matches.

After winning the 10 matches, the player will earn stripes and the rank will be displayed under the username. This is the road to be one of the top CSGO players.

What does a rank mean?

The ranks do not change the abilities of the player. It certainly does not offer any kind of tactical advantage to the players. The only difference is the understanding of the game.

Players with a “Silver” rank are beginners who have less information of the game. This is the rank where only noobs of smurfs are found. It is considered to be very challenging to escape silver division but once the player is out, he would never want to go back.

The “Nova” ranked players are still in the learning phase but are considered to better than Silver ranked players. They do know how to kill people but they still are not expert marksmen.

“Master Guardian” players are generally more advanced and know about the game better than the lower ranks. They have started to learn from their mistakes and started to make changes to their playstyle for improvement.

The “Elite” rank is the slot where pros come in. Such players are really good in the game and have learned almost everything about the game.

How to rank up?

It is simple; if the player wins, he ranks up. If he starts losing, he slides down the higher rank. This algorithm cannot be defined better. The general CSGO rankings model defines that the end match results matter for ranking up and not the kill: death ratio.

CSGO rankings are easy to understand and this guide might help you understand it properly. Make sure to learn more about the whole ranking system.

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Becoming a CSGO Global Elite has never been this Easy




CSGO Global Elite

Becoming a CSGO Global Elite in the popular first-person game had always been a far cry for many players. Hours and hours one would spend but still wouldn’t be able to achieve becoming a global elite, before retiring to one’s current rank and accepting defeat. Those who would reach global elite rank, would not be able to remain a CSGO global elite for long, either due to strong opponents or hackers. As a result, becoming and remaining a global was something that a large percentage of the CSGO community had no answer to. Well, not anymore. Today, any person looking to become a global elite in CSGO needs only to buy Global Elite account and they will become a global rank holder in a jiffy. This is quite an essential development in the world of CSGO as it saves people from humiliation and makes the whole process a lot more efficient.

Why Should Anyone Opt to Buy Global Elite Account in order to become and remain one?

  1. Playing a bunch of ranked matches is one crude way of expecting someone to become or continue staying a global elite player. The thing is, if one can’t win enough matches, their ‘Elo’ points drop and they therefore, lose out on their rank. A Global Elite player can soon go back to being an SMFC if they are not able to perform well, win some and lose some, and maintain a steady balance.
  1. Another reason that prevents players from remaining or becoming a CSGO Global Elite, apart from the tough competition, are the hackers one usually finds online, in ranked matches. These hackers are almost everywhere, and completely ruin each game that they enter, for both the teams. Despite Valve’s best tries, the onslaught of hackers hasn’t been affected whatsoever and losing matches to them, thereby lowering one’s Elo points is inevitable.
  1. Because of such hackers populating the higher rank bracket, many honest CSGO players get discouraged from pursuing a Global Elite rank. They choose to settle with being an LEM or below but never try and become better, gain advantage and win again. Becoming a CSGO Global Elite remains a dream for them as they deal with hackers, trolls and good opponents.
  1. Even the most professional players in the world, playing CSGO find it impossible to go face off a hacker, or a bunch of them. There is no way they can carry them and continue winning as is required, so it’s pretty much useless for casual players to even try.
  1. As a result of all this, by choosing to buy Global Elite account, all what one achieves is that they break this chain of staying in the lower ranks and become one of the top-ranking players in the community. This way is easier, and effective too as one can use their primary account for playing ranked matches, and make this new global account as their main account.

Therefore, anyone looking to seriously become a global elite player, or to remain a global elite after having become one, should consider opting to buy Global Elite Account. They will soon be playing with some of the best players in their region, before long they’re done with buying one.

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