Here’s Pop Art has made a Significant Impact in the society by Peter Max

Significant Impact in the society

Pop Art is often regarded as one of the most popular forms of art. Most people often get confused when it comes to choosing between pop art and modern art. In fact some people day that both these types of arts are basically the same but in reality there are stark contrasts between them.

Understand pop art by Peter Max

Peter, being an icon of pop art says that both these art forms came around the same time. Modern art is part of the Modernism period, which extends from 1860 to 1960. On the other hand, pop art started gaining popularity in Britain during the 1950s and 1960s and gradually it made its way over to the United States. The pop art gained popularity in the United States during a very significant time in the civil rights movement.

Peter Max, the master of American pop art says that this form of art can be easily differentiated from other forms of art because of their usage of vibrant, bright colors and the use of ads to create a new piece. It usually incorporates unique mediums into every piece, such as candy wrappers, magazine clippings and comics from the newspaper. Sometimes distinct pieces are put together deliberately in order to create an apparently impossible association between the items. It also normally combines different aspects of mass culture. Moreover, pop art is known to appeal to  the common people and thus can have a great impact on the society.

Famous pop artists like Peter often refer to pop art as commercial art. This is because the main goal of pop art is to showcase product and at times even make fun at the commercialism of present day. Most of the pop artists within the pop art movement use food labels, magazine advertisements, comic strips and other forms to create a pop art piece. The main aim of this form of art is to highlight the ordinary in order to make it extraordinary. Artists in the pop art movement want their art to be available to the masses and not just high-class customers. Thus, pop art celebrates the mundane and ordinary.

Pop art has some very well-known contributors and this form of art has been pioneered by a number of great artists. Later on artists like Peter have continued bringing the pop art movement to life. Peter Max has made some of the noteworthy contributions as an official artist in five Super Bowls, World Cup ’94, Earth Day, Heritage Festival and New Orleans Jazz three Grammy shows, Peace Music Festivals etc. He has also painted for six presidents of the United States and created arts for hundreds of charity auctions.

He has received a number of awards and recognition for his support to the world of art and for his significant charitable work. Thus, it can be said that Peter Max’s contribution in the field of pop art has been great.

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