Home Loan in Lucknow – Features, Benefits and Beyond!

Home Loan

Lucknow is one of the major cities of India. It is also the capital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). Lucknow has a rich ancient history, mouth-watering cuisines, chikan fabric work and its language accent (Lucknowi andaaz) is world famous.

With the passing of time, the city has developed into a medley of cultural and modern values. It is a good place to reside if you are looking to buy a home.

If you have a home to buy, a Home Loan in Lucknow is being offered by many leading non-banking finance companies (NBFCs), and banks at a lower rate of interest.

Home Loan in Lucknow – Features and benefits at a glance!

Have a look at some of the vital features and benefits of housing finance in Lucknow!

  • A customized Home Loan – A House Loan to the tune of Rs.30 lakhs is available to help you buy your dream home or take care of fittings, furnishing and more needs.
  • Lowest interest rate – Housing Loans have become inexpensive these days, and you can avail the lowest Home Loan interest rate of around 8.30% from leading online non-banking finance companies (NBFCs).
  • 3-EMI holiday – You don’t have to start paying your Housing Loan EMIs instantly. Lenders understand that you need some time to manage and streamline your finances, and give you three months for the same. You can start paying only from the 4th month onwards! Isn’t it a great feature?
  • Top up loans of up to Rs.50 lakh – If you already have an existing Home Loan, you can lower your interest rate. By switching the loan account to a new lender who is giving a lower interest rate, you can on your EMIs. Also, additionally you also get a facility of a top up loan along with Home Loan balance transfer. You can borrow up to Rs.50 lakh on reduced rates, and longer tenor to cover your other financial needs.
  • Online account access – Once you avail a House Loan in Lucknow, you will be entitled to access your House Loan information from anywhere and anytime. It means that you can keep a track on your repayments 24/7 and never miss a due date.
  • Zero foreclosure charges – After you have paid your first EMI, you get the provision of foreclosing your housing loan account anytime. And the best part is, you don’t have to pay any charges, whatsoever!
  • Part-prepayment – A Home Loan in Lucknow also lets you prepay any portion of your Housing Loan as per your convenience. Doing it will help you lessen your housing loan EMIs/tenor.

The Bottom Line

If you have the required Home Loan documents, eligibility and creditworthiness, you can easily avail a Home Loan in Lucknow or anywhere else on a reduced rate of interest.

Are you ready to avail a Home Loan? You should apply online and get attractive yet super-saver deals right away!

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