Horticultural Fertigation, and How EZ Flo Fertilizing Systems Benefit the Process

Horticultural Fertigation

As known by all, fertigation is the technique that allows the supply of dissolved fertilizers to all the crops through a particular irrigation system. If the irrigation system proves to be worthy enough, then both the nutrients soluble in water can be managed and manipulated so that they can reach out to the crops at the right time. Rather than the horticultural requirements of the crop, most of the growers are under the conception of having the maximum yield with the help of the fertilizers.

But there are certain dilemma that takes place regarding the timing when the fertilizers need to be spread. Usually, the farmers are against the notion of spreading the fertilizers during the monsoon as they believe the entire fertilizer will be washed away by the rain. However, using the EZ Flo Fertilizing Systems can indeed help the farmers reach their fertilizers direct to the roots increasing the effectiveness and the quality of the growth as well.

Which Fertilizers to Use And How the EZ Flo Fertilizing Systems Can Help Determine?

As far as the fertilizers are concerned, this decision needs to be taken depending on the leaf analysis that is done by the experts. Mostly the farmers have shown their preference for the EZ Flo Fertilizers which are readily soluble in water. However, there are certain combinations following which these fertilizers are selected and depending on the crops, these final decisions are made.

But irrespective of the choice of fertilizers, modern fertigation are generally designed to regulate certain factors:

  • The quantity of fertilizers applied
  • The duration of the applications
  • The proportionate use of the fertilizers
  • And to regulate the timing in between the fertilizers are being spread.

According to the experts, there are four popular methods of fertigation that is being applied across the world. Let’s take note of all these four processes individually.

  • The Continuous Application process, where the fertilizers are being applied to the crops right from the beginning till the end as long as the irrigation takes place. The total amount of fertilizers used has nothing to do with the water that has been used.
  • Then there’s the three stage application process, where it starts with the fertilizers. The EZ Flo Fertilizers are being injected when the ground is wet and before the irrigation cycle is being completed the injection is being cut out.
  • The third, but the most impressive process is the proportional application process, where the amount of water that is being discharged is proportional to the fertilizer that will be mixed. This has always proved to be the most effective in the process, and hence most of the agriculturists prefer the use of proportional application process.
  • And finally, there’s the Quantitative application process, where the nutrient solution is calculated based on the area of land which needs to be fertilized.

Fertigation might not be as complicated a process as it seems, provided the right method is being used and with optimum effectivity.

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