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How to Complete a High-Quality Research in Digital Marketing



Quality Research in Digital Marketing

Writing a research on any subject already has the potential to be frustrating and time-consuming. Writing a research paper on a subject as convoluted and complex as digital marketing makes it seemingly guaranteed. Fortunately, you’ll soon learn that writing a successful digital marketing research project is not nearly as difficult as it initially appears, and your experience in academic writing, in general, will be the most important part of making the paper a success.

It’s not its own Beast

Despite a general belief, on the contrary, a research paper on digital marketing is not all that different from a research paper on any other subject. Because digital marketing is such a broad and by extension complex subject, students tend to believe that any effort to write a research paper will be equally complicated. The truth is, writing a good paper on digital marketing shares many of the same steps as writing an academic paper on any subject, as you will soon discover.

It Doesn’t have to be Complicated

As a student, you’ve by now likely realized that a research paper tends to focus on one singular thing. If you were to write a research paper on the Industrial Revolution, your entire paper could be solely about how it changed the culture of the country. Likewise, your research paper on digital marketing doesn’t have to be about every single aspect of digital marketing. Unless your professor tells you otherwise, you can usually focus on one thing; how digital marketing grew to be so large, how it will shape the future, or why it is important now. It is far easier to write a paper about a relatively singular idea than an entire broad concept, and most professors expect just that.  Find a sole aspect of digital marketing that you can extrapolate on, and the paper becomes no more difficult than thinking of a way to talk about that aspect for the length of the project.

Get it Approved Beforehand

Many students tend to pass up the valuable resource that is their professor; for some reason, they often neglect to mention their plan for the assignment to the one that is going to grade it. Before you do anything else, think of a singular aspect to writing about as we mentioned previously. Then see if the professor will accept a paper on that particular aspect of digital marketing. After all, if you write out a paper on an idea the professor wasn’t going to accept in the first place, your final grade will be poor and you will have wasted your time. If the professor is willing to accept a paper on the aspect of digital marketing you have selected, take the time to create an outline for your paper. While this may seem tedious, it is a vital step in ensuring that you spend less time on the research paper as a whole. If you can outline a rough idea of your paper’s thesis, arguments, and evidence, you can have the professor approve that outline prior to writing the real paper as well. If the professor believes your overarching outline is acceptable, the most difficult part of writing your research paper is over; now all you have to do is fill in the details of each section.

The ‘Research’ Matters

The reason research papers, in general, are so dreaded is because the student is actually expected to do research: and if you want to write a successful research paper on digital marketing, there’s no getting around this. Unlike a persuasive essay or a paper where all that matters is how well you can voice your opinion, you cannot pretend to know what you’re talking about in a research paper, especially on a subject as complex as digital marketing. You will be expected to read a great deal about the aspect of digital marketing you have chosen, and you will be expected to prove that you actually did valid research, as opposed to pulling fitting factoids from the internet. If you are truly invested in crafting a successful digital marketing paper, do not try to take shortcuts here. Research is a tedious but necessary part of this process.

Like with all research papers, you will need to make use of citations to prove that you did real research; and on top of that, your professor will probably expect you to take those citations from an honest to god book. Long past is the days in which Wikipedia could support your thesis, and they are not likely to return anytime soon.

Execution and Valuable Student Resources

Ultimately, writing a research on digital marketing sounds a lot more intimidating than it really is. In actuality, it is no different from writing a good research paper on any subject. The best way to craft a quality paper is as simple as this: brainstorm ideas until one is approved, make a general outline to be approved as well, and fill in the details with honest, solid research. In this way, a digital marketing paper is no different from any essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Assistance with a research written in accordance with your requirements can also be acquired from a reliable research paper writing service with professional writers. If writing just isn’t your thing, it can never hurt to have affordable help from the experts.

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Know Five of The Best Social Media Listening Tools




Best Social Media Listening Tools

Life without social media is a distant dream. Social media has brought a wave of change into our lives and we have rode it with elan and amazement. Our life is completely synced with this artificial wonder. From making new contacts to spreading a message to now use it as a business tool-social media has come a long way indeed.

Businesses houses have learned the latent power of Social Media to further their businesses and take them to a global audience. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the like, social media is the best and the fastest way to gather leads,target a potential audience and engage with them.

But how will you know whether your business is getting maximum leverage through social media? How will you figure out whether people are talking about your brand and are interested in your products and services?

You have to monitor audience behavior and figure out how they actually perceive your brand. Having this information will give you knowledge about your brand performance, who your real competitors are and how you will survive the competition. You will be able to make informed decisions on how you can get maximum engagement for your brand.

Incidentally, there are some great social media listening tools which can make your work easier. These tools will fish out complete information about your brand. You can track keywords, hashtags, URLs and much more. Let’s dig in into some of these. 

  • Keyhole: Keyhole is a great tool to monitor your Twitter and Instagram feeds. It’s basically a social conversation tracker where you get inputs on keywords, hashtags, URLs and usernames. You can check real-time data and past information. The tool also allows you to monitor your activity across the world through heat maps.

Pricing: Keyhole’s basic plan comes as low as $49 per month. It comes with one keyword search and 5000 monthly social media posts. There is a Corporate plan at $599 with 10 searches and 250,000 posts. The most expensive is the Enterprise plan, starting at $1000 a month.

  • Hootsuite: One of the most popular social media trackers and includes the holy grail of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and WordPress. Though there are many who use Hootsuite because of its content optimization tools, it is a brilliant social monitoring platform. To provide the best functionality across all social media platforms, the dashboard is updated almost regularly in a week.

 Pricing: The tool comes with a free 30 days trial and starts at a measly price of $17 a month and goes upto $89 a month. The tool has a custom package option where you can negotiate the pricing and get custom features to fine-tune your social monitoring game.

  • Mention: The king of the pack, Mention is the best social monitoring tool which gives you the ease of tracking competitors online and at the same time monitoring your social media. You can run keyword searches and discover Twitter and Instagram influencers. The most important thing about Mention is that it comes with dats-rich reports out of the box;though the real mojo about this tool is that you can build your own custom reports and automate the delivery.

Pricing: If you are interested in Mention, take a free test-drive to understand the functionality of the tool. There are three plans. A $29 Solo plan which includes 2 alerts and 3000 mentions; a Starter plan starting at $99 a month having 5 alerts and 5000 mentions and lastly a Custom plan which is available on request.

  • Social Sprout:   Sprout Social is a special social monitoring tool which uses analytics to drive home its results. What distinguishes it from others is that it has an aggregated window where you can see all the data from all platforms such as Facebook and Twitter at one place. It makes the tool a breeze to use. The tool’s Trends Report helps you to gauge audience behavior which helps you to change your content strategy accordingly. If you want to learn what keywords and hashtags you should use to connect with your audience, Social Sprout will help you out. The dashboard is a workhorse. You can use it to collaborate with your team and publish post from it.

Pricing: There are three price packages for Social Sprout, Premium, Corporate and Enterprise. You get a 30 day free trial with each one. The Premium one includes 5 social profiles and costs $99 a month. With the Corporate you get 10 social profiles at a cost of $149/ month. The Enterprise option includes the most advanced features and comes with 10 social profiles at $249/month.

  •  Brandwatch:  Though one of the most expensive social monitoring tools, Brandwatch is a great one in terms of analytics. Besides offering image recognition and demographic data about the audience, it also provides API access and its dashboards can be exported into customizable powerpoint presentations. It has its own data visualization platform called Vizia which allows you to see your data and amplify it by pooling insights from a number of integrations like Google Analytics and Buzzsumo.

Pricing: The pricing of Brandwatch is somewhat segregated into three types. The entry-level option is known as Pro carrying an offer tag of $636 and is mainly suited for small and medium brands. The last two called the Enterprise/M and Enterprise/Q come at $2546 and are tailored for big brands.

So, there you go, the five best social media listening tools. All these tools will help you get on with your act of monitoring your audience. However, if I were to choose one, I would go for Hootsuite. Let me elaborate my choice. The numero uno thing about Hootsuite is the dashboard where you can manage everything from one centralized location. The dashboard integrates all platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram. You can track trends and measure growth right from the dashboard. Isn’t it convenient!!? Sure it is.

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Common Local SEO Problems for Small Businesses




Common Local SEO Problems

SEO Description: Small businesses make some mistakes while trying to work out their local SEO. However, they also face some problems too. Here we listed the problems that every small business faces for your convenience.

If you’re a business owner, you definitely know some of the SEO problems that don’t help in business. SEO is a strategic way of increasing one’s business. However, for small businesses, problems regarding SEO are bigger. Just because they’re small and do not have much to offer, and can’t implement stronger strategies, they face numerous complexities while they are working with their local SEO.

Small business or not, all business wants to increase their sales, and traffic as well. So everyone is after a big dream and wants more out of small investments. Yet it’s entirely impossible if you don’t want to spend much on your business and won’t put much effort for the betterment of the same. As a business owner, you have to be careful enough and have to set some strategies for your small business to make your business come to the front line.

Here we have listed 6 major problems that small business owners face while working with local SEO.

  1. Money Matters

As a small company you do not build your business on a huge amount of money, but fewer amounts. After starting the business you do not have that kind of resources that will bring you the big profits or traffic.

Common Local SEO Problems

Big companies spend so much on their businesses, that’s why their PPC campaigns go big and they can earn more from that. However, it’s not the same for yours. You know what your budget is and you will move accordingly. The advice on this matter is, you have to do everything you can for your business, as all the other companies are doing the same. If you have to run a successful PPC campaign, you have to spend a bit more on it to fish the best result. Otherwise, your dream of going big will not ever come true.

  1. Failure in Listing

Your failure in the listing is inevitable in this case. There are so many directories who helps companies in getting their name in the list. If you don’t use those directories, you can still have your company’s name on the listing.

Failure in Listing

However, many small companies fail to do that, as their address, contact number and so many other things aren’t properly viewed. So their visibility gets harmed. If you want your company’s name on the listing you have got to take care of the address and contact detail of your company. That way your visibility will grow, as your customers will know that you’re a legit company and they have the option of contacting you. You can easily communicate with your customers, answer questions and so many more. So after claiming a place in the listing you have to make sure all of these things.

  1. No Time

If you’re a business owner, and apparently a small business owner you have to take care of the time you’re giving into it. If you think that you have so much better things to do other than your business SEO, then you’re doing it all wrong.

No Time

You have to make sure that you are putting enough time after this very important thing because SEO is the very thing that will increase your business on the search engines. Without the rankings, you will fail to uplift your business in front of your customers. So you have to make sure you provide much time for your business, and mostly the SEO part. Even if you have an SEO team, you have to ensure if they’re working properly or not and monitor the advancements in your business. That way your traffic and profit both will grow.

  1. Bad Reviews

Bad reviews and ranking can harm any business in a huge way. So you have to make sure to fish out the best comments and ranking from your customers. To achieve that you also have to ensure that your services and products aren’t generic and if they are their quality isn’t bad, and your customers can really use them properly, and they do not give them the hard time.

Bad Reviews

You have to take care that your customer’s money doesn’t waste this way. You have to have the good wills and the best reviews and that can only come from providing the best products and services. For big companies, it isn’t that big thing, because they get mixed reviews, because they have so many things to offer, and they are already an established one. However, it’s not the same case for you, being a small business you have to take care of the rates and reviews.

  1. No Quality Posting

SEO also builds on the blog posting and on the contents. Because that’s the way the ranks go up. If you thought that the contents and blog posting doesn’t matter you’re mistaking huge. You have to provide the best and quality content and blog post on the search engines, so that way people get interested in your website and the traffic will increase. Make sure that you are giving all the best quality contents, this will not only enhance the rankings, but your traffic will increase all the same. Because people are always after the fine things, and if your comments manage to provide that women think you don’t have to think about anything else your traffic will come and it will eventually turn into sales.

  1. Bad Keywords

If you haven’t got the top keywords, it’s not a thing to worry, but if you’ve got all the bad keywords, it will affect your business huge. You have to make sure that your low-quality keywords are at least good, and they can be optimized and indexed as well. It’s not possible to get the top keywords, that’s why small businesses go for the lower keywords and make them rank. However, if you have all the irrelevant and bad keywords, it will never work out.

You have to know, that if you spend the big buck for your business you will get the best result out of it. So, if you’re reluctant in paying that much money, think again, and take a step. Also, you have to put much time and effort into your business to grow properly. Take note of the above-mentioned points and work accordingly the success will be yours.

Author Bio: Naveen Kumar has several years of experience in SEO and he has been working as a senior SEO Manager in JDM Web Technologies. He is the Best SEO Service Provider, which help him to increase his clientele base throughout the globe. He has exceptional knowledge in this Digital marketing era, which helps him to come up with extraordinary articles and blogs.  Basically, his write-ups cover the essential factors related to search engine marketing.

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The Role of Local SEO in the Success of a Business




Role of Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO has a very important part in making your business remarkable. In this article, we will give you a full overview of local SEO that incited a lot of excitement among organizations for offering various advantages, helping their online campaigns and creating interest amongst the target audience.

The significance of Local SEO In Businesses

Search engines like Google are getting more attention for local searches from the internet users. This is why local search results are becoming tremendously popular among individuals. In the event that you specify a particular region or city, Google will then certainly narrow down your search and will search for particular areas too. Moreover, local SEO likewise does various crucial things for your organizations to fetch you the best ranking.

Individuals Use Search Engines to Look for Better Options in Their Vicinity

Regardless of what sort of information they need, people can always search online. And it is absolutely easy to do so – from the comfort of your home. In the event that they have to buy anything locally, they search online for finding the better alternatives commonly accessible in their vicinity as opposed to going out to the market directly.

Local SEO Brings Super High Conversion Rate

Since neighborhood SEO is very useful in getting targeted traffic, it gets a high conversion rate. There are numerous clients who search for local terms are more likely to buy your product/service than general since the person is usually in the region of any business they are really looking for.

Local SEO Aids in Branding

Local SEO is truly a valuable method for branding and will certainly target the local people in your business area. You will have the capacity to specify all the exceptionally important services you offer along with their expenses.

Expand Your Business with Local SEO

Keep in mind that the site acts as a virtual office of your business. With the utilization of local SEO, you will make it helpful for your clients largely to connect with your business. You can likewise connect with your clients to give their reviews on your products/services. There are numerous individuals who read previous clients’ reviews before they purchase anything. You can add a key feedback or suggestion segment on the website.

Local SEO Helps Create Lasting Networks

Local SEO can give you the right help in getting your niche vendors and furthermore different marketers engaged in selling particular products like yours. It can help you to build prospective partnerships with your business providers. Additionally, you can easily network with owners and can start a new business together for your future benefits. This is why neighborhood SEO has turned out to be vital nowadays for business.

Implementing of Local SEO

There are various nearby SEO techniques you can get that will be useful for you in doing local SEO yourself. The most vital activity is to get a Google Place listing. It is something that usually incorporates listings of physical address, contact numbers and tons of other data. Plus, your local listing will also show on a variety of local search engine results. Create your presence on Google Maps. Then list your business into related directories. Your business’ name, address and contact number should appear on the same page and obviously same as your local listing.


Local SEO is growing extremely popular among businesses significantly for being successful and getting a high conversion rate. In case your business intends to serve the local people and searching for the most ideal method to target them, then trying local SEO Services can be really helpful for you.

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