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How to Wear Double Denim in Mens Fashion Jeans



Denim in Mens Fashion Jeans

You’ve probably seen the double-denim look on some of your favorite celebrities and influencers. It’s a tricky trend to pull off with mens fashion jeans because it’s so easy to overdo it. The last thing you want is to look like a walking denim swatch.

One of the easiest ways to get inspiration is by seeing how online stylish menswear retailers (like Differio) are styling their models or keeping up with how celebrities are pulling off trendy mens jeans in paparazzi images.

While denim trends are always changing, the double-denim look is somewhat timeless and versatile. You can easily dress it up or dress it down with a few style tips. Here are the best tips for going denim-on-denim in mens designer jeans on any day of the week without looking like a fashion faux pas.

  1. Avoid wearing the same denim wash.

One of the most crucial rules for going monochromatic in mens fashion jeans is avoiding the same denim wash. For example, if you’re wearing a button-down denim shirt in a light wash, avoid pairing it with designer jeans for men in a similar light-blue wash. Why? When you pair the same denim shades together, it makes your outfit look flat and one-dimensional.

For style newbies, it’s best to start out with designer jeans for men in dark indigo paired with a light-blue chambray shirt for an obvious contrast. Once you’re more confident with mixing and matching different denim washes, you can go ahead and experiment to your heart’s content.

  1. Accessories will give your denim outfit character.

The denim-on-denim look can get a bad rep by some because it can come off so classic that it looks boring. This is where the accessories come into play. Accessories can make a world of a difference if you’re trying to personalize your ensemble.

You should consider necklaces, hats, watches, ties, bracelets or even cufflinks. The type of accessory you choose really depends on what style you’re trying to achieve. Are you going for a professional workwear? Do you prefer casual mens streewear vibes? This will determine whether you should pair your mens urban jeans with a beanie or tie.

  1. Add dimension by layering on patterned tees or jackets. 

The double-denim outfit is kind of like working with a blank canvas, especially if you’re wearing strictly plain mens designer jeans. Unless you’re sporting mens colored jeans with zippers or embroidery, this outfit looks like it desperately needs that extra “umph.”

If you’re the type of guy that loves edgy clothing, you can take this look to the next level by pairing mens fashion jeans with layers of prints or patterns. For example, if you’re wearing a denim jacket with mens fashion jeans, try throwing on a flannel or floral shirt for that extra pop. You could even leave a button-down shirt open and add more color with a graphic tee underneath.

  1. Don’t get lazy with your shoe style.

You might feel tempted to just throw on the first pair of shoes you find, especially since mens fashion jeans are so versatile. However, this is one of the most defining, focal points of your double-denim outfit.

Ultimately, the style of shoe you choose will either elevate or downgrade your look. For instance, pairing mens designer jeans with leather loafers adds an elegant touch while metallic high tops add much more casual vibes.

If you’re really not sure what footwear to choose, you can simply choose the right shoes based on the occasion. For more formal events, you can pair stylish mens jeans with loafers, dress boots or oxfords. If you’re just running errands or grabbing drinks, you can pair any cool jeans for guys with work boots or fashion sneakers.

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Should Men Use a Face Wash?




Face wash for men

It is cliché that women use this or that. But it might not come as a surprise that maximum men use face wash today. Actually, it is not about make up or showing off; it is about keeping your skin in good shape.

Since the pollution is too much, it gets hard to preserve the originality of your skin. You cannot simply expose your skin to the dirt and air particles.  If you want to make sure that your face stays clean, smart and hygienic then you must use cleansers or face wash. There is a rich collection in Face wash for men and you can pick one that is as per your taste and budget. The idea is to keep you fresh and up all the time. Even in those evening meetings, your face should look fresh and energetic. What is the point if your face looks tired and dreary? It would leave a low or dim impression on the onlooker’s right?

Choose a right product

Before you can start a proper cleansing you have to pick the right cleanser for you. Everybody’s skin is different and it means that a facial cleanser that works miracles on one person may be irritating or drying on another. Similarly with shaving stuff like soaps, shave creams and aftershaves, when look for a face wash, you will discover that there will be a rich variety of fragrances and formulations to pick from. So, how would you decide which one stands right for you?

Check the ingredients and talk to your friends

If you are new in the world of face wash then you should definitely go through the ingredients of the product that you choose. If you have any allergy with anything and that is there in a specific product; you must leave it there only. You should look for the product that has friendly ingredients for you. In this way you can ensure that your face stays clean, fresh and hygienic. Moreover, some men have oily skin, some do have dry; you have to figure out what type of skin you have and then hunt for a favourable face wash.

Moreover, if you are finding it really challenging to pick the right face washes then you can have a word with your friends or acquaintances too. Just find out what they use for that smart and attractive face.  Certainly, it is not possible to keep your face smart and handsome without usage of any face wash. When you speak to other people in your circle about their face wash choices; it gets easier for you to filter out. You can try a product for some days and if you find it effective and free from side effects; you can glue to it for your regular usage. Remember your skin cannot take so much of dirt and filth and you have to take precautions for it.


So, maintain that confidence, smartness and glow with the help of effective face washes. Why should women always have all the fun when you too can have!

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Life Style

5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Your Fiancée




Perfect Christmas Gifts

As one half of a newly engaged couple, you might be experiencing some stress over the perfect gift to buy your bride-to-be for Christmas. After all, it’s hard to top that diamond ring you just gave her!

But fortunately for you, there are several things that she’s probably dreaming of leading up to your wedding day, and Christmas is the perfect time to make her wishes come true.

Dance lessons

You might be dreading your first dance as a married couple. She might have even subtly hinted that some dance lessons would do you some good. So this is a perfect way to show her that you were listening and that you want to make her happy. Wrap up the gift certificate or give her a pair of shoes with just a date and time written on a card. Let the destination be a secret.

A spa day 

She will undoubtedly be spending some time at the spa before the wedding, but this way you get to spoil her a little in the process. Make it an extra special gift by including her maid of honor in the package. Or better yet, make the appointment for a couples spa day and agree to come along. After all, massage therapy has a ton of health benefits that are good for you both. It can help alleviate everything from anxiety to stomach aches.

A personalized ornament

Check out an online marketplace like Etsy for ornaments you can have personalized with names and dates. You can choose from hundreds of designs and personalize it with your first names and the date you got engaged. For that matter, almost anything personalized with your engagement date and names makes for a great gift: a photo album, a jewelry box, a bottle of wine, etc. You name it and you can bet there is someone who will personalize it. Christmas is a great time to start commemorating your unforgettable moments.

A night on the town

This isn’t a time to just take her to your usual spot for dinner. This can be as big as you want it to be. Think Pretty Woman with limousines, operas, and a maitre d. Or if “glam” is really not her style, you can tone it down a bit. Just try to take her somewhere she’s never been, but that you know she’d love. And if you want to really sweep her off her feet, hit the dress boutiques and buy her a new outfit to wear. You can include a few clues in the package or just keep it all a surprise. Either way, she’ll be blown away by the extra thought that went into planning.

A wedding planner book 

If she doesn’t already have one, a wedding planner book is an amazing gift. She will need a place to organize all her thoughts, appointments, and ideas, and who better to give it to her than her hubby-to-be. But the thing which makes the wedding planner most special is if you personalize it with a romantic letter or poem right there in the book. That way she has a special reminder of how much you care, and she can see it every day.

The first Christmas gift after you become engaged should be a very special and personal gift that represents both of you as a couple. But it doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of the most romantic gifts are the ones that don’t cost a lot of money, but do require a lot of thought. Chances are she will love whatever you give her, but make sure you keep it personal. Don’t let her first Christmas gift as your fiancée be a toaster.

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Impress the Loved One by Sending the Cute Cake




Sending the Cute Cake

In the busy lifestyle, the online shopping becomes more popular for most of the people. The people just visit the online site and buy whatever very quickly. If you are going to celebrate the occasion, it is necessary to buy the cakes. The occasion is not filled without cutting the cake. The people opt for buying the cakes online due to various reasons. You can order cake online kota for the special celebration. You can spend only a few minutes for ordering the cake online. The users make the quick purchase of the cake online.

The occasion is important for the people to spend the time with the friends and family members. The cake is the item that makes the occasion even more special and memorable. Whether you see to order the best cakes, the online cake shop is the best option for you. The buyers can grab the best cakes from the online shop.  The shop comes up with the wide range of the cakes in different flavors. They deliver the cakes to the customer at the reasonable price only. You can check the price details of different cakes and then go to order the favorite cake.

Make the special plan:

The plan is an important aspect of the celebration. You can surely shock the special one with the specially designed cakes. You can celebrate the occasion with full of pleasure and fun. It is the reliable platform for the cake lovers to order the cakes. The online cake delivery in alwar is very useful for the users to get the cakes on time. The buyers ensure the best cakes online and start enjoying the occasion. They give the best variety of the cakes depending on the customer expectation. You can express the way of love and care to the beloved one. The users take the right cakes that right for the special celebration. The users enjoy the special day with the loved one. You ensure the best relationship forever. The online cake shop understands the needs of the customer and delivers the cakes quickly. They make the perfect list of the cakes.

Enjoy the special celebration:

There is no limitation to order the cakes online. You can acquire the unlimited variety of the cakes online. You can learn how the cake is important for the occasion. The people give the equal importance to buy the cakes. The shop provides the convenient offers and deals to the customer at the right time. You can make use of the deals and discount and buy more items. The users may utilize the deals for the ordered items. The users get the convenient offers when ordering the cakes. The online cake delivery service fulfills the requirements of the people and helps them to celebrate the special events without any hurdles. The buyers don’t hassle about the cost of the cakes. You can celebrate the event with the preferred cakes. They ready to send the cakes to the right destination once you order it.

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