Identify your Personality to get better at the job you take up

Personality to get better at the job

One of the most common complaints that you get to hear on a workplace is that the job I am doing is not motivating me to perform even better. If you are one such individual who finds the work you are doing looks uninspiring, then it is time to take a good look at how you approach your work. Different people have a different temperament and they like to do things differently. However, if they are teamed up with someone who is very different temperamentally than him, it would cause a lot of problem in the workplace and the productivity will suffer.

To get around the problem you need a way to not only know what motivates you but also what motivates your co-worker. This will help you to readjust your approach to your work and make it more interesting. However, it is easier said than done because understanding one’s behaviour and motivation triggers is very hard and to do so of a different person looks well-nigh impossible. But there are tools that allow you to do just that efficiently as well as accurately.

One such tool that is becoming increasingly popular among companies around the world is the DiSC Profile Test. This remarkable online test is the fruit of several decades of hard work where behavioural scientists through countless observations have made a test that accurately specifies the personality traits of an individual. This test is based on a strong scientific foundation which is why it is adopted by so many organizations to improve the leadership quality at all levels of the management chain. Besides the managers, this test is also helpful for the workers as they come to know what motivates them. This allows them to focus on those areas to improve their productivity further and helps them to get ahead in their lives.

The DiSC Profile Test is a very simple test that takes minimum time from a worker’s work schedule but gives him a result that has the potential to transform his life and add immensely to his success. This test has several objective type questions for which different answers are provided in the questionnaire itself. A person giving the test has to choose any one of those four choices that he thinks he will do or react in that situation. Once all the questions are answered then the answers provided by the individual is checked by a highly sophisticated algorithm. This algorithm then gives an accurate picture of the personality of the individual on a DiSC.

The DISC is the final result of the DiSC Profile Test. It is a very sophisticated tool that tells a person what are his behavioural patterns and what things motivates him. This tool also tells him about the personality traits of his fellow workers (if they have also taken the test and shared the results)?

This is very important because when you work in a group, it is important to know other team members thoroughly. If you know the personality of an individual, then you will be in a better position to motivate him by providing him with all the incentives that he desires (like challenges, gaining new knowledge, friendship and appreciation of fellow workers). The DISC is divided into four major parts also called the primary personality trait of an individual. And each of these four traits is further subdivided into three segments. It means that an individual has the potential of having any of the 12 combination that the DiSC provides. However, it is important to know that all individual have some measure of all the four primary personality traits called Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness in them and all the traits are of equal importance.

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