Know the accurate bolt tightening sequence

accurate bolt tightening sequence

Do you have an idea why there is a requirement of bolt tightening? Bolt tightening is generally carried out for the purpose of stopping the objects from stirring or moving and also for fixing them.

Objectives and Targets of Bolt tightening:

There are three board objectives of bolt tightening sequence and they are explained further:

  • To fix and joint the objects
  • To transfer the driving as well as the braking force.
  • To seal the drain liquid, bolts and gas.

Types of tightening method:

There are various methods of bolt tightening. They are mentioned below:

Torque Controlling method:

This is commonly used method for bolt tightening purpose. Under this method, the tightening process is controlled with the help of torque value. It is also known as tightening torque calculation for bolts. There are various advantages of this method like:

  • Controlling and operating the tightening process is easy under this method.
  • Standardization is also easy and simple because the value of torque remains constant.
  • The axial tension’s dispersion band is wide and the efficiency of bolt is low.

Rotating Angle method:

In this method, the angle controls the bolt tightening and the bolt gets tightened to an already known angle from a torque called snug.  The benefits of this particular method are given below:

  • The axial tension’s dispersion is smaller and the operation is also easy when the whole process is done in the limit of plastic zone.

Gradient Torque method:

In this, the process of tightening the bolts starts from the point ofproportion to the point of yield. Its merits are given further:

  • There is a large efficiency of bolted joint.

Measurement of Elongation method:

In this method, the whole process of tightening is controlled through the bolt elongation which is generated by the process of bolt tightening.

  • The dispersion is smaller and tightening the bolt by being in the zone of elasticity is also available.
  • The efficiency is quite large of the joint.

Heating method:

Under this one, in order to generate the elongation, bolt gets heated and the process of tightening is done by controlling the temperature. The advantage of this method are:

  • There is no requirement of force and space for tightening.

Loading method:

In this method, bolt tightening is generally controlled through the load which has been prearranged for the bolt. It also has some advantages that are explained further:

  • Facility of controlling the axial tension directly.
  • The bolt’s torsion stress is also not generated.

The procedure of tightening the bolt:

If you want to tighten the bolt, follow the steps given below:

  • Start the process by greasing and oiling the bolts and nuts.
  • Then tight them with your hands till they get sheltered alongside the flanges.
  • If you are using air wrench then ensure that the pressure set is at the minimum.
  • At the time of tightening, for flanges always make use of a correct chronological bolt.

Follow the aforesaid sequence if you want to do the bolt tightening correctly.

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