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Know the Drawbacks of Couch Tuner – Is Couch Tuner Legit?



couch tuner

Couch Tuner has become a social unit name since the location was free in early 2010. this is often a free TV streaming platform wherever you’ll watch any TV show for free! at first, the location was launched with a .com domain however began to expand with subdomain with .ag, .in and .fr. One will discover a variety of various TV Shows on this web site and watch them while not buying. That’s what makes the location therefore special. Let’s take associate in-depth detail concerning CouchTuner, its safety, legitimacy, and alternative aspects before victimization it.

What is Couch Tuner?

Sadly, Couch Tuner could be a pirate web site that has pirated media for streaming. you may solely notice TV Shows on the location, so, it are often informed say that the location is that the home of TV Shows. you’ll watch well-liked TV Shows like Narcos, Game of Thrones, Quantico, etc. during this video streaming web site.

Drawbacks of Couch Tuner

The video streaming web site not solely includes the TV Shows however includes some cons that may become the rationale for your anxiety. individuals} drawbacks play a polar role for people searching for the alternatives to Couch Tuner. So, let’s consider the drawbacks.

Since the .com domain of Couch Tuner is closed as of currently, you have got to seek out alternative domains of Couch Tuner as written on top of that typically creates a problem for the users.

While enjoying a selected video in Couch Tuner, reportedly users have Janus-faced issues regarding a replacement tab opened right once clicked on the video.

The TV shows aren’t organized at all! You won’t notice the seasons and episodes of a TV Show in outstanding order. So, you have got to dig additional.

Lack of Autoplay is one in every of the explanations why folks notice Couch Tuner unworthy as they need to seem for following episode once finishing one!

These drawbacks leave Couch Tuner approach behind its competitors within the market. however it’s not solely the cons that create Couch Tuner ‘vulnerable’ (according to some users) the shortage of legitimacy and safety creates an enormous distinction. Let’s have a glance if Couch Tuner is legit or safe.

Is Couch Tuner Legal?

The answer is just “No”! As declared on top of within the article, Couch Tuner could be a piracy web site that displays pirated video contents from alternative media sites. And you recognize what it means that to be pirated. The unlawful and pirated content could drop you into serious hassle if you’re a Couch Tuner User (Depending on your place). In the USA, your net supplier will cripple your information measure that is understood as half-dozen Strikes law.

Is Couch Tuner Safe?

On the protection half, Couch Tuner gets a thumbs-up feat its ads. The history of Couch Tuner depicts a secure browsing whereas observation and clicking on videos. however take care once you click on the ads as those will embody some malware and virus that may ruin your device. Don’t step into the entice once asked to update your media player on the location whereas there’s no relation between change media player and observation videos on the location. That’s all for the protection.

So, currently you have got a good plan concerning Couch tuner, its drawbacks, legitimacy, and safety. The on top of aspects ar the rationale why folks typically search for the alternatives to Couch Tuner. If you’re one in every of them, then don’t worry! There’re multiple well-established and clean sites to assist you out. you’ll visit Layerpoint and find the legal and safe alternatives to Couch Tuner which is able to assist you to continue streaming.

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How might Super Hero Thor going to help other Avengers in the Avenger4?




Super Hero Thor

hor is mightiest hero of all time because of his super power he is known as “God of Thunder” and strongest man of the Asgard. Thor is a son of King Odin he has adopted brother Luki. Thor has his own powerful weapon, hammer, he has ability to channel lighting with his hammer.

Thor is one of the most powerful man in the Avenger team, despite his all power he could not defeat the Thanos and saw half of the universe turned into dust.

Jumping on the theories what he will do in the Avenger4 how he will or his team can kill the Thanos lets have a look into Thor’s life.

As Thor prepares to take an oath to have the throne of Asgard after his father, Odin, frost giants attempt to spoil the ceremony and take their powers. Without the consent of Odin’s, Thor travels to Jotunheim to confront Frost Giant leader Laufey, accompanied by his brother Loki, childhood friends. Thor, Loki and their friend surrounded by army of Giant frost then Odin intervenes to save the Asgardians. Odin strips his son of his power and threw him to Earth as a human, along with his hammer. With a wish if he deserve he will gain his power back, which he did eventually.

Thor join Avengers team because of his brother Loki, he came to earth and sabotage the life of New York ‘s people by opening the wormhole and allow a Chitauri army to invade but he failed because of Tony Strak (Iron Man ) shut the wormhole by taking mesial into the hole and destroyed there spaceship.

Thor’s hammer which supposed to be very powerful no one can lift not even Loki but torn into pieces by his sister Hela, Thor and Loki found out about their sister when they went to see their dying father. Odin said to them with his death his first born will be unleased from a prison she was sealed in long ago. Thor defeated her sister and let Asgard ruined as it is prophecy.

In the Avenger infinity war Thor got his new weapon axe and got his eye bye which he lost it in the fight with Hela in the Thor Ragnarok .In the Infinity war when Thor hit the Thanos in the chest, Thanos said to him “you should go for the head”

Which has speculated a theory that it’s the Thor who will kill the Thaons with the help of Doctor Strange as he would reverse the time and he will take his shot to kill him for good. When Thanos die all the Avengers endgame and half of the universe will be back.

In the Avenger4 there is going to be a love angle between Thor and Captain Marvel as it was the first idea of the writers of the film for the initial version but they said they dropped it.

As the 2 trailer has released there was scene between them two which pulled the eye of everyone. All fans loved their moments and fans are going mad about them two. Their memes are viral on the internet which shows people are expecting a lot more. Well all curiosity will be ended with the release of the film.

Thor has won many battles and prove himself as a true worthy of his titl , would he be able to kill the Thaons

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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Office




Celebrate Valentine

If you’re hosting an office party, you’ll find a lot of gray area when it comes to what’s appropriate in the workplace. Although Valentine’s Day is primarily considered a romantic holiday for couples to celebrate, it can also be an opportunity to have fun in the workplace. With that in mind, here are a few ways to liven up your workplace this Valentine’s Day.

Host a Valentine’s themed lunch

If you work in an office, consider hosting a Valentine’s Day party during your lunch hour. A few days before the holiday, send out an office-wide invitation to the lunch, which can be hosted in a conference room.

To make the party more festive, host a potluck with heart-shaped foods and make a playlist full of upbeat, romantic songs. Plan the party around the traditional Valentine’s Day colors: red and pink. Serving suggestions for your potluck can include red velvet cupcakes, fruit punch, cocktail shrimp, and pizza.

You can also decorate with red and pink flowers, heart-shaped garland, and balloons. Companies like Premier Glow are great for finding office-friendly party accessories. If you’re feeling more creative, you can find a ton of budget-friendly, do-it-yourself decorating ideas online.

If your workplace often has employees out in the field, you can still throw a party that includes them. Taking their schedules into consideration, schedule a happy hour — either in the office or at a nearby bar — with a few bottles of wine, a cheese platter, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Plan Valentine’s Day activities

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the workplace creates the ideal opportunity for co-workers to show their appreciation for one another. Encourage your co-workers to participate in a “Red Elephant” exchange featuring only red or pink items. A gift exchange is a great way to break up daily routine and entertain co-workers.

You can also have Valentine’s Day activities without distracting from work. Try filling a container with Hershey kisses and asking your co-workers to guess how many kisses there are. Award the person with the closest guess with a pair of movie tickets for them and their significant other or a gift card to a restaurant in the community.

Other Valentine’s Day themed activities include a cupcake or card-decorating parties. For a cupcake decorating party, bring in unfrosted cupcakes, a few containers of icing, and sprinkles. Card decorating parties bring back nostalgia from elementary school Valentine’s Day parties. Supply your co-workers with craft paper, paint, glitter, scissors, and any other accessories you can find at your local craft store. After all the decorating is done, finish the party off by giving cards to each other.

Show gratitude for your co-workers

According to a recent Gallup workplace survey, only a third of workers in the United States strongly agree that they received recognition or praise for doing good work within the past seven days. Showing your co-workers you appreciate them and the work they do will increase workplace engagement and enhance productivity.

A simple compliment or an act of praise — like a note or Valentine’s Day card recognizing their hard work — is a great way to show gratitude to your co-workers and turn the holiday into a team-building day.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day party allows your co-workers to show their appreciation for each other while having light workplace fun. It’s important to be sensitive to the feelings of your co-workers and check with HR if you’re unsure about any activity. All in all, remember to make the party a celebration of your coworkers and to not focus on the romance aspect of the holiday.

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Top 10 Websites To Download Free New Bollywood Songs | Online Music




Best websites to download Bollywood Latest Hindi mp 3 songs and music free Online

1. Saavn

Saavn has become most popular music and songs website. You can download any song whether is it from 60s, 70s, 90s or any latest song everything is available at saavn. Not only for download but you can even listen to online songs on this website. If you do not like to download songs just because they cover up a lot of space in your device then simply download Saavn app or just open the website, register there for free and build your own playlist of your favorite songs.



You can listen to your playlist anytime or anywhere. There are many interesting radio channels that you can tune into. Not only Bollywood but Telugu, Tamil, English, Punjabi, Gujrati, Marathi etc. songs are also available. You can even find popular english songs.

Browse songs on the basis of movie, artist, albums and many more. It provides you weekly top songs list every week. Moreover, Saavn has launched its app for every device such as Windows, iOS etc.

2. is one of the best websites to download Bollywood songs. You can download any Bollywood movie song for free. The websites display all the latest movie songs album on its home page. You can literally find any song whether it is old or new. Not only Bollywood songs but other album songs are also available there. Along with songs you can also download Bollywood movie or trailers from this site. If you want to download video songs to then this site serves them too.


Songsmp3 is another great website to download Bollywood music for free. The songs are categorized as Bollywood, DJmix, Punjabi, Indipop and instrumental mp3 songs. So, you can browse to your desired song by clicking the Bollywood mp3 category or simply search your song via search box. You can download a song with 320 kbps or 128 kbps as per your wish. It also displays top 21 songs.

4. is such a beautiful website with dark gray colored theme and attractive interface. I have used this service many times and I totally love it. It allows you to download any Bollywood song or you can just listen to the song live without downloading that in your device.

The website also provides weekly top charts which include the top songs of that week. Inbuilt radio is also offered by You can search songs on the basis of playlist, album, movie, artist and many more. It also enables you to create a playlist of the songs you like but for that you will need to register on the website which also is free of cost.


Bollym4u is another wonderful website where you can get all your favorite Bollywood songs. Downloading songs is totally free here. Not only songs but you can watch Bollywood movies too in bullym4u. Cricket, WWE, Pakistani movies, punjabi albums, remix albums and many more is there for you provided by bollym4u.

6. is also such website where you can enjoy and download thousands of tracks, videos, wallpapers, ringtones and many more. You can even stream the songs online. Videos and movies are also available to download. For downloading anything the very first thing you will require is to register there. Although, the service is not entirely free. You can download music for free but you have to pay for songs.



7. djmaza-com

You can download any song which you like from for free without any hassle. The website has a clean and simple interface and all the contents are perfectly displayed. Apart from Bollywood songs you can even watch or download movies too via Also, you don’t need to register and login for downloading songs.


Topgaana comes among one of the best websites to download Bollywood songs. All the recent and new songs are displayed at the homepage with big icons so that you don’t have to search for any new songs. There is a big search bar where you can search songs. You can not download any song without registering in the website.



9. is very smooth and clean website which offers you to download Bollywood songs and music for free. There are alphabets displayed at the top so that you can search song or artist by selecting the first letter of that particular song or artist’s name. Downloading song from beemp3s is quite easy just browse to your song and click on the download link given and your song will be downloaded immediately.


Funmaza is also a very decent website to search and download your favorite Bollywood song without paying any money. You only need to open the URL browse your song and download it. You can find any new song or old song too. The Bollywood song lyrics option is also there so whenever you want to know the lyrics of a particular song then just pay a visit to this website without thinking twice. Along with Bollywood songs you can download Bollywood HD videos too from funmaza.



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