What Makes Ron Blum A Unprompted Name in Optical and Eye Care Industry

Optical and Eye Care Industry

Ron Blum who is globally distinguished as an optical inventor and business personality has founded the major solution providing enterprises Egg Factory, LLC in 1999 where he is now operating as the key person guide and MD. He is equally the founder and chairperson of Pogo Tech operating in the same area and working together with Egg Factory to produce a variety of premium solution base, lenses, and superior glass eye glasses for people suffers from complication eye problems.

Being an accomplished optometrist, as of today, he is involved with a record number of 500 product patent appeals worldwide out of which a large number has already been in his bag. In global vision care area, the contribution of Mr. Ron Blum is just enormous. Regardless of you talk about Egg Factory, the inventor of companies such as High Performance Optics, Innotech, Encore Vision of Pixel Optics, all are the product of his great insight and have enriched the world of eye care in combination.

As said above, following complication of his degree in Optometry, he initiated with his foremost project Egg Factory that appeared as the most productive solution provider in Optics and Ophthalmics in America. As one of the largest holding companies worldwide, Egg Factory LLC has presented health care field with four major young groups, one after another starting from 2013 to till 2017. Among them, companies like Encore Vision LLC, Global Billion Dollar Company; Encore Health, Performance Optics IP and IP of Refine Focus are remarkable. While the Encore health has been acquired by the global leader Novartis in 2017, IP of Refine Focus has been under the management of Essilor in 2013 and Innotech became the part of Johnson and Johnson.

Prepared with a highly knowledgeable team of medical professionals, researchers, scientists and state-of-the-art research and development cells all over the United States, Mr. Ron has made his Egg Factory a specialized group developing ophthalmic produces, lens, electronic approach based eyeglasses and more. The solutions are ideal for people with acute nearsightedness, farsightedness, and in need of superior class of multifocal solutions. In the recent years, the focused group has stepped into researching, producing, and marketing items including retarders, auto-focus optical systems, zoom and liquid crystal electro optic products.

Notably, all these items are highly demanding in eye care industry all across the globe. Other than eye care medical field, the products made by Egg Factory have also been popular in industries makers of commercial cameras, bio-medical imaging, energy applications, and solar power electric solutions.

According to the industry experts that while millions of children to elderly, suffer from series of eye problems caused by aging, common myopia, and long-sightedness, chronic health issues, malnutrition mainly found in deprived community, the solutions provided by Ron Blum and his major groups are truly appreciable. The company is intended to launch a variety of other products and solutions to help the eye care industry, health care labs, clinics and various other industries in coming out with superior products and services.

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