Medical Billing Services – In-house vs Outsourced

Medical Billing Services

Every medical practice includes medical billing and coding procedures which are significant for the business. However, these types of procedures ask for additional time and concentration which can be taxing for medical practices. For this reason, pairing up with a company offering medical billing services can be effective for your business. It will not only reduce the workload, it also significantly decreases the operating costs.

The dependency factor

Outsourcing medical billing services is a crucial decision but it can positively transform your revenue cycle and the capability of your workforce. In general, keeping the medical billing process in-house requires the hiring of medical billing and coding experts. In addition, in-house medical billing needs to be in compliance with every day changing laws and compliance in the healthcare industry. A trivial fault while medical coding can result in denial of payment. Denied claims simply increase the workload so submitting clean claims in the first attempt is in the best interest of any practice. On the flip side, outsourcing medical billing services free you up from all such hassles. Medical billing companies utilize sophisticated tools and expert resources to cross check the accuracy and in this way, it saves time and money.

Deciding its cost

As far as cost is concerned, relying on in-house medical billing services demands payroll for the expert coders as well as requires a yearly authorization for medical billing software. An expert with this certification/license will demand more payment in place of an average staff employee. Well qualified staff is difficult to retain and you have to give incentives to retain them.

Outsourcing medical billing services are affordable in many ways; it requires only a subscription fee to pay for the coding and billing services handled by a highly professional staff. In all ways, outsourcing your billing is beneficial.

Advantage for small practices

As a matter of fact, it is favorable for small practices to outsource medical billing job. By doing so, the entire staff will be able to pay heed to other important aspects. In fact, recruiting a team of medical billing specialists and managing it is more costly and time-consuming. For small practices, it is very difficult to prepare claims, check for their accuracy, timely submission and follow-up. For medical billing services companies, it is their everyday job to manage billing with specialized resources that are trained to perform this job and can easily detect and fix the issues.

The benefits of medical billing outsourcing

Regardless of setting up in-house medical billing services or looking forward to outsourcing, these services should help you in the following ways:

  • Give a boost to your overall rate of collection
  • Lower the number of denied claims
  • Foster improvements in billing processes

In addition to revenue-boosting, Medical Billing Services are efficient for your practice in the following ways:

  1. Appropriate Billing

With having medical billing services outsourced, you only have to put in the information and the expenditure of the patient who received care. It is then up to the professionals to proceed with the billing and coding procedure which includes:

  • Verification of the insurance of the patients
  • Claim drafting
  • Ensuring medical coding standards
  • Submission to the insurance giver

In case of rejection of any claim, the billing service provider will be accountable for that and will have to fix it. In addition, providing client support and follow up will be up to the billing service provider in this case. So, the entire process of billing is if outsourced can be beneficial for medical practices.

  1. Cloud-based interface

Although outsourcing medical billing rids you of excessive work, you still have to enter the patient’s data and routinely require their electronic medical records. Medical billing service providers arrange all of their services on an interface that is now mostly based on the cloud. Anyhow, the hosting of every type of patient’s data is performed off-line. Therefore, internet connection with cloud integration is a must to transfer patient’s information whenever needed.

Adding to it, medical billing service providers also offer a login for the clients where they can craft payments, set appointments as well as see the results of the tests. In addition, some of the advanced services also feature tools for telecommunication which provide a platform to remotely connect in case of immediate need i.e., a video chat or an instant messenger.

iii.    Other Compatible Programs

A number of medical billing service providers also offer equipment for patient management as well as electronic health records (EHR).  These types of programs are compatible with the billing procedure since these programs are capable to share a large amount of data and patient’s information. Moreover, there are also some mobile-friendly apps that allow the users to access their records.

Some other compatible programs also contribute to the quality measures, which is an added feature that fosters utilization of the advanced technologies to ensure quality.

  1. Some Other Supportive Mediums

There are a number of different mediums that support medical billing services with the inclusion of call, email and live messaging. Your medical billing service should be capable enough to let you know the proper way to utilize all of the additional features. As a bonus, some medical billing service providers offer consultation regarding the ways to give a boost to your revenue cycle.


Medical billing services can prove to be very much effective and revenue-maximizing for medical practices. Outsourcing medical billing services will let the medical practitioners focus more on the treatment and care delivery. In this way, they can streamline the routine processes of their practice. Also, medical practices can build stronger and reliable relationships with their customers and can earn a reputable rank in a competitive market. Outsourcing medical billing services is a good approach for medical practices to streamline their billing processes in an affordable way when hiring and retaining qualified medical billing resources is getting expensive. Medical billing companies have aboard specialized resources and tools that are really helpful to ensure quality and reliability.

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