Mens Wedding Bands- Choosing a Color Scheme for your Wedding

Mens Wedding Bands

Planning a wedding can be a rewarding and fun experience. One of the important decisions that are made during the wedding planning process is the color scheme. Some of the ways to make this decision easier include matching the colors to your environment or surroundings, being inspired by your decorating style and favorite colors and choosing colors that work well together or complement each other.

Wedding Venue

  • Select a color that complements your wedding venue.
  • Observe the colors that have been used in the venue’s decorations, drapery and carpeting. You may consider choosing complementary colors if the venue featured bold and strong colors. For instance, a venue that contains a lot of gold and red may not go well with grey and green but would work well with matching hues.
  • If you want a specific color scheme for your wedding, it is advisable to look for a site that has been decorated neutrally.

Seasonal Colors

Select colors that match the current season. One of the effective ways to pick wedding colors is deriving inspiration from seasons. If you plan to exchange vows in spring, for example, light pastel colors will be a good choice. Combinations of seasonal colors that are worth considering include:

  • Metallic colors such as gold, silver, copper or bronze or deep and dark color tones for winter weddings.
  • Light pastels with some deeper shades such as coral or plum for spring weddings.
  • Bright colors such as red, purple and yellow for summer weddings.
  • Earthy tones like amber and rose gold for fall weddings. Find out more at

Surrounding Environment

Integrate colors from your surroundings. If you are planning a destination wedding, you can choose colors from the environment. For tropical surroundings consider floral and bright colors such as green, blue, purple pink and yellow. On the other hand, blues, purples and greens would look great at a vineyard. Think about the natural hues within your wedding environment and incorporate them in your color scheme.

Seasonal Flowers

While you may be able to get virtually any type of flower throughout the year, it is usually more affordable and eco-friendly to choose seasonal flowers. You ca get inspiration for your wedding colors from seasonal flowers. Select flowers and colors you love and base your color scheme on them. The color of the bridal bouquet can be an accent color or the dominant color of the decorating scheme.


Think about the mood that you want to create. The colors that you pick can help to influence the ambiance. Examples include yellow being associated with happiness and joy while red is linked to romance and passion. Choose colors according to the tone you want to set for the occasion. Darker colors can be used for a dramatic effect. Lighter colors are ideal for a carefree and fun atmosphere.

Favorite Colors

Some brides and grooms have their own favorite colors that they envision when thinking about their big day. For others, it can be difficult to choose wedding colors. It is advisable to focus on colors that you both like. Decorating styles and wardrobes are among the sources of inspiration that you couples have for your wedding colors.

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