An overview about medicines during pregnancy

medicines during pregnancy

Be it the best medicine for pregnancy, the logic of all doctors’ work out to be the same. They believe that it is better to stay away from medicine during the first three months of pregnancy. This works out to be the first trimester of pregnancy as this time the organs of the baby begin to form. Having said so sometimes you would need medicines to treat a prevailing health condition like asthma or high blood pressure.

Do consult your doctor about the risks associated with the same. Does the risk weigh more than curing the illness? If they are of the opinion that you and your baby could face a lot of problems then they would recommend one or an over the counter subscription. There are a lot of medicines to be chosen from pregnancy medication list, but opt for one that is devoid of side effects.  It has to be stated that there are some antibiotics that are safe for women whereas in case of some others this is not the scenario.

The medicines that could be consumed during pregnancy?

It is pretty hard to figure out what medicine is safe for your little one. In pregnant women most of the medicines are not studied in details. The main cause of concern among the researches is that what impact it could have on a developing baby. Since the medicines have been taken by the patients for a long time the doctors have a rough idea on how it is going to be. Some of the medicines which are deemed fit to be consumed are

  • HIV medicines
  • Asthma medicines
  • Certain medicines that are related to depression

If you are thinking on the lines of having a baby then it is better to discuss with your doctor the medicines that you are into. They will evaluate which are safe and what are not. Based on that they are going to recommend what to use and if the need arises would ask you to look for an alternative one. For example some medicines are not safe to be used during the first trimester of pregnancy, but could be used in the later stages of pregnancy.

There are some medicines that need to be avoided during pregnancy. The main reason is that it could lead to birth defects or any form of potential problems as well. In certain cases risk also occur to both the mother along with the baby if they stop consumption of certain medicines. An ideal example in this regard would be medicines that control seizures. Discuss with your doctor about any medicines which you are consuming during pregnancy so that the doctor can advise you better. Let us now go through some of the medicines that need to be avoided during pregnancy

  • Valproic acid works out to be one that controls seizures
  • Methotrexate a medicine that is used to cure arthritis

To conclude, able supervision of a doctor is needed before consumption of any medicines.

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