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Payday loans and its controversies!!!



Payday loans

Everyone in the world will be well aware of the term “loan”, even the richest man will know this term and the conditions they were bought. Almost all the middle-class family will be aware of payday loan license details.

Payday loans: –

One of the easily available loans is the payday loan. They can be arranged within a few days whereas other loans can take years to even get approved. The best way to explain this loan system is, borrowing money from a friend on a month end with interest rate.

Loan process: –

This particular loan is similar to that of the installment process. All that is required is verification and a bank statement. Some of the lenders provide the loan even without a bank statement.

With the evolution of the internet, there is online payday loan application available with which one can easily get the amount needed even from home. It is easier to keep track of the payday loan license details with the help of the online.

Controversies and rumors: –

There are a lot of controversies and rumors running among the people on this loan system. Some of which includes: –

  • High-interest rate.
  • Aggressive collection process.
  • Unauthorized firms.
  • Lenders are mafia.

High-interest rate: –

This is one of the major criticism faced by the loan system regardless of its types. Lending a loan is not a charity, it is a business. A business in which both lenders as well as borrower should be and will be benefited.

Aggressive collection process: –

Collecting a loan that was borrowed from the lender is considered as an aggregate process. There are some of the lenders who use violence to collect, but the borrower would have been well aware of the lenders and their way of collection.

Unauthorized firms: –

This is one the most frowned controversy. First of all, borrowing, the money from the unauthorized unknown person is not a wise choice. Even the children are aware of the words, “stranger’s dangers”. When borrowing from illegalized firms, one is committing a crime which will cost their own respect and even life sometimes.

Lenders are Mafia: –

This is one of the most popular rumors among the public. Will you agree that all borrowers are beggars without a reason, then why paint a person black?

It is really rude to point a finger at someone without even knowing the whole story, the same goes for this loan system too. A borrower who is fully aware of the consequences and their background have no rights in pointing a finger at the lender.

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5 Latest Project Management Trends You Should Follow In 2018




Latest Project Management Trends

The world of business has undergone a great shift in conventional and idealistic paradigms. It is no more a field of people with grey hair and seasoned practice, but a matter of intelligence and decision making that comes from many Leadership training courses. From running a company to pitching a startup; everything has become a job to be expertise in. One always needs a project management setup to handle the business.

Latest Project Management Trends

Latest Project Management Trends

A well-managed business with effectively working employees is important to take a business to the next level. Here are some of the trends that may help people in becoming successful.

  • EMPOs and other policies:

EMPO is abbreviated for enterprise project management offices. EMPOs are a group of officials that focus on formal analysis, aligned projects, programs and other portfolio activities. Companies that organize a better level of project management are supposed to have 38% more chance of getting success and high achievability than others. They likely have the advantages of achieving goals, including project alignment with goals and visions.

  • Start-ups through EMPOs:

The changing trend in the business world has made an undaunting craze for start-ups and platform pitching to create personal kudos in the biz. The world of startups is continuously changing at a rapid rate. Thus, the race to ace the world is what keeps the new businessmen to trust more on organized EPMOs. More start-ups focus on affordable, web-based project management software. 

  • Analytical diligence:

Among the most significant attributes of a successful businessman is its analytical diligence and efficiency. Consider having a great business idea but if the analytics fail; it may result in a greater amount of loss in the market. One must keep an eye on crucial analytical factors such as identifying potential risks, conducting scenarios and most importantly; the teamwork. 

  • Intellectual recruits:

While a person aims to be successful in his life, he must remember to chain up intellectual as well as active recruits who can work productively and quickly to complete the project. The recruits must be cheerful, bright and audacious to capture the customer and the market.

Sometimes it is observed that these workers save and cover up the blunders that are done unintentionally. Without a proper working team, any project is incomplete.

  • Sustainable Development and socially responsible:

The project manager must be a core sustainable development project and seek to work for the welfare of people. Anything we do on a considerable scale becomes a subject to social responsibility. Thus, it is advised to understand its duties and rights of a project and work accordingly.

Latest Project Management Trends

Latest Project Management Trends

Source: Pinterest

The very pace of management and business has made the businessmen more implementing and smart. A planned business is a business of success and opportunities. A person does not need to study conventional business guides, some of the Leadership Training Courses Dubai may get the work done. Therefore, one should not wait for an opportunity when he/she can create it for himself.

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Four APIs You Need to Be Using in 2018




e-commerce business

What can we say about APIs? They are all around us, and we use them every day, through our mobile applications, websites, and desktop programs. APIs influence every part of our lives, and business is no different. Nowadays, on the internet, you can find thousands of APIs available. Choosing randomly is not a really smart thing to do, so we will help you by narrowing your choice to the best APIs in 2018.

Private APIs vs. Public APIs

APIs are both simple and complicated and simple at the same time. Most modern APIs come with RESTful API documentation that explains what they can be used for and how exactly they work. Nonetheless, implementing an API is definitely not an easy job.

If you’re not too familiar with APIs, you need to start somewhere. And first of all, you need to know that there are two distinctive types of APIs. So before we continue to our list, we believe that is important to let you know what is the difference between the private and the public APIs.

·        The Private APIs

Private APIs are used only by the company that developed them. Their architecture is open, so the developer just plugs them into the back-end to access the data that is needed. That saves both the time and the resources for the company. By developing their own APIs, companies eliminate the need for servers, back-end applications, etc.

Developing your own APIs is actually a huge trend in the modern business landscape. After all, according to new research, around 50% of all API requests today is made by the companies to their own APIs. You should also know that a private API could be customized to become public. After that process is completed, the API can be used by everyone freely.

·        The Public APIs

Public APIs, as their name suggests are public and open for anyone to implement them inside their own application. Anyone with the necessary skills can build an open API, so unsurprisingly, there are more open APIs than there are private ones. A developer can also download the API he wants and build a new application on top of it. Nowadays, APIs are crucial tools for building applications and websites.

They are perfect for new developers to experiment by building their apps on top of them. Some companies use them for extending and promoting their brand. More often than not, a company that releases an API will build an eco-system of all its APIs that are implemented by other developers inside their applications.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about some of the best APIs on the market today that can help you enhance your business…

1.     Twitter Stream API

Twitter`s API will give you access to the company’s global stream of data. And as we all know, there’s nothing more valuable than customer data in today’s day and age. It can give you valuable insights into your customers’ behavior on social media and help you create more complete customer profiles and in turn, help you market your product better.

In addition to customer data, the API can allow you to add some functionalities to your website as well. A developer can build his very own bots that will post the newest tweets to the application or website who has this API implemented. This API is mainly used for apps and websites that want to keep their visitors updated at every moment.

2.     Slack API

Slack’s API is very popular, so you might’ve known about it already. It is commonly used by the developers that are building their own application that is integrating with Slack. This can result in simple intelligent Chatbots or even advanced bots that can schedule your meetings and conferences.

An application that implements the Slack API can also be a cloud that contains all of the files you and your team members share with each other. That way the members of  your team will have an easier job searching for documents you’ve posted in the past. They just need to go to that cloud and search through the history, without worrying about losing anything.

3.     Google Contacts API

This API is very popular; so much so that you can find it almost any app made in the last five years. The developers implementing this API into their application will enable the user to import all of their Google contacts into their app. It can be used for inviting the other users to your application or importing pictures from the user’s Google Drive account.

Needless to say, the API processes countless requests during any given day. Those requests are managed by the OAuth 2.0 that displays pop-up message that will inform the users, that application wants to access to user`s  Google contacts list. Of course, there are more contact APIs that allow you to do the same thing, however Google`s is probably the best one out there.

4.     Amazon Product Advertising API

As the world`s biggest online retailer, it is only natural that Amazon has developed its own API. However, did you know that Amazon created possibly the first commercially-available API almost two decades ago? Their API went through a ton of changes in the meantime, but it’s still very popular today.

Amazon`s API allows developers to manage their own data and tech, and in turn, sell goods through their websites and apps. API is followed by well-written documentation where the developer will find all the answers he needs in the process of implementing API.


Even when you know what type of API you need for your app, you cannot choose just any random API. That would be very risky for your business. Since we didn’t have the time to go over every single type of API there is, we choose to look at the four most widely-used APIs today. All of these APIs are used by millions of users on a daily basis, so if you want to know more about them, you can easily learn from their huge user bases.

Thank you for reading our article. We hope that you enjoyed it and found it informative. If you have something to add or you have a question, feel free to leave a comment in our comment section. We will respond on a short notice. Have a nice day.

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7 Ways the UK Government Can Improve the Life of the Freelancers




UK Government Can Improve the Life of the Freelancers

Ever since the Brexit vote, the UK economy has been suffering, much to the concern of business owners. With SMEs facing a hard time because of the insufficient workforce, finances and lack of resources, there is a fear of the country descending into yet another recession like situation.

To prevent any such situation from happening, the mighty UK government has decided to step-in. The government is very certain on their decision of helping SMEs, who are the driving force of the country’s economy, in attaining sustainability.

For this purpose, they have started encouraging alternative finance funding options. The UK government is urging businesses to opt for this alternative finance source to secure funds when required. This level of encouragement coming from the government itself has not only flourished the success of the alternative finance industry, but is also decreasing the financial crisis that SME’s face.

Similarly, the government has now collaborated with leading business leaders in the country to improve the lives of the UK’s freelancers. This step of improvement hopes to change the face of workforce in the country.

By encouraging the self-employed workers in the country, we will be able to manage the workforce and eventually the sustainability of the small businesses.

On the National Freelancers Day (June 28), the UK government released a set of policy recommendations. The proposal was released with a hope that the new approach will be considering the overall life satisfaction of the freelancers across the UK.

The 7 Policy Recommendations

The following seven key policy recommendations is said to improve the overall well-being of the self-employed workers of the country.

1: Abolish the New Enterprise Allowance

It is highly observed that the use of the New Enterprise Allowance is pretty low. This either calls for its abolition or to put efforts to make it better by involving several other individuals in the scheme. According to us, acceptance of the scheme could be achieved by incorporating a new ‘confidence building measures’ in the scheme.

2: Create a Culture Where Business Failure Are Considered Normal

It is essential that we adapt a culture that accepts failures of entrepreneurial life and not consider them as personal failures of self-employed workers. We believe that one way of achieving such a culture is by restructuring bankruptcy procedures to something that allows for good faith in business failures.

3: Broaden Access to Mentoring

It is important that the self-employed workers have mentors not only at the start-up level of their business life but also in various stages of business lifetime. Mentoring overall reduces stress and improves confidence in a person.

4: Improve Access to Skills Development Resources Tailored to the Self-employed

The government and business leaders have also requested the Treasury to extend tax breaks for covering skills development. They have also requested to introduce training vouchers for the self-employed workers.

5: Introduce Savings & Related Schemes Tailored Specifically To the Self-employed

In fact, the pension providers can certainly build a product or service specifically for freelancers. If you observe the pension model, you will realise that the contribution made to it is divided between a ‘rainy day’ fund and a pension pot. And once the rainy day funds cross the limit provided, the savings are diverted into the pension.

6: Build More Co-working Spaced to Combat Isolation

With increase in the number of co-working spaces, self-employed workers can work together and find support. These co-working spaces could be built by anyone from the government, co-operatives or profession organisations.

7: Introduce ‘self-employed friendly banking strategies’

Ultimately, the proposal states the effects of the late payments on the cash flow. This urges the financial institutions to develop a product or service which is designed specifically for self-employed people and their personal needs.

The banks can promote existing funding and emergency credit initiatives.

Viewing self-employment from an income or job creation perspective is too narrow and can also be mis-leading. It is important to consider the overall life satisfaction of the self-employed people. This will give us a better picture of how they are performing, beyond just their incomes.

If we aren’t able to consider everything, then what is the point in encouraging the self-employed people if they end up being anxious, stressed and miserable?

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