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Regular Checks and Cleaning will Help keep your ATV in Good Condition



Cleaning will Help keep your ATV in Good Condition

Normally, after a day of off-road adventure or a day in the farm under the hot sun, one would be too tired to want to do any cleaning and would rather leave the ATV be as it is. How many will make sure that the ATV is properly clean of all the mud and grit before calling it a day.

There are reasons why it is better to clean the ATV after your ride and not leave it until later. One, since you are already sweating and covered with dirt and dust, you might as well do the cleaning and once it is done, you can take a good bath and relax later. Then, you will have a nice, clean ATV to ride on the next morning.

It is best to hose and clean off the mud, dirt, grit, and others before they get all dried up and hardened. Once they get cemented into place, it will be more difficult to clean and remove them. If all those dirt, grease, etc. are left behind, it will wear down the vital parts of your 4 wheeler much faster. Keeping your Honda 4 wheeler parts clean after every off road ride is part of caring and maintaining your ATV. Whether you enjoy the cleaning or dread it, cleaning up is an essential part of an ATV or vehicle ownership.

Your ATV needs regular oil changes, and changing of oil filter. Using of high quality fuel will minimize spark plug problems. Spark plugs can be replaced twice a year even though they are still working well. If your ATV rides mainly consists of tough off road rides, then you should ensure that the grips on the handlebars are still good.

Tires of your ATV need to be regularly checked and inflated with the right air pressure. Vehicle with low tire pressure will be hard to control and turning the handlebars will be difficult. In the long run, the tires will wear off easily and will have to be replaced with new ones. Buying of tires and ATV parts near me will not convenient especially if I am staying in the outskirts.

Ordering of ATV parts, riding gear such as armored motorcycle jacket, tires, chemicals and tools, etc. can be done online these days. There is no need to travel long distance to the nearest store to get your supplies of ATV parts and accessories.

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Experiencing the Bike ride in all new way with Suzuki




Bike ride in all new way with Suzuki

No doubt that technology has advanced pretty much and so many things are also available in just one click. But when it comes to roaming around the world, we certainly cannot compromise on the driving wheels that we buy, be that a bike or a car. Talking of which, today we are going to discuss more about some incredible Suzuki’s performance twin bikes that have become talk of the town. With great features, amazing riding experience and that too at a great pricing deal, it is certainly a worth experience in which you can invest. Not only this, you can have a look at some of its magnificent features that may tempt you to buy it right away.

Know more about the Suzuki’s brand new entry:

For the bike lovers, here is the great news! Suzuki has just introduced some of the popular twin bikes in the market of India at great pricing by the name of Gixxer and Gixxer SF. Before we look around for the Gixxer 250 price in India, let us just understand why this bike seems to be full in swig and can be a promising one over any other Suzuki’s bike’s that you may have seen or experienced earlier. After the launch of Inazuma and its failure, the delay for the 250 CC has taken quite a time already. But things don’t remain the same always.

The grand opening of Inazuma by Suzuki seemed to be a faired version of the previous model called GSX-R250 which has been quite popular in the international market. But when in India it was launched in a little different manner, needless to say there was a price sensitive market with the brand to deal with. Thankfully, now Suzuki has come up with a launch of all new models that would compete other brands best models and even the Yamaha’s FZ25. In India however, it was Gixxer moniker that gained quite a lot success and which of course was pretty much surprising but needless to say its performance had grabbed quite a lot of interest in mind of other buyers.

The current naked motorcycle of Suzuki 250 is planning to get launched by next year. It would be of course a fairly prices one and just the way the viewers had hoped for the Gixxer SF, it seems Suzuki will not disappoint its follows. The two bikers are currently being imported as the CBU due to which there would be hike in its price but since 250 CC of the Gixxer model will be built in India, Suzuki promises it price to be quite budget friendly.

There is also expectation that Suzuki250 will have the best platform to be shared with Suzuki GSX-S300 which is another upcoming model. Although the engine details and its specifications are yet to be revealed but there is no surprise that the bike will be powered by the solo cylinder of 250cc engine that would come with four valves. Stay tuned for more of such surpasses from Suzuki.

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Top Rated Car Protection Covers and Dash Covers




Top Rated Car Protection Covers

People who are fond of keeping cars and people who are passionate about their cars and trucks know the importance of protecting cars with the suitable items such as car covers, dashboard covers, and many other protection items. These car protection items protect your car from getting damaged, coming in contact with moisture, protects your car from direct heat and UV-Rays from the sun. So here are some of the car protection items that will help you in protecting your car and its parts:

  1. Dustop Soft as Flannel Indoor Custom Car Cover

It is a car cover which is very much soft as because it is made up of flannel fabric which is bounded by the four-layer composite material. This cover is very much light in weight that can be easily handled by a small kid also. It protects your car from extreme dirt, the UV-Rays from the sun and is also a cover that is water resistant. This cover is the best cover that can be used for protecting cars. It is manufactured by a company in the USA. This cover gives approx four years of warranty for its usage.

  1. Dash Designs Custom-Fit Camo Dashboard Cover

The dashboard covers are made to protect your car’s dashboard from the harmful ultraviolet rays. This dashboard covers help in enhancing the beauty of your car’s interior. They reduce dashboard damaging from reflected heat and dangerous glare. This dashboard cover is available in so many color options and has almost three to five years of warranty for its usage.

  1. Dash Designs Custom Fit DashTex Dashboard Cover

This is a type of cover that not only enhances the beauty of your car but also gives your car a sporty and a modern look. This is a dashboard cover that will perfectly fit your dashboard and will protect it from UV-Rays of the sun. It also protects your dashboard from extreme dirt and helps to protect your dashboard from getting scratched. This is one of the top-rated dashboard covers and it is available in so many color options with approximately five years of warranty for its usage.

  1. Plushweave Cotton Flannel Indoor Custom Car Cover

It is a car cover which is made up of cotton as we can say it is 100% cottony item that will protect your car from getting damaged and scratched. This car cover is very much light in weight and is heavy enough to stay in its place. It will protect your car from water in the rainy season and also from dust particles. It will protect your car from all types of weather and will also protect your car from 99.99% of UV-Rays entering the car. This car cover is also manufactured by a company in the USA and is available in just three colors only that are Grey, Tan or Black. It has only two years of warranty for its usage.

  1. DashMat Suede Dashboard Cover

This is a dashboard cover that will give your car a rich appearance from inside. It helps in protecting the dash from UV-Rays and extreme sunlight that enters your car while riding. It is a custom fit car dashboard covers that will protect the dashboard of your car from every suitable thing such as from getting scratched or damaged. It is available in just four color options with only two years of warranty for its usage. This has been rated the best dashboard cover for cars.

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Eight must-have automotive tools for a technician




automotive tools for a technician

For every profession or work, there are certain tools required. Just like the Doctor has a surgical kit without which he can’t function, the automotive technician has his toolbox. People who aspire to work in the automotive repair industry need to have equipped tool boxes so that they can depend on them for doing the job properly. These tools are designed over a period, and with the experience, the creative minds keep on changing the design that can help the user to get the job done with few efforts and less energy. Many of these tools are much useful for the concerned job that without them it is almost impossible to complete the job also. Hence it is important to know some of such tools that help the experts in their respective fields and make them offer the best quality work.

If you are looking for the reliable toolbox, here’s a look at eight professional automotive tools that are a must in the technician’s box:

  1. Flex-head ratchet

The head ratchet with a skinny head and body allows you to access the hardest bolts on the car. The flex feature of the ratchet helps to pivot the handle offering maximum leverage when you are tightening or loosening the bolts.

  1. Needle-nose pliers

These pliers are a quintessential part of any automotive technician as they can be used while repairing any automobile which makes them a must-have for the technicians.

  1. Battery carrier

The automotive technician frequently deals with the car battery issues. The battery carrier is a nice way to remove the old battery and carry it without any use of hands. The old batteries are typically tight wedged in the cases and weight a lot but with a battery carrier you won’t have to hassle with it. The battery carrier can be bought from an automotive tool manufacturer at reasonable rates.

  1. Clip on hood light

You need illumination while working and a foam-covered fluorescent light that can be clipped in the hood will offer the right kind of illumination that is required while working on the car. The foam offers protection and prevents the light from scratching or breaking. They can clip onto any hood with the help of spring-loaded snaps.

  1. Battery-powered wrench

The wrenches work on the battery to let the technician blast off any type of bolt. The size of the wrench can be adjusted to remove any of the stubborn or rusted nuts effectively.

  1. Funnel

The funnel helps in keeping the workspace clean while changing the fluids or oils. The funnel comes in different size which helps in channeling the liquid directly into the drain pan.

  1. Spare power battery

The automotive technicians can work effectively with the help of battery-driven tools like impact wrench and drill. But these tools require power so you need an extra battery backup which will prevent from hampering your work due to battery drain.

  1. Hydraulic Jack

For doing the repairing work under the car, the hydraulic jack helps in efficiently lifting the car.

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