SEO Trends Stealing the Show This Year

SEO Trends Stealing

It seems that the current year would be a pretty exciting one for SEO. Let us try exploring what all are on the horizon, as far as, SEOs are concerned in 2018. Experts are insisting that the search engine optimization would be changing the overall game this year. There are new advancements that are coming up and if you want to stay well ahead of the competition, you need to stay abreast of the latest trends and follow them at the earliest.

There are more than 200 factors associated with Google’s algorithm and that makes SEO very much a complex science. However, it is definitely not how much you are required to know, would make things overwhelming, actually, it is the forever changing rules of the SEO game.

As search engines are relentlessly striving to achieve better quality search results, there would be some search ranking factors that may change colors or are transformed, while others totally lose their significance and some brand new factors that come up out of the blue. Here is a list of the most striking trends that would be dominating the show in 2018.

Loading Speed Is the Key

If you wish to achieve higher rankings on Google’s Search Engine Result Page, you need to keep trying diverse trends for improving your SEO results. One key factor is the loading speed of your site. The very essence of Google is speed. Google insists that the sites that come up in the search are actually taking three seconds only to load. Keeping this as a standard, you must find out where your website stands vis-à-vis the toppers on Google’s SERP. You must accurately analyze your site’s loading speed and find out the drawbacks that are coming in the way of or hampering faster loading speeds. Speed is, therefore, the chief UX factor. In this digital era, only the fastest could hope to survive. Contact Tayloright for best SEO solutions and professional guidance.

Voice Search Is Evolutionary

The world of technology is truly dynamic. Google voice search seems to be gaining traction by the day. In voice search, you would come across a variation in specific keywords that are used when typing for getting search results. Voice search necessitates a completely new keyword research plan. It has been reported by Google that 55% of teenagers and about 40% of the adult population use voice search every day. Moreover, the ratio of actual voice search is certainly growing much faster as compared to the type search. Remember that voice searchers actually use usual, conversational sentences.

Mobiles Are the Way to Go

With the popularity of voice search, more than 50 percent of Google’s searches are actually coming from the mobile devices. So, mobile-first is the key to success. Your website must be mobile-friendly. This way, you could attain a higher ranking. You simply cannot afford to ignore the importance of mobile SEO any longer.


The more and more you incorporate the latest trends in your marketing strategy, you would encounter improved search engine optimization outcomes. Personalization is the secret to success. You need to go on working for scoring consistently in the rankings.

Author Bio: Maria Jones is an SEO expert who has been in this line for over a decade now. She is passionate about blogging and offers helpful tips, tricks, and valuable resources like Tayloright for best SEO solutions.

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