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The Ultimate Guide to Packaging Design You Won’t Want To Miss



Packaging Design

Branding is, perhaps one of the most important aspects of any business. It is that one way to reach out audiences and interact with them to build a healthy relationship that lasts for a considerable period of time. In this blog, we shall particularly focus on packaging design as an important element of branding. As an integral part of business branding, packaging design allows consumer to pre-judge the product and its quality by looking at it. The better the design of the packaging of your product, more number of customers will get attracted to buy it and vice versa.

Packaging Design: Meaning and Overview

To put it in simple words, a package design is the outer side of a product that is visible to a consumer made of graphics and visually pleasing elements depicting the qualities, ingredients & other important information that entices a customer to buy the product. Around the world, businesses spend a cumulative annual amount worth $150 billion on packaging design of their products. The key factors to design the packaging of a given product are to make it attractive to the customers, build a strong impact on the target audiences, boost potential sales, and reduce the risks associated with product damage.

Factors That Lead to Making a Good Packaging Design

If you think product designing is a cakewalk, wake up and smell the coffee. Perhaps, if there’s any key point of judgment for any customer apart from the company logo, it is probably the product packaging. The better the design, the more will be the number of customers buying it. However, there are certain factors that can affect the design of any product packaging.

These crucial elements include:

  • Uniqueness
  • Attractiveness
  • Effectiveness

Of course, if you are planning to create any design, it has to be unique. Uniqueness is not defined by how many colors or elements you have used in the packaging design, but how creatively you have put together the existing elements to make up a great design!

The next is attractiveness which reflects that only designing is not sufficient. You got to have a design that appeals to the eyes of the customers. Finally the effectiveness, If the graphic made by the designer is not impactful, it is not a good design. As simple as that!

Importance of Packaging Design in Business Growth

As a matter of fact, product packaging is crucial to any business, whether small, medium or large. It is that one factor that differentiates your brand from others and helps leave a lasting impression in the customer’s mind so that he remembers you every time he sees your packaged product. So for instance, Coca Cola works on coming up with new ideas for their product package every now and then to keep the audience engaged and improve sales after frequent intervals. Other brands, too, work on similar grounds to never lose their audiences and allow them to like as well as remember your brand through its qualitative packaging design.

Other benefits linked with the design of product packages include:

  • Allows customers to identify you from others.
  • Great marketing tool to boost sales
  • Helps ameliorate brand recognition
  • Protect Product from External Damages
  • Ideal for Product Promotion
  • Transmits Information About the Product
  • Sways Consumer Purchase Habits, etc.

Let’s Talk About Some Facts Now!

Every industry comes up with certain facts and figures that allows us to get a certain degree of understanding of the industry. Well, then let’s check out a few facts associated with packaging design you should know:

  • More than 90% of the consumers use the packaged boxing of the product after the product has been consumed.
  • Businesses have experienced an estimate of about 30% high in the total product sales if you look at the packaging design
  • About 52% of the consumers return to buy the product next time (which is a pretty good number, isn’t it!?).
  • Among all the customers, there are a small percentage of them of approximately 40% tend to share the packaging, and product design with their closed ones and friends if they really like it a lot!
  • An estimate of about 74% of customers are of age 18-25 years who are likely to flaunt the images of the packaging design product on their respective social media profiles.


To conclude, we would just like to emphasize on the importance and value a packaging design has in the corporate sector. It is one of the key elements that holds great value for your brand’s success in the long run. As a piece of advice, we would request you to work with a reliable brand like Sacred Fig to ensure your brand’s packaging design is in the right hands. Keep visiting us for more insightful information on a variety of related stuff!

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Why you Need to buy Mobile Phone Signal jammer? How it works?




Mobile Phone Signal jammer

A phone signal jammer device is used to transmit the low power radio signals for obstructing the communication between the phone and the base station. The jammer produces signals at the same radio frequency as that of a mobile device. It interrupts the signal transmission and disables the device within the range of the jammer. It prevents the mobile device from sending and receiving the signals. When the jammer is active, the mobile phone shows ‘No Service’ and all the incoming and outgoing calls are blocked. And, when the phone jammer is turned off, the mobile device automatically re-establishes the connection and avails back the full communication services. The phone signal jammer device can be practically installed at any location where signal transmission needs to be blocked.

The location of the cell tower and the obstacles between the cell tower and the phone, they altogether play a major role in deciding the area of the jammer. This means that if the distance between the phone and the cell tower is small, the jamming area will also be less. And, likewise, if there are walls and obstacles between the phone and the cell towers, the jammer device will require more blocking area. There are many reasons to 3G signal jammers. Let’s check a few reasons here.

Jammer provides acoustic isolation

The areas where mobile devices can frequently cause nuisance either by the loud call conversations or by the continuous incoming call rings, installing a jammer can provide an immediate solution. There are various places where installing a jammer can be helpful.

  • Theatres
  • Library
  • Public transport
  • Museums
  • Restaurants
  • Universities and schools
  • Worship places
  • Radio Stations
  • Events

Jammer protects against security breaching

Although the mobile phones are the innocent looking devices, at certain places where data security is crucial, they can be a threat. Therefore, for such places where the policies do not permit the use of cellphone in the premises, installing a mobile jammer can be really helpful. It blocks the signals and saves the data from getting breached. This is another reason to buy mobile phone signal jammers. You can use the 3G signal jammers at the following places.

  • Business meetings, conferences, and seminars
  • Government complexes and offices
  • Police stations and Jails
  • Court Houses and Law offices
  • Embassies
  • Military training centers and offices
  • Drug enforcement facilities

Jammers guarantees safety

The mobile phones need to be switched off in the explosive areas according to the fire code regulations. The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in areas like petrol pumps, oil refineries, etc., where a spark can cause an explosion or fire. The preventable accidents may occur if the mobile phones are active at such places. Therefore, it is important to buy mobile phone signal jammer and install it in such areas. Following are the places where the use of mobile phone is prohibited.

  • Gas stations
  • Petrol transportation vehicles
  • Chemical Storage facilities
  • Fireworks manufacture units
  • Hospitals
  • Thermal plants
  • Natural gas transportation vehicles

The use of 3g signal jammers are obvious at the above places for the safety reasons. It is important to buy mobile phone signal jammers and install them at the above-mentioned places. Moreover, the devices are easy to install and use, and infallibly block the cell phone signals.

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Tax return made easy with GST software




GST software

The multi-layered and complex tax structure of the country has come to an end with the introduction of GST. The new taxation system gives a clear idea to the business owners about the rate of applicable tax and to whom and where they are paying the tax. In simple words, the businesses have to furnish the necessary invoice details in the prescribed format to the GST network developed by the government as part of return filing. This means around 300 crores of invoices and returns are submitted thrice a month to the GST portal of the country.

File returns on time

As a committed business owner, submit the bill details and file return on exact time to be free from any of the late fees and fines. The introduction of GST demands almost all of the accounting software to make necessary changes in its features to make it GST compliance. There are several software development companies in the country to provide you with the best software to make gst return really easy and error free. Every business will certainly look for a software that helps them to save good volume of time and effort in various aspects of tax calculations and submissions.

Clear formats and forms

There are different types of tax types for different products and services. You should have better knowledge about the rate of applicable taxes, exact forms, and formats to make the process really perfect. It is really difficult for the accounting staffs to remember all of the applicable taxes for different kinds of products and services. But, a well-designed software provides excellent information on all of the taxes and the process of tax filing. The software comes with the templates for billing and tax filing to make the process a matter of few clicks.

Automated features

None of the businesses love to occur any of the errors in the submitting the information in the GST network. Once the returns and bill details are submitted, you can’t make any of the edits. Instead, you have to delete and resubmit the same to the portal in case any of the errors.  It is quite common that human calculations are prone to errors. On the other hand, the software comes with automated features to make the calculations automatically as per the set instruction to prevent the occurrence of mistakes to a maximum extent. The entire process can be carried over by the accountant or the tax practitioner within a short span of time since most of the information is readily available with the software.

Data security

The security of data is so important for the businesses. They never like their tax return information to go public other than the respective and responsible authorities. Now the process can be made on safe and secured online grounds with the help of a perfect software that works on the cloud platform.

Since there are several companies to provide you with the software, it is a good idea to make an online research and to go through reviews to find the best gst software available in the industry.

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Ransomware: How to avoid your computer being infected?





The ransomware is developing with the development in the technology. In layman’s language, ransomware means the computer hacking. Once the computer gets hacked, no one can save your data except the ransom money. As it is common in the business world, so the large-scale businesses have found the preventive and safety measures for getting away from ransomware attackers but nowadays, the fate of small businesses is on sake because they don’t know much about the ransomware attacks and attackers. There are several cases which are being registered from past several years and a lot of victims among them are small businesses.

The ransomware attackers find this is one of the effective and easy way to have the money in hands. They remains out of reach from the law. Do you know why? Unlike other criminal offences, you don’t get the picture of the person and you can get attacked from any corner of the world. In fact, the attacker can be at any other continent which is not known to you. That is the reason, ransomware is considered as the online extortion racket and this racket is so big that you can’t even imagine.

So in short, it is important to know about the ransomware, types of ransomware. If you want to protect your computer if you are a single operator then it is fine but if owns a business then it is important to give the knowledge of ransomware to all the employees who are the operating system. Make them aware about the sites and emails from which they have to stay away in order to get rid of ransomware. So here are several other important tips which will help you to avoid the ransomware attackers. Ponder on the tips.

Install anti-malware software and anti-virus software

  • The ransomware attack occurs by the combination of malware and viruses. So if you want to remain safe from ransomware attacks then you should install the anti-malware and anti-virus software. This software will remove the virus and malware from your system even if they get introduced to your computer system. Plus, try to update it from time to time.
  • Download software updates- It is important to download the software but more precisely, it is important to download it from the Microsoft. The software from the Microsoft are highly security updated. It also consists of tools against malware. So whenever any virus comes in the way, the tools can detect the virus and remove this. If you have done it, then it is good but if you have not done it then get it done as soon as possible.
  • Rather than backing up your computer after a week, it is advised to have the back up on forly basis. Plus, do not forget to have the restore points so when your system get infected with the virus, the system can restore the files in an easy and effective way.
  • Do not download the applications from the unknown senders and unknown publishers because these are seeds of ransomware attacks.

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