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Why it is Completely Safe to Unlock a Samsung Phone?



Unlock a Samsung Phone

Cell phone unlocking is legal to quite an extent. However, there are several options available to provide you with this service and while none of them are illegal, you really have to screen through them to make sure you actually get what you need.

If you follow the right methods to unlock the S5, you can rest assured that the phone will not be spoilt.

Let’s have a look at all the ways to unlock a Samsung S5 in the safest ways possible.

  1. Free SIM unlocking

In this method, allegedly you are allowed to unlock your phone for free and without causing any damages. You follow a set of directions, enter a free code on the phone and change your SIM card to a foreign one. It’s hard to find such a powerful and cost-free method to do this, and this one works well.

  1. Carrier unlocking

It might be worth a shot to contact your carrier and politely ask them to unlock your phone. The result will, however, depend upon a certain set of conditions including you don’t have any pending payments, your contract has terminated, and the customer care executive you talk to is in a good mood. Carriers are under no legal obligation to serve you for such tasks.

Good luck with that!

  1. Software unlocking

Software unlocking is the process of downloading a software program onto your computer and then transferring the same to your mobile device through a USB cable. That enables the software to change the internal configuration or settings of your phone, thus releasing it for use with any carrier.

But in reality, there is no such thing as a software application, produced to unlock phones. The only job they actually do is break your warranty, erase your personal data files, and keep you from renewing the operational system.

It may also be correct to think about it this way: Samsung wouldn’t be a multi-million-dollar enterprise if they launched the version 5 of their Galaxy series with a loophole that can allow any random software to hack it, right?

  1. IMEI or Factory unlocking

This option is actually the most preferred option.

IMEI unlocking is the only guaranteed way to unlock samsung galaxy s5 t mobile. As a matter of fact, IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier. So, each phone ever manufactured has a unique IMEI, which is a code that recognizes basic information about your device, no matter it is locked or not.

Each mobile phone manufacturer in the world maintains a giant database with all their IMEIs. By adopting an IMEI unlocking service, you are asking someone who has access to Samsung’s database to alter the status of your phone from “locked” to “unlocked.” That’s all there has to be done.

Even though the technique is nothing new, there are a number of providers who give this service, most of whom are either unreasonable, unreliable or just clear scams. There are pretty good options available out there in organizations that are unlocking service providers. You must read a few reviews or get some feedback on which one is worth going for.

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6 master tricks to be a Microsoft Word expert




Microsoft Word expert

Who has never ranted because of Microsoft Word, a symbol of bureaucracy? Here we offer you 6 tricks and tips to control the Word 2010 and Word 2013 versions.

The Microsoft Word office suite is not all happiness. From students to office workers, to those who start with computers, no one can pass Word. Over the years it has become the reference in terms of editing texts, to the detriment of its detractors. You can Purchase Microsoft office For Mac from here.

For those who are not familiar with Microsoft Office or for those who want to know more about text editing, we present 6 editing options to become a Word professional.

Adjust copy and paste settings by default in Word

Mix two fonts, different line spacing, changing text colors: Pasting elements from one file to another in Microsoft Word can be a nightmare.

When you right click before you paste the text, Microsoft Word proposes three paste options: Keep original format, Merge format, Keep only text.

By default, the program preserves the source format when you use the Ctrl + V command.

Luckily, there is a way to modify the way texts are copied and pasted, from Advanced Options. The key: modify the default behavior of Windows so you do not have to do it every time you paste a text.

To always adapt the imported text to the format of the Word document, you must activate the option Keep only the text as default. This will make it much easier to paste elements from other documents.

To do so, click on File, top left, Options, and then on Advanced Options. Go to the Cut, copy and paste section. Choose the option Keep only the text and click on OK.

Hand-adjust line spacing and spaces between paragraphs

In Microsoft Word, adjusting spaces between paragraphs accurately using just the Enter key is not possible. But there is another way to do it …

Imagine that you want to adjust the appearance of your CV … let’s see how to adjust the spaces between your paragraphs by hand.

Select the part of the text you want, making sure that this selection includes space, right click and then click on Paragraph.

Choose the option Spacing within Sangria and spacing. Here you can manually adjust the spaces that precede and follow each of the two paragraphs.

Modify how to change from uppercase to lowercase in some clicks

In addition to being able to shift to uppercase in one click, the Modify case option you the option to capitalize one letter of each word or the first of each phrase.

Select the words you want to format (if it’s a single word, just put the cursor over it). Go to the Office home tab, then click on the small Aa icon.

You will see a list with 5 options: Capitalization at the beginning of each sentence, Capitalization , First letter of each word in capital letters and Inverting uppercase/lowercase. Choose the format that suits you.

Automatically create a table of contents

To create a practical table of contents to consult in Microsoft Word, there is no great mystery. You need to respect the different styles proposed by Microsoft Office and, before creating any document, remember to think about the structure of the complete text.

Title 1, body of the text, subtitles: the predefined styles are clear and should not pose big problems.

It is time to create your own table of contents. To do so, click on the place where you want to place the page (usually after the cover or at the end of the document). Then click on References, and then on Table of contents to select an automatic table.

Move entire paragraphs without any problem

Using the different styles of Word correctly allows you not only to create tables of contents in a few clicks, but also to move whole paragraphs without affecting the layout of the document at all. The solution is called Scheme. Let’s see how it is activated below.

Under the View menu, click Schema.

Besides offering an overview of the final document, this screen allows you to move whole paragraphs without affecting the format. In other words, you can rearrange titles and text up or down.

Delete the menu that appears when you select a text

Among the usual elements in Microsoft Word, is the small toolbar that opens automatically each time you select a text.

The menu offers shortcuts to the most common editing options: size, color, etc. On paper, it seems very practical, but when it comes to using it, it is difficult to know what that menu is, how long it is visible or where it is necessary to aim for it to open.

That is why if you want to get rid of the menu, you can: click on File, Options, then on General. There, uncheck the Show toolbar when selecting box . And ready.

Knowing these 6 edition tricks for Microsoft Word should allow you to gain precious minutes . With a little luck, and tricks like these, it is possible that your CV or your cover letter makes the difference.

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5 Tips to Effectively Integrate SMS and Social Media Marketing




Effectively Integrate SMS

SMS means short messaging service, which is considered a very effective marketing platform for businesses for long. This is simply the process of texting valuable information to your customers or getting them a text to you. SMS marketing is a niche area which largely allured business marketers of both small and large scale businesses.

When it comes to e-com, texting becomes an essential need. In the USA itself, every 9 out of 10 individuals now carry a mobile device and about 90% of the global population will be using mobile phones by 2020. So, the scope of SMS as an instant communication channel will be inevitable.

SMS marketing makes more sense to the marketers considering the fact that almost all searches are now done through mobile devices versus desktop or laptop computers. When compared to other modes of communications, SMS is considered as one of the direct and personal forms of marketing, which also fits the need for all types of businesses.

SMS is also the quickest way to reach to masses instantly, being relatively inexpensive, and requires no technical knowledge to accomplish. It is also a reassuring fact to the marketers that about 90% of the mobile phone owners tend to read a text message they receive within three to six minutes.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing or SMM is now one of the most successful internet marketing strategies. Marketers leverage the reach of social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to use them as marketing channels. The objective of SMM is to share content which the users will get engaged with and share it at their network, which helps a brand to broaden their reach and exposure.

SMM itself contains many subsidiary practices like SMO (Social Media Optimization), which is similar to the primary digital marketing strategy of SEO (search engine optimization). SMO is aimed to attract new visitors to a brand profile or website. There are two ways to do SMO as through social media links or promoting some activities through status updates, feeds, tweets, or blogs.

Social media marketing helps a business to share instant information with the prospective customers and also get instant feedback from them as a two-way channel. As points out, compared to website marketing, social media interaction is also more personal and unofficial. It provides an opportunity for the customers to ask questions or raise their complaint with a feeling of those being heard. This advantage of social media marketing is called social CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Both SMS marketing and social media marketing can be used in conjunction in order to reap the best benefits of the outreach opportunities. It is true that the cost is just pennies per each text message you sent and consumers receive the texts from businesses through opting in; it is important for the businesses to do due diligence in order to make it successful. If you are not sure of how and where to being with, further we will discuss some unique strategies to effectively integrate SMS marketing with SMM.

  • Introducing some text to win content

These types of SMS contests are so common and popular, which you can use to integrate the social media campaigns with SMS marketing. For example, you can pick a keyword and shortcode to be displayed through your social media feed for the users to enter into a contest. You may announce the contest through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media channel. When users come across this shortcode, they have to simply message the keyword to the short code phone number to enroll in the contest.

  • For subscriptions

SMS is not just useful in case of a contest or any sweepstakes, but you can use it effectively to market some incentives too on following, sharing, or liking your social media posts. As reading an SMS is easier for the users and also that a text reaches to their easily than the social media messages, it can be used as an ideal diverter to the social media feed. Many brands now successful use SMS marketing to assist digital marketing campaigns and reap more benefits.

  • Sweepstakes promotions

Compared to the above strategies of test to win and subscriptions, another major area to explore through SMS marketing is for sweepstakes promotions in which you can send SMS codes to the users right on to their smartphone. These SMS may carry a link to the social media link clicking on which they can directly enter into a sweepstake online. The text should be catchy enough in order to prompt the users to click on it and land on the concerned web or social media page.

  • Automated replying

When the customers contact you through text; say as, in case of enrolling for the text to win contests, you need to set an automated confirmation SMS also to be sent as an acknowledgment. This SMS marketing strategy is applicable to many other aspects too like if someone shows interest in a product through your social media feed, you can send a personalized automated text describing the product details and pricing, etc. These automated SMS can have a link to a specific page which is important, which will further result in more engagement with your prospects.

  • To keep in touch

Along with all these marketing strategies, you can even use SMS in combination with social media marketing campaigns by using the for sharing important updates on your business or news feeds on social media platforms. For example, you can prepare a set of SMS messages to announce a new range of products you release or the latest announcement of your business acquisition or expansion, etc. SMS acts as a very personal and closest mode of communication alongside social media.

So, while combined effectively with social media campaigns, text or SMS marketing may prove out to be a much smarter and quicker collaboration for a better outcome. By leveraging SMS for text to win types of contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes, subscription requests, or to redirect the readers to social media passages, you have to be crafty and innovative in terms of preparing SMS text which can attract people and prompt them to perform the desired actions.

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What is visitor management software and how is VMS useful for restaurants?




visitor management software1

Visitor management system software is used by the people for making their life easy and proper. Visitor management systems are used by the people for so many different types of purposes. Some of the purposes for which these management systems are used by people are mentioned below:

  1. Visitor management systems are used by the people for marking the check-in and check-out of the people who enter the office, company, restaurant etc.
  2. These management systems are used for maintaining all the data and record of the visitors. All the records and data maintained is very much safe and secured.
  3. These management systems are used by the companies, offices, restaurants, Gym’s etc. for checking the movements of visitors during the site premises.
  4. These management systems are very much helpful and allow the host bodies to send messages and emails to visitors about any purposes.
  5. These management systems also send notifications and messages to the host bodies about the activities of visitors on the site.

How many types of visitor management systems are there and how are these visitor management systems used? 

There are so many visitor management systems that are used by people for so many different types of purposes. For example visitor management system for restaurants, visitor management systems for gym’s, visitor management systems for salons etc. but the working of all the visitor management systems are same. Visitor management system varies in their working only rest everything is same.

The steps are mentioned below about how the management system works:

  1. Firstly, the person or the visitor will enter the restaurant, company or office. After that the visitor will check-in inside the restaurant, company etc.
  2. After the check-in of the visitor they will go to the front office and the receptionist will check their appointment in the restaurant’s visitor management system, company visitor management system etc. if they have not scheduled the appointment they will follow some simple steps:
  3. The person or the visitor will have to give all the necessary details and information about them to the front office person. The management systems will scan the identification cards of the person that will make the identification easier at the time of check-out.
  4. These visitor management systems can easily be operated out by the visitor also if the receptionist is not present.
  5. After the system takes all the information of the visitor the systems will print a scanned ID batch for the visitors so that he or she can easily be identified at the time of sign-out.
  6. After all this, the visitor is asked to complete their purpose for they have visited the office. If a person has checked in a restaurant then he or she is asked to stay there till the time they have booked.
  7. These management systems take all the information from time to time.
  8. During the sign-out of the visitor, the ID batch of the person is scanned out properly.

This is how visitor management systems work and help people to make their work data and records safe and secured.

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