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5 Tips to Effectively Integrate SMS and Social Media Marketing



Effectively Integrate SMS

SMS means short messaging service, which is considered a very effective marketing platform for businesses for long. This is simply the process of texting valuable information to your customers or getting them a text to you. SMS marketing is a niche area which largely allured business marketers of both small and large scale businesses.

When it comes to e-com, texting becomes an essential need. In the USA itself, every 9 out of 10 individuals now carry a mobile device and about 90% of the global population will be using mobile phones by 2020. So, the scope of SMS as an instant communication channel will be inevitable.

SMS marketing makes more sense to the marketers considering the fact that almost all searches are now done through mobile devices versus desktop or laptop computers. When compared to other modes of communications, SMS is considered as one of the direct and personal forms of marketing, which also fits the need for all types of businesses.

SMS is also the quickest way to reach to masses instantly, being relatively inexpensive, and requires no technical knowledge to accomplish. It is also a reassuring fact to the marketers that about 90% of the mobile phone owners tend to read a text message they receive within three to six minutes.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing or SMM is now one of the most successful internet marketing strategies. Marketers leverage the reach of social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to use them as marketing channels. The objective of SMM is to share content which the users will get engaged with and share it at their network, which helps a brand to broaden their reach and exposure.

SMM itself contains many subsidiary practices like SMO (Social Media Optimization), which is similar to the primary digital marketing strategy of SEO (search engine optimization). SMO is aimed to attract new visitors to a brand profile or website. There are two ways to do SMO as through social media links or promoting some activities through status updates, feeds, tweets, or blogs.

Social media marketing helps a business to share instant information with the prospective customers and also get instant feedback from them as a two-way channel. As points out, compared to website marketing, social media interaction is also more personal and unofficial. It provides an opportunity for the customers to ask questions or raise their complaint with a feeling of those being heard. This advantage of social media marketing is called social CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Both SMS marketing and social media marketing can be used in conjunction in order to reap the best benefits of the outreach opportunities. It is true that the cost is just pennies per each text message you sent and consumers receive the texts from businesses through opting in; it is important for the businesses to do due diligence in order to make it successful. If you are not sure of how and where to being with, further we will discuss some unique strategies to effectively integrate SMS marketing with SMM.

  • Introducing some text to win content

These types of SMS contests are so common and popular, which you can use to integrate the social media campaigns with SMS marketing. For example, you can pick a keyword and shortcode to be displayed through your social media feed for the users to enter into a contest. You may announce the contest through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media channel. When users come across this shortcode, they have to simply message the keyword to the short code phone number to enroll in the contest.

  • For subscriptions

SMS is not just useful in case of a contest or any sweepstakes, but you can use it effectively to market some incentives too on following, sharing, or liking your social media posts. As reading an SMS is easier for the users and also that a text reaches to their easily than the social media messages, it can be used as an ideal diverter to the social media feed. Many brands now successful use SMS marketing to assist digital marketing campaigns and reap more benefits.

  • Sweepstakes promotions

Compared to the above strategies of test to win and subscriptions, another major area to explore through SMS marketing is for sweepstakes promotions in which you can send SMS codes to the users right on to their smartphone. These SMS may carry a link to the social media link clicking on which they can directly enter into a sweepstake online. The text should be catchy enough in order to prompt the users to click on it and land on the concerned web or social media page.

  • Automated replying

When the customers contact you through text; say as, in case of enrolling for the text to win contests, you need to set an automated confirmation SMS also to be sent as an acknowledgment. This SMS marketing strategy is applicable to many other aspects too like if someone shows interest in a product through your social media feed, you can send a personalized automated text describing the product details and pricing, etc. These automated SMS can have a link to a specific page which is important, which will further result in more engagement with your prospects.

  • To keep in touch

Along with all these marketing strategies, you can even use SMS in combination with social media marketing campaigns by using the for sharing important updates on your business or news feeds on social media platforms. For example, you can prepare a set of SMS messages to announce a new range of products you release or the latest announcement of your business acquisition or expansion, etc. SMS acts as a very personal and closest mode of communication alongside social media.

So, while combined effectively with social media campaigns, text or SMS marketing may prove out to be a much smarter and quicker collaboration for a better outcome. By leveraging SMS for text to win types of contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes, subscription requests, or to redirect the readers to social media passages, you have to be crafty and innovative in terms of preparing SMS text which can attract people and prompt them to perform the desired actions.

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Five Ingenious Things You Can Do with Microsoft Security



Microsoft Security

It is not difficult to look for a software or application that will protect you and your business from spyware, viruses, and other malicious software. However, what is difficult is looking for one you can trust. With Microsoft Security, not only can you trust them looking after your company, but you can also receive so much more. Read the ingenious things you can do with this software, below.

You Can Secure Your Information 

With Microsoft Security, you can secure your or your business’ vital information is safe from possible threats and risks online. One of the most common problems of either small or big companies is stolen data or data breach. With these threats, businesses always get exposed to losses. However, if you use such and install this kind of security, you will eliminate these problems.

The comprehensive solutions that the product has to offer make your information safe. Also, you are sure that the software is up-to-date when it comes to evolving threats. The people behind this security invest in product research. Such researches determine threat indicators, so they are always one step ahead in protecting your information from possible attacks.

You Can Customise Security Features 

As mentioned above, the feature regarding securing your information can get customised. For instance, you can label your documents and assign different levels of security to them. Here, an administrator can only access the document if they have the password and if authorised by your Information Technology department. There are then two walls of security one has to go through to access the document’s information.

You can also monitor the threats on your device by running scans and getting updates for better security. You can scan your device manually or through scheduled scans. Either way, you can protect your device from different threats anytime.

You Can Secure Your Cloud Storage 

When all your business’ data is stored in the cloud, you also have to protect it. With Microsoft Security, you can ensure even your clients that their provided information is in safe hands. Using Microsoft Security already helps you fight the threats to your cloud storage in its early stages. You do not need it to get to the last step to protect your cloud storage. Once a malicious virus or software is trying to breach your cloud system, your security software is already on the first line of defence.

You Can Sign in With Just One Account 

When you use security software, you still want the ease of use no matter how comprehensive and complicated it is. That is why this software boasts of single sign-on or SSO. It works so that you or your employees can log into multiple applications using only a single account. You might think this is risky, but because you have such software, you provide your business and your employees a user-friendly interface with quality security.

You Can Get Notified of Threats 

Sometimes you lose track of scanning your device and checking if there are threats. With Microsoft Security, you can still get notified about the possibility of viruses, risks, and threats. This might be simple, but it is helpful. The status icon can be colour green, yellow, or red. If it is green, that means your device is sufficiently protected, and you do not have to worry about anything.

If the status icon is yellow, you have to check the safety recommendation suggested for you. If it is red, you should be alarmed because the system is warning you that you need to do something immediately because of a possible virus, threat, or risk,

There are so many things you can do with this security. It is flexible and reliable, so do not miss your chance of protecting your business with quality software. You can purchase the software as is or combine and customise it with other features depending on your business needs. Consult with a company that offers this software, so you can focus on better things rather than always worrying about your business’ security.

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Work From Home 101: Cyber Security Risk and Tips



Cyber Security Risk

Many organizations in the United States have declared an expansion of work from home schedules for their employees. The time has come for us to be more concerned about remote work discipline.

Since the coronavirus spread , almost everything has changed. From people working from home to hundreds of people depending upon in-house sources for entrainment. At the onset of the coronavirus spread, many organizations were reluctant toward the idea of putting their workforce on remote working mode. This resistance was a result of fear of employees slacking while they are working from home and also not being much attentive towards the company’s data security.

While it has been observed that employees are more productive while they are working from home, it has also been observed that employees have few concerns about the company’s security while they are working remotely. Not only do employees give open paths to malicious scammers to swoop into their systems but also avoid contacting the company in case of any suspicious activity observed.

This whole observation made companies doubt whether they should put their working staff on a remote working basis. However, to curb the spread of the virus companies are not only working from home but they are also extending this new work mode for future months.

Considering all of this there are some potential cybersecurity weaknesses that can emerge in remote workspaces that we need to get hold of from today.

From having malicious links sent to you through emails to hackers finding their way into your system through your cheap internet connection, there is a lot that can happen once you allow cybersecurity lapses when working from home.

Here are some of the ways that you can do to protect your company’s data and well as yours from hackers:  

Update Your Network Security 

Once you start working from your home, you forget to do some crucial things such a keeping your devices updated. What you should be doing, since you are working from home, is to make sure your devices are up to date with the recent security upgrades and patches. This is what you should be doing on a regular basis.

Apart from keeping your operating system updated, having an anti-virus and malware program are some of the exercises you have to do on your devices to keep your data protected.

Other than this, you need to make sure that the internet connection and router you are using are protected by all means. This means not only do you need to have a reliable internet connection at your place but you should also make sure that your router is protected from all sorts of external threats.

To have a reliable internet service that comes with affordability and security you need to check packages from RCN. RCN is known for proving affordable RCN cable and internet service to its customers, making entertainment and work super secure.

Avoid Phishing Emails

As we mentioned previously, one of the easiest ways you can fool yourself into the arms of hackers is by responding to phishing emails. Scammers that try to incorporate malicious links into the email that upon clicking can damage your system or let the hacker have access to your and your company’s data send Phishing emails.

These days the scammers are using COVID-19 into fooling the employees into responding to phishing emails. What they do is use the coronavirus crisis as a smokescreen to have access to your sensitive data. The phishing emails may look like a business mail from the official accounts, for example from the HR team of your company and even from your boss, and have a link in it that forces you to click on it.

There are little clues that you can observe to know if the email is a scam or is a genuine email. For example, the email would be written in poor grammar, have an odd email address, or have generic greetings that do not match the email sent by the individual’s usual manner.  

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Having a strong password is not enough to keep your system protected from hackers. Passwords, no matter how strong they are, can be broken. Therefore, what you need to do is to enable multi-factor authentication that can protect your system. These tips and tricks are an additional security layer to protect your system from giving access to hackers.

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Norton antivirus is cheaper than the premium version



Norton antivirus

The Deluxe version of the Norton antivirus is cheaper than the premium version but costlier than the basic and standard ones. It has got all the features of both the versions and one more feature of supporting multiple operating systems is also available with this version. The following benefits are provided by the deluxe version.

  • It protects the devices from various types of attacks like ransomware, malware ,spyware, etc.
  • The sensitive information is protected when a user gets online.
  • The user will get Norton security support from a Notion executive after he subscribes to the Deluxe version.
  • The Deluxe version has the option of supporting many operating systems.
  • The Deluxe version comes with a portal, which users can use to control their devices.

Norton Secure VPN

The buyer of the Deluxe version also gets the facility of Norton Secure VPN for free which he can use to secure the sensitive data that is being sent or received. Norton VPN encrypts the data over the network and hackers cannot access the data so users can easily perform transaction online and also send and receive emails and visit social  media safely.

Threats Analysis

The company is always involved in seeking new types of threats and keep updating the software. People buy new computer and store many type of data in it. If there is no antivirus or inferior quality antivirus, then the hackers can easily attack the system and steal the information. Norton keeps an eye on the existing as well as new attacks and update the software accordingly. Users can check for updates and reularly update the software for protection from various threats.

Norton Promise

Notion provides an executive from the company as soon as the user subscribe to the Deluxe version. The expert will help the user to deal with all kinds of problems related to the software and attacks. If the users are not satisfied with the Norton security support services, they can ask for refund, which is provided by the company easily.

Multiple operating system support

The3 Deluxe version supports five devices after users subscribe for it. It can be installed on any device running on different operating systems be it Windows, Android, MacOS, or iOS. The Android users get one more option that is the protection from downloading dangerous apps. The software let them know about the impact of the app on the battery and performance of the mobile.

Wrapping Up

These are the features, which the users will get if they purchase the Deluxe version. The company will provide Norton security support so that users may not face any problem regarding the software. If the system is attacked, the Norton exert will have the opportunity to access the system if the user remotely and resolve the problem.

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