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Plan the Best Baby Shower Ever with Party Planners



Best Baby Shower Ever with Party Planners

We all have special occasions that we want to celebrate. But sadly, not everyone has the time to go around making arrangements for a big party. But there are certain events that one should not miss like your baby’s first birthday, or a baby shower, or your parent’s silver jubilee. In such cases, an event organiser is what you need. Now the term event manager/organiser is quite new. So just to give you a basic idea, let me tell you, what an event organiser does. Basically, their job is to manage staff and coordinate activities for an event. They work for events such as conferences, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, charity events etc. You just need to name the event and they are ready to manage it entirely.

The topic I am choosing today is of event organisers in Mumbai. Event organisers come together and put their best foot forward to give you memories that one could never forget. All big cities and towns have event management companies. They send their best team according to the party requirements. There are teams specialised in handling different events. So, according to a client’s requirements, a company sends their best team for it. But, apart from companies handling events, there are event organisers who individually come forward in search of clients too.

I remember I had once been to Mumbai, to attend my friend’s baby shower. That was the first time I got an idea about baby shower event planner Mumbai. And I must say they did a wonderful job. It was a surprise baby shower party, which was arranged by her husband. All he had to do was fix a budget and the rest of the headache was theirs. The event was just for family and close friends. It was a day event. There were flowers and beautiful decorations all over. There was a cake arranged by them, especially for the mom-to-be. The happiness could be easily traced in her eyes.

But apart from being really good at their work, they were quite affordable as well. And if the occasion is one like baby shower, then trust me no one minds spending a little extra as well. But it was all worth it. That party seriously made me want to get a baby shower planner for myself too. Having a baby is overwhelming itself. And it is not possible for the family to go about making arrangements for a party as such. Party planners take away your entire headache and give you a party worth remembering.

One has to mention the kind of event they want to host and the rest is taken care by them. Right from food and beverage, to seating arrangements, to lights and decoration and theme of the party; everything is taken care by them. They try coming up with new and interesting themes for every other event. Same themes could be boring and one might lose clients because of it. So, they try bringing out their creativity in order to please their clients and also get some more.

In the case, you want to host a baby shower party for your friend or your own wife but do not have much of time to plan it out, event organisers are the sole solution. Trust me you will never regret it and the party will be a total success. They are definitely worth a try.

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Time To Know The 5 Most Popular Valentine’s Day Cakes



Valentine's Day Cakes

With the most special day, especially dedicated to love, Valentine’s day quickly approaching, we are searching for the perfect recipe to celebrate this special with the most loved person in our life. When it comes to celebrating the day of love, Valentine’s day, what could be the better treat than with a yummy Valentine’s cake? These sugary recipes are really pretty in the pink and ideal treat for your special day- not to mention how lips-smacking they all are! So, it’s time to take a close at the sweet treats and choose the perfect cake to make this day ever-memorable.

Now, this article talks about the staple cakes for this love-filled day-

Mini Valentine’s Ombre Cakes:

This delicious ombre cake is actually light, airy and jam-packed with a highly delicious flavor of rose water and the vanilla whip cream and these things make the cake really simple but super tasty. If you are the diehard chocolate lover, you can simply use light chocolate mousse instead of Vanilla whip cream. the best part of making this cake is that you can make this cake in any shape, size, color, and combinations. The entire preparation of this cake is super easy that anyone can prepare it without having much knowledge.

Italian Almond Valentine’s Cake:

The people of Italy almost regard it like a sacred cake and they mainly make this cake at this time of the year only. The marzipan heart on the top of this cake has made this cake really stand apart from others. This perfect finishing touch has made this cake simply beautiful. The icing on this cake is made with high quality of food coloring. It comes with the almond cake layers below and this is truly a highly delectable combination. With the chunks of almonds, doesn’t this cake sound healthy enough?

Cherry Almond Cake:

This is another healthy staple cake for the occasion of Valentine’s day. This cake is not only easy to make but at the same time, it comes with an excellent taste. This cake could be the best deal when you are looking for something that can leave your loved one in a wow state. The cherry and almonds on the top actually look like flowers blossoms but the best part is that you can eat it too. it’s time to try out this cake and if you want to make it more personalized, using a homemade butter-cream icing on the top could be an excellent idea.

Neapolitan Cupcakes:

The list of valentine’s cake is simply incomplete without sumptuous cake. The specialty of this cupcake is that it contains almost everything that one could ever want actually-chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and some other ingredients in small portions. This cupcake comes with two layers of batters. Having this cake is really worth. A dollop of pink ice cream frosting and a heart design make this is cake a showstopper.


Pink Velvet cake:

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