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This venture is all about Vidmate for Windows 10 an utmost complete satisfactory version of Windows software. Every single person obtains the pleasure by performing certain activities such as browsing, listening to movies, songs and moreover, they simply enjoy the most in playing games. Games of various kinds are present in this app even notwithstanding their age limits. And therefore, to get the accumulation of fulfilling their needs, various kinds of games are available in the market as well as google play store.   In general, as we all know 9apps is quite the most recognized Android YouTube downloader through which you can easily accumulate and browse YouTube videos and obtain the access of personally saving the YouTube video on to your Android device. On the contrary, you also get the pleasure of accessing in offline mode that too without internet connection. Additionally, without any disturbance of the annoying ads in between and moreover you can obtain a better video experience even though you obtain a WiFi or not. On the other hand, this 9 app makes you save lots of your money and time without any delay. In brief, you can acquire the same provision of the Vidmate in Windows 10. But alas, Vidmate functions only on Android smartphone or Tablet. And you simply cannot AFFORD to find the Windows version in its official site, nevertheless of the latest Windows 10.

Thus moving forward, you might wonder how to download YouTube videos in Windows 10? But actually, there are various other substitutes for 9 Apps for Android and simultaneously 9 Apps for Windows 10 too. And thus, Wondershare AllMyTube is the perfect and much better than any other alternatives which very well assists not only in Windows 10, but also in other version of Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and ever Mac. Alike Vidmate, the alternative app Wondershare AllMyTube for Windows and Mac version is the most rated YouTube Video downloader and it never functions on Android. This AllMyTube is the perfect suitable substitute for the version of Windows 10 equally. Conventionally, it enables you to download YouTube video in Windows in a much speedy and easier way and permits you in transferring through the wireless mode from your Android device as long as Windows 10 computer and your Android device are in connection to the same network.

Subsequently, let us have a closer look at the below dictated Attributes of Vidmate for Windows 10:

Download YouTube Videos in Greater Volumes:

Downloads of videos in huge quantity saves big amount of time and Money through the provision of Windows 10 Computer. Initially, it may not sound good of downloading multiple YouTube videos with the access of Vidmate for Android. As generally, Windows PCs differs a lot of difference in powerful hardware thus, it’s quite applicable in downloading YouTube videos based on category wise inorder to save time. This substitute Wondershare AllyMyTube for Windows allows you to download YouTube videos ranging up to 100 at the same frequent time. Which seems to be 100x faster than Vidmate YouTube downloader for Android.

YouTube Videos to be downloaded in specified Resolutions

Based on the resolutions, some low video resolutions are much better than the greater ones. Whereas, in Windows 10 YouTube downloaders, Wondershare All MyTube for Windows grants you with all necessary video resolutions recurring from 240p to Full HD 1080p. From among these, just chose the resolutions as per your likings and there it’s almost done. Within no time you will obtain a video file instantly. Furthermore, without any remittance, your video will be saved automatically in MP4 or FLV format. Moreover, you can then convert it to any format as you like. You can even transform it to fix any famous mobile devices such as Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huwaei, HTC and so on. The app is specifically based on greater support of over 150 video/audio formats and device types as well. Accordingly, Wondershare AllMyTube for Windows is exactly like the killer attributes incurred in downloading YouTube videos in Windows 10 and viewing videos on your mobile device. Thus, to function it properly, just obtain the installation of Wondehrshare Player app and compare it with your Windows 10 computer. Once when completed, give a click on downloads and select the option as Transfer.

Personally gets saved YouTube As MP3

Video or Audio formats of any kind such as MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV and so on gets transformed. Simultaneously, WonderShare AllMyTube for Windows attains an Audio Only Option in the menu of download. This particular option permits you in downloading YouTube video to high quality MP3 through the direct access without downloading bigger sizes of video data files. When being downloaded, this Vidmate for Windows 10 substitute enhances you to transform the downloaded video to almost any format, but nevertheless limited to MP3, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, WMA, FLV, MPEG and so on. Above all, AllMyTube is the suitable model for YouTube downloader.


However, as stated above the download of Vidmate for Windows 10 is presently being operated in various countries like India, Bangladesh, and Germany. Since the adding for the software, this apps has already assumed greater responses up tp 24,894 downloads.  Additionally, it’s been applicable for users with the operating system of Windows 8 and previous versions and practically this app is fully accessible in various other languages such as English, Italian and Japanese. Therefore, obtain the instant download of this app on your Windows 10 without any delay and enjoy the best of it.

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Norton antivirus is cheaper than the premium version




Norton antivirus

The Deluxe version of the Norton antivirus is cheaper than the premium version but costlier than the basic and standard ones. It has got all the features of both the versions and one more feature of supporting multiple operating systems is also available with this version. The following benefits are provided by the deluxe version.

  • It protects the devices from various types of attacks like ransomware, malware ,spyware, etc.
  • The sensitive information is protected when a user gets online.
  • The user will get Norton security support from a Notion executive after he subscribes to the Deluxe version.
  • The Deluxe version has the option of supporting many operating systems.
  • The Deluxe version comes with a portal, which users can use to control their devices.

Norton Secure VPN

The buyer of the Deluxe version also gets the facility of Norton Secure VPN for free which he can use to secure the sensitive data that is being sent or received. Norton VPN encrypts the data over the network and hackers cannot access the data so users can easily perform transaction online and also send and receive emails and visit social  media safely.

Threats Analysis

The company is always involved in seeking new types of threats and keep updating the software. People buy new computer and store many type of data in it. If there is no antivirus or inferior quality antivirus, then the hackers can easily attack the system and steal the information. Norton keeps an eye on the existing as well as new attacks and update the software accordingly. Users can check for updates and reularly update the software for protection from various threats.

Norton Promise

Notion provides an executive from the company as soon as the user subscribe to the Deluxe version. The expert will help the user to deal with all kinds of problems related to the software and attacks. If the users are not satisfied with the Norton security support services, they can ask for refund, which is provided by the company easily.

Multiple operating system support

The3 Deluxe version supports five devices after users subscribe for it. It can be installed on any device running on different operating systems be it Windows, Android, MacOS, or iOS. The Android users get one more option that is the protection from downloading dangerous apps. The software let them know about the impact of the app on the battery and performance of the mobile.

Wrapping Up

These are the features, which the users will get if they purchase the Deluxe version. The company will provide Norton security support so that users may not face any problem regarding the software. If the system is attacked, the Norton exert will have the opportunity to access the system if the user remotely and resolve the problem.

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Black screen on your Apple iPhone? Here’s how you can fix it




fix iPhone black screen

These days, your large-screen phones need protection to prevent damage from any cause. It can be due to software failure or due to problems related to the hardware. In addition, a black screen on your latest smartphone is one of the important problems we face these days, iPhone DFU mode-related problem for example. The iPhone black screen may be due to a fall or if it has been accidentally soaked in water, then it is probably a problem related to the hardware. If you experience hardware problems, we encourage you to go to the Apple service center.

Although it may also be due to a malware attack or unstable firmware. In most cases, restoring your device is one of the best solutions we offer. In addition, in this article, we will discuss the same in the next sections. We follow a couple of methods in the way of finding a solution. However, it is recommended to determine the reason for the black screen on your iPhone.

You can use any of the methods to recover your iPhone from problems related to the software, such as the black screen of the death of the iPhone.

First, we discussed a way to repair your Apple iPhone without data loss. Alternatively, you can also use iTunes to restore your iPhone, but in that case, you may lose your data, if you have not recently backed up your iOS device.

These are some of the ways you can use to solve the problem of the black screen on your Apple iOS devices. You can use any of the methods to solve the problem according to your need and convenience.

Let us begin…

Method 1: How to fix the black screen of the iPhone using dr.fone – repair (iOS system recovery)? (Without loss of data)

Keep in mind the steps to follow while fixing the black screen of your iPhone:

Step 1: Install the software and once it’s installed, click “Repair” to start the process.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone device to the computer and wait for your computer to recognize the phone. Click “Start” and you will move to the next process.

Step 3: Follow each instruction on the screen and make sure your cellphone is in DFU mode.

Step 4: You need to inform the device details and in the next window, click “Download”. The cellphone will be repaired automatically.

Step 5: After correction, start the iPhone but don’t disconnect the device from the computer.

You will find your iPhone back to normal, as before the black screen attacked.

Method 2: Fix the black screen of the iPhone using iTunes (data loss during restoration)

This is another method that you can use. To use this method, you need help from iTunes but be careful! You need to backup your data otherwise you will lose them after the recovery process is complete. Broadly speaking, this method is carried out in the following ways:

– Download the latest version of iTunes and connect your iPhone device to your computer.

– After the system recognizes the device, go to “Summary” and click “Restore”.- You will find a popup window warning of the possibility of missing data. Click “Restore” one more time then you start the process.

Again, you need to back up your data or you lose them. For some people, backing up data is something quite complicated so if you are not someone who is patient enough, using dr.fone is the best option you can take. Hopefully this article can be useful for you. Thanks for your attention.

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Should You Buy the Square Register Technology for your Store?




Square Register Technology

Technology in the commercial sector is evolving at a relentless rate. It is important from the customers point of view for you as the seller to offer a wide range of payment methods and for payments to go through seamlessly. This is what the Square Register hopes to achieve.

Square Register is one of the first fully integrated point of sale terminals to become widely available.

It is possible to start right away when you receive the terminal, as all the payments, software, and hardware are all built by Square. This means you don’t need to download any apps or try and integrate other payment solutions into the register.

Square Register offers two touchscreen displays. The first is the seller display which lets you effortlessly control the transaction in a quick and easy way, while the customer’s screen shows the customer how much they are spending. There is even an option for the customer to leave a tip.

The Square Register is able to accept a wide range of payment methods. Everything from EMV chip cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, other NFC payments, and magstripe cards, as well as more traditional methods of payment such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

It is possible to get the funds in your bank account within one business day. Square register comes with point-of-sale software which allows you to easily manage items and payments to track your daily sales in real time. It is also possible to build up a customer directory.

It is important to note that Square’s hardware is only able to be used in the country for which it is intended to be used. As an example, hardware sold or intended for sale in the UK is not approved for use in other countries such as Canada or the USA.

In terms of the payment fees, for major credit cards, you can expect to be charged a 2.5% fee.

There is a reliable and useful phone support system, so if you did have any problems with the Square Register, you would be able to get help right away. For peace of mind, there is a 2-year limited warranty. If you had any problems with the Register, simply phone them up and they will arrange a repair or a replacement.

It is also possible to plug in a traditional cash drawer, as well as receipt printers and bar code scanners, if you so require.

For more POS technology, check out

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