Best Colleges in India for Fashion, Design, Business and Media Courses

The fashion industry is constantly on a rise, and entering this industry resulted in a lucrative career path for many aspiring fashion artists, critiques, and whatnot. However, in order to break into this industry, your overall knowledge about fashion and how it works needs to be developed and nurtured extensively, otherwise your aspirations may not be fulfilled no matter how hard you try.

Choosing from one of the many fashion designing institutes in India is a huge bargain for a wide number of reasons, and perhaps the biggest risk associated with this particular strategy is getting stuck with a course of subpar quality. It’s also true that some people might not find a full-time course to be particularly feasible in their given situation, there’s a fair bit of research that’s involved in trying to single out the top designing colleges in India that can be taken for weekend classes in fashion design.

So, keeping all these parameters in mind, here are some of the best fashion designing colleges in India when it comes to any creative course, such as Fashion, Design, Business, and Media.

Pearl Academy: If you’re searching for the best college in India for Fashion to enrol for both UG and PG courses in fashion design, then look no further than Pearl Academy. Boasting a knowledgeable faculty, a luxurious campus and a large number of other such valuable resources, there’s no reason why one shouldn’t try out Pearl Academy in order to learn about the various nuances of fashion design. In order to break into this industry your overall knowledge about fashion and how it works needs to be developed and nurtured extensively, otherwise your aspirations may not be fulfilled no matter how hard you try. This is exactly what Pearl Academy allows you to accomplish.


  • DSK Global, Pune: Boasting a great campus, adept faculty and a vast wealth of resources, it’s understandable why DSK Global is considered to be one of the best institutes when it comes to learning and perfecting the skill various courses such as Product Design, Interior Design & Graphic Design, Animation and more. Interior design in particular is quickly transforming into a useful degree that one can avail in order to take their first step into a lucrative career that is guaranteed to pay a ton of dividends over time. With companies like Samsung and Ubisoft lining up to hire fresh graduates, it must be said that DSK Global is one of the best design colleges in India.


  • National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFT), Delhi: When one talks about the best fashion designing colleges in India, then for many people NIFT tops this list. And, after a closer look, it’s easy to see why this is the case. Availing this education provides you with the means to propel your career. After all, formal education matters a lot in the modern world, and creative venues are no exception when it comes to this rule. Your future employers will obviously be impressed if you have a formal education in interior design, as opposed to not having any prior experience in the field. NIFT will undoubtedly prove to be a huge help when it comes to achieving this goal with ease.


The institutes that have been mentioned above are proven to be some of the most distinguished and popular colleges in India, where one can choose to study any creative course of their choice. It goes without saying that the creative avenues in India have been expanding by a massive amount, and any person who wishes to make sure that there are little to no problems that might be affecting their career in the long run. So, keep the aforementioned institutes and in mind and, if you happen to be selected in them, rest assured that you’re currently studying in one of the best design colleges in India.

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