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The Best Eggless Cake Recipes That You Can Try



Eggless Cake Recipes

If you have been having a bad or a very gloomy day, then you actually know what can lift up your moods almost instantly. Yes, it’s a piece of cake that holds the true power to make everything so perfect. You just can’t disagree to this fact. There’s hardly anything can give you more gastronomical pleasure than biting into the light moist cake with a tender crumb. If you love baking, then you will definitely enjoy the joy that it brings when the end product of your baking venture is a very delicious and sinful cake and make everyone droll over it. The entire baking procedure is just magical-picking all your favorite ingredients, marrying all the distinct flavors, melting and beating butter, making a very smooth batter and finally watching it rise and becoming gold.

What else can really come closer to the pleasure of baking a sumptuous cake?

Most of the bakers mainly depend on the eggs to create that fluffy and cloud like texture but being a health oriented person if you really want to avoid the cholesterol of eggs, you can simply do it by avoiding mixing eggs. You can make this cake with mashed bananas, applesauce, vinegar with baking soda, yogurt and silken tofu. Eggless cakes can be tricky but making this cake is not difficult or fussy if you know the right procedure.

Now it’ time to know about some of the very crucial baking tips:

  1. Maintaining the texture of the cake is extremely important and in order to maintain the right texture of the cake, you should definitely put some additional effort to beat the fat and sugar mix more airy. You should continue beating it until it is light fluffy but make sure that the cake is not over beat.
  2. Do not add the dry ingredients because they can deflate the airy batter and hamper the texture of the cake.
  3. Handle the dry ingredients very carefully to maintain the airy texture that you have created so perfectly.
  4. If you are using vinegar or lime juice, you should go for adding it at the end.
  5. It is always better to use a wire rack to cool the cake to allow the flow of air and avoid collapsing.

There are different types of eggless cakes that you can bake and some of the popular eggless cakes are-

Eggless Atta Cake:

It is definitely healthier than your regular cake. You can actually have this cake without worrying about calories. The aroma of cinnamon and the crunch of nuts make this cake taste super delicious.

Eggless Marble cakes:

This vanilla-chocolate steaks are the perfect tea time treat at the time of breakfast.

Eggless almond and cashew cake:

 It’s a soft and spongy cake which is perfectly studded with almonds and cashews. You can simply serve it plain.

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Eggs In Baking: Purpose & Beating Techniques

Now you might have realized one thing that it’s not always the cakes made with eggs taste good but the eggless cakes also taste excellent if you know the right  procedure.

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Order Online Cake To Impress Your Loved One On Their Birthday




Order Online Cake

The cake is one of the popular sweet all over the world. Without the cake, the birthday party and wedding anniversary is incomplete. The cake ingredients are the egg, butter, baking powder, sugar, and others. They can also add some flavoring in the cake like nuts, cocoa, dried fruits and others that improve its flavor. Nowadays, the photo cake, heart-shaped cake, fondant cake, 3D cakes are more popular among the youngsters. You can also transfer the photo on the cake that is useful for the company branding.

Online fresh cake order delivery

Today, it is simple to purchase the fresh cake for your birthday or office party through online. Most of the barkers are providing the online cake order in kota that allow you to order your favorite cake online without any hassle. There are a lot of the bakery are joining together and offering the cake delivery services around the world. The online cake deliver site offers the variety of the cakes ranging from the chocolate cake, cheesecake, fruit cake, and others. The cakes are made with the high-quality ingredients so you can order your loved one favorite cake online and surprise them on a special day.

Midnight cake delivery in Udaipur

If you need to impress your life partner on the wedding anniversary or birthday cakes to Udaipur or anyone looking for last minute cake online then it is the right place. They offer the different delivery options such as same day delivery, midnight delivery, express delivery, and others. So you can choose the best shipping option and surprise your loved one on this special day.

Apart from the flexible cake delivery options in Udaipur, you have the variety of cakes. The cake delivery schedules your order for the same day or next day delivery. You can order the cake online and get delivered to the doorstep. They also offer some discounts on the regular customers on online cake delivery. By sending the special birthday cake and gifts for your loved one or friend you can make the birthday more memorable one. You can also get the festive discounts and affordable price too.

Order Your favorite cake online in Udaipur

Are you looking gift for your loved one or friend birthday? Then the cake is a perfect choice. You can make the birthday excellent by sending the cake with the special gift to your loved one doorstep. The online cake delivery provides the various flavor such as pineapple, strawberry, chocolate, and much more. The cake delivery in udaipur offers the special discount for the cake that helps you save huge money on purchasing the cake for the birthday or anniversary party.

 If you are planning to send the fresh cake to Udaipur then the online cake delivery is a unique way. It helps you send the cake midnight to Udaipur at the reasonable price and make the occasion more memorable. You can order the cake online from the comfort of your home or office.

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Time To Know The 5 Most Popular Valentine’s Day Cakes




Valentine's Day Cakes

With the most special day, especially dedicated to love, Valentine’s day quickly approaching, we are searching for the perfect recipe to celebrate this special with the most loved person in our life. When it comes to celebrating the day of love, Valentine’s day, what could be the better treat than with a yummy Valentine’s cake? These sugary recipes are really pretty in the pink and ideal treat for your special day- not to mention how lips-smacking they all are! So, it’s time to take a close at the sweet treats and choose the perfect cake to make this day ever-memorable.

Now, this article talks about the staple cakes for this love-filled day-

Mini Valentine’s Ombre Cakes:

This delicious ombre cake is actually light, airy and jam-packed with a highly delicious flavor of rose water and the vanilla whip cream and these things make the cake really simple but super tasty. If you are the diehard chocolate lover, you can simply use light chocolate mousse instead of Vanilla whip cream. the best part of making this cake is that you can make this cake in any shape, size, color, and combinations. The entire preparation of this cake is super easy that anyone can prepare it without having much knowledge.

Italian Almond Valentine’s Cake:

The people of Italy almost regard it like a sacred cake and they mainly make this cake at this time of the year only. The marzipan heart on the top of this cake has made this cake really stand apart from others. This perfect finishing touch has made this cake simply beautiful. The icing on this cake is made with high quality of food coloring. It comes with the almond cake layers below and this is truly a highly delectable combination. With the chunks of almonds, doesn’t this cake sound healthy enough?

Cherry Almond Cake:

This is another healthy staple cake for the occasion of Valentine’s day. This cake is not only easy to make but at the same time, it comes with an excellent taste. This cake could be the best deal when you are looking for something that can leave your loved one in a wow state. The cherry and almonds on the top actually look like flowers blossoms but the best part is that you can eat it too. it’s time to try out this cake and if you want to make it more personalized, using a homemade butter-cream icing on the top could be an excellent idea.

Neapolitan Cupcakes:

The list of valentine’s cake is simply incomplete without sumptuous cake. The specialty of this cupcake is that it contains almost everything that one could ever want actually-chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and some other ingredients in small portions. This cupcake comes with two layers of batters. Having this cake is really worth. A dollop of pink ice cream frosting and a heart design make this is cake a showstopper.


Pink Velvet cake:

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Street food and deliciousness




Street food

Street food in India is a treasure that one should hunt whenever they are travelling to any part of this country. The road side stalls will offer you some fistful of deliciousness which you cannot ignore. Here are some top the chart options for you which you have to try at least once in your life.

Chhole Bhature

This one is a famous street food from Punjab. It is a staple breakfast dish in most Punjab households. Here, the green peas are cooked with local Punjabi spices in a curry and then fried breads are paired with them. Though this one hails from Amritsar but now it is served mostly in all over India. One can get them in road side food stalls in the evening as a snack item.

Aloo Tikki

If you are up for a road side fest, then this dish is a must try. You can get them in the streets of Lucknow, Delhi and many other prominent cities. Though this one is a part of the Nawabi kitchen of Lucknow, this has become a famous street food in India now. These are small puffed mashed potatoes which are served with delicious chutneys. In Delhi, this is mostly known as Aloo Chaat. But spicy green chutney with this is a must.

Tunde Kabab

If you are in Lucknow and you do not taste the gorgeous kebabs then you are definitely missing something big time. This one is very soft and succulent, made from minced lamb meats and it is an all-time favourite for the food lovers. This kebas was named Tinde because the creator of this kebab was named Haji Murad Ali and he was single handed (Tunde means a person with one hand).

Litti Chokha

This is almost a Bihari version of the famous Daak Bati Chokha from Rajasthan but the taste is a bit different. This is a traditional dish from Bihar which is mainly eaten during breakfast but one can also eat them as a meal as it is quite filling. The curry or the chokha is spicy and it is made from mashed potatoes and eggplants. On the other hand, litti is made from grams or breads. One can add a dollop of ghee on top of it before eating to add the taste.


Though to the rest of India, it is commonly known as pani puri, but to Bengal, it is their very own Phuchka. This is a mini delight and in delicious quotient, there is hardly any replacement. One can get pani puri recipe in Marathi but phuchka recipe is a bit different. This mouth-watering spicy thing will keep you drooling until you pop one into your mouth.


This one has its origin in the Mughlai kitchen and this sweet and sour plate of heaven will make you crave for more. This one has a lot of variations like Bhel puri, Dahi puri, mixed chaat and many more.

One can try making all these at home as the recipes are available easily.

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