Brain Tumor And Its Diagnosis

Brain Tumor And Its Diagnosis

Brain tumors are often results of an abnormal growth of cells in the brain. Brain tumors aren’t restricted to children or adults but can happen in both. Further brain tumors can be categorised into cancerous and non-cancerous, namely malignent and benign. There are over one hundred types of brain tumors that can develop in the brain. Metastatic or primary brain tumors develop in the brain and don’t spread outside the brain, but metastatic are tumors that develop in other body part and spreads to the brain eventually through blood tissue. Some of the common caused for brain tumor is said to be a family history of generic disorders, exposure to radiation previously, people who have problematic immune system. However, there are still a lot of unknown causes for brain tumor.

Symptoms and Treatment of Brain Tumor

The symptoms of brain tumor that are commonly seen in patients are problems with memory, changes in hearing, personality change, difficulty in concentration and so on. A person showing all or any of these symptoms for a prolonged period of time should consult a doctor immediately. The best brain tumor treatments in India often begins with aa MRI or CT scan being done to the patient. Next proton therapy is said to be the best at the moment for treating brain tumor. It minimizes the radiation side effects compared to the traditional ones, avoiding long term complications. Proton therapy uses higher doses of radiation for targeting brain cancer. The success rate being very high this is considered the best treatment at the moment. However, having said that it should be kept in mind that treatments often depends on the location of brain tumor, general health of the patient, size of the tumor and lastly grade and type of the brain tumor. The survival rates of patients undergoing brain tumor treatments depends on a multiple factor such as size, location and the type of tumor one is diagnosed with. The survival rate is often calculated in terms of the percentage of people who survive for five years after being diagnosed with brain tumor.

Removal of the Tumor surgically

Brain tumors can be removed surgically only. Surgery is by far the best known treatment for treating non-cancerous or benign tumors. But the malignant tumors need treatment like chemotherapy or radiation along with surgery. Brain tumor surgery in India has different goals to achieve such as a longer life, provide access for delivering intra-surgical treatments such as laser surgery, remove all or the maximum part of the tumor, provide internal radiation or chemotherapy. The benefits for undergoing surgery depends upon the nature of the tumor, after undergoing a brain surgery an individual is recommended to undergo speech therapy, physiotherapy and other things necessary for his overall after surgery development. India is known worldwide for its advanced medical facilities that promise a well- equipped technological brain tumor surgery. Some of the best hospitals for brain tumor surgery are found in India and also the cost of brain tumor surgery is much lower in India compared to other countries of the world. 

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