How cloud-based apps provide assistance for a startup business

cloud-based apps

For a startup business or even a small business, there are some extensive needs to keep the productivity high with great efforts. For a startup business, this is very important that you keep the quality of your product high to gain customers and make a name for your brand in the market. cloud storage services provided by your business needs to have a quick response time and reliable nature. The trick in all this is to do all this and increase your productivity with great tools.

In the technology-based business era, you need to address some issues regarding accessibility of your business, cloud storage.

 Utilization of online cloud storage tools is a great method to keep the accessibility maintained. This method also gives you protection from the failure of a particular computer system as the important files are kept secured in the cloud storage and you can easily login using your credentials to access the files again from any other computer.

An additional benefit that you receive from the cloud-based storage is the cost saving as there is no hardware you need to purchase and absolutely no maintenance expense. The system never goes offline and all sorts of updating or maintenance occur without making the server offline.

To give you a little assistance with the tools, following is a list of some very popular productivity tools that you can use for the increased workflow and most of these have the ability to run on any kind of machine without the need of specific operating system or internet browser.

1. Google Docs:

By the use of Google Docs based on cloud storage services, you can save money in a very efficient way by not having to purchase another sort of Office applications. The Google Docs is an online platform where you can create, update and store your office documents. The service includes the word processor, spreadsheet, Presentations. Not only that you can manage all of the documents altogether here, but the added features give you the ability to share the files easily with your colleagues and also simultaneously working ability on a single document.

2. Freshbooks:

Freshbooks is an online accounting tool based on cloud storage services that allow you to easily manage the wages of your office and also keeps track of the incoming and outgoing of the money. With the advanced features, you can also generate invoices for the company.

3. Evernote:

Evernote cloud-based storage services are the one place where you can save all your ideas, every little detail that you think of and the work that you need to do. The notes are synced online and you can always search a particular note easily with the advanced searching options of the tool.

4. Dropbox:

Dropbox is one of the finest cloud-based storage services available today. You get some space free of cost with the free registration and you always have the opportunity to get more space by buying advanced plans. Once installed it simply works as any other folder in your system, but the data are always stored and synced online.

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