Who doesn’t like a collection of cute candles with which you can decorate your home and interiors? At Makevana, we introduce you to some attractive candles and candle holders which illuminate your homes with a bright and sweet light. These candles can make the perfect gift items for birthdays as they are themed for the purpose but also act as brilliant decoration items at home. You can always decorate your homes with authentic vintage wall clocks and metal posters but these candles have a reserved space for their cuteness. Below are some very choicest collections from Makevana that will make you fall in love with the idea of candles instantly.

Blue horse candle

This blue horse candle is a piece of art in itself. It needs no add on’s and continues to sparkle and charm in its own unique way. A clear and defined horse craft, makes this candle all the more attractive and a decent buy.

Pink horse candle

Perfect for a baby girl, this horse candle boasts of a clear and defined design, which makes it perfect for gifting on a birthday event and cake decoration. Girls are going to adore the pink colour of this candle which is baby pinkish in colour.

Pegasus fantasy zodiac candle

This extremely cute and charming candle can be used on a cake top or even for decoration purpose. The cream white shade of the candle and the clearly defined features of the horse will make you fall in love with this piece of art. Kids are going to adore the cute Pegasus horse beyond imagination.

Goat and sheep decorative candle

Who could have thought that a sheep can look as attractive as this one? This charming sheep candle has a clear air about it, which makes you want to buy it instantly. It has been shaped and crafted with a lot of detail and clarity, making it simple yet cute for your cake decoration and home addition.

Little mouse cheese candles

How about a lovely little cheese eating mouse? This candle works wonders to attract little kids and adding it on top of their birthday cake, simply makes them happier and rejoice about their special day. What better way to make your child happier and excited than by decorating his birthday cake with attractive and cute animals and this cheese loving mouse!

All candles and handmade  3d pop up cards  from Makevana come packed in tiny containers, which make them easy to store and place. They remain intact and safe inside these plastic boxes, elongating their shelf life. Get these cute animal candles for your little ones today and experience the true joy!

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