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Effective Website Maintenance Services Will Keep Your Site Fresh For SEO



Website Maintenance Services Will Keep Your Site Fresh For SEO

Let’s face it, Google loves new site content. We help your site stay fresh and relevant to help assist in your SEO efforts.

We know that creating new content or news articles, promotions or events pages is a pain, takes time and most importantly takes away from what you do best, running your company.

Our web developers are happy to assist you in keeping your site content fresh and graphics relevant.

Our website maintenance services are a cost-effective way to keep your site update and also secure and free from attacks. Unfortunately, many web service providers ignore this very important aspect of website maintenance services leaving their client with a hacked site that may take hundreds of dollars to clean and restore. At Internet Solutions For Less, long term website management and security is just as important as building the website.

Internet Solutions For Less has an impressive history of maintaining over 1000 websites since 2001. Our highly experienced website maintenance team not only works on older sites, but also is constantly mastering the latest programming languages.

As a business grows, its online presence must grow with it. The website must change and develop to meet the changing needs of the business. Our specialty is to help maintain and upgrade systems such as E commerce stores, web applications and corporate websites.

Maintaining websites effectively means websites need to remain fresh with new content, blog articles, videos and lead generation features that keep users coming back over and over and hopefully do some word of mouth advertising about your site to friends and family members.

A website that changes often will also get ranked better by search engines. Internet Solutions For Less is committed to the same high level of quality assurance standards for website maintenance as it is for our web design services.

Our website maintenance services also include WordPress website conversions, plug-in updates, regular site backups, debugging, programming, upgrades, customer support, management of your product data, interaction with any external partners and providing all necessary reports to show the work performed.

As part of our web maintenance services we assist with all of the following on a monthly basis:

  • Updates to site content, blog, shopping carts.
  • Creating new pages or graphic design.
  • Performance review and management with use of 3rd party reporting.
  • Writing new blog articles, press releases or case studies.
  • Creating, sending and tracking newsletter promos.
  • Creating offline promotional material for local area mailings.
  • Creating online promotional material including videos, banners, ads and landing pages.
  • For E commerce clients add, Update or delete your site products as needed.
  • Replacing and/or repairing broken links to both internal site pages or external sites.

Create a Strong Search Engine Presence with Dedicated Web Maintenance Services

Website maintenance services can make your website SEO stronger and get you a lot more exposure in search engines where your potential clients are looking for a product or service right now as you read this. If your business relies heavily on your website to generate leads, you need to make it more powerful and cannot afford NOT to have a company regularly maintain your website. An out-of-date website hurts your business and quickly drops your ranking in Google. It basically drives away potential business opportunities and sends them to your competition.

Why Invest in a Website Maintenance Service and Team?

A customer’s first point of contact or exposure to your business is often your website. If it lacks in a professional first impression with a quick loading home page, you are immediately damaging your business reputation in the potential customers eyes. And maybe for good. Fortunately, Internet Solutions For Less is here to help and ensure your website products leads for your business.Internet Solutions For Less

Offers Quality Website Maintenance Services

An effective web maintenance service always starts with a website analysis and performance review. This step allows our team to determine what is lacking or what is wrong with your website. If page load time is lagging or if you are not getting enough traffic or leads, a website performance analysis and review finds out what exactly causes such issues.

Depending on the results of the website performance review, Internet Solutions For Less could create new features, update plugins or fix bugs found on your website. All of these things are geared towards increasing not only you sites security but also improving the user experience.

The next phase involves optimizing your website, so it works according to your business goals. The Internet Solutions For Less team is dedicated to your website and will update the content of your website monthly, add new pages and graphics, post new blogs, press releases or case studies, update your products or services, and help promote your business via online marketing and also offline marketing.

Why Choose Internet Solutions For Less as your Website Maintenance Company?

We offer not only website maintenance services, we want to be your one-stop shop for all of your web design, web hosting and SEO needs. But first, we of course just want to fix your site, get it back up to speed per search engine guidelines and then get that phone ringing with new business.

We are committed to your success and look forward to seeing your business prosper through effective website maintenance. Our team of experts will always work with these goals in mind. Whether you are a small business or a large E commerce shop, we provide quality work at competitive rates.

Internet Solutions For Less is the right partner for you if you are looking for a website maintenance service company that offers affordable rates and does not charge until the work is done 100% to your satisfaction. Call us today at 858.866.9329 and let’s see what our website maintenance services can do for you. Contact us for a Website Maintenance Quote and mention this article to receive the first hour of website maintenance free of charge with no obligations. Visit us online at

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7 Tips to Avoid Viruses and Trojans on Your PC




Tips to Avoid Viruses

The growing list of threats to Internet security requires proactive and informed users

Google research suggests that 1 in 10 websites are contaminated with viruses and other computer-damaging programs, such as Trojans that are small pieces of software that are clandestinely housed in PC memory and can lead to information theft personal information such as credit card numbers or passwords. Telecommunications professionals promote a series of behaviors to users in order to reduce the risk of being infected when surfing through cyberspace. With this in mind, we developed a list of 7 ways to avoid viruses and Trojans.

  1. Install a quality antivirus

Many people trust the free antivirus that is included with Windows or Internet Explorer. However, these programs do not represent adequate protection against the growing list of digital threats. It is suggested to install professional grade antivirus on computers. A website called Savenit , From there you get the best paid antivirus.

  1. Install real-time Trojan protection

Many users think that having an antivirus program that integrates protection against Trojans and spyware (spyware) is enough. However, dispensing with a full license program can be a risk.

  1. Keep your antivirus programs updated

Every day new threats to digital security arise, which is why updating our protection programs is mandatory. Updating them every 3 or 4 days is a healthy habit.

  1. Perform daily scans

Occasionally, a virus escapes the active protection of the antivirus and infects the system. Schedule daily scans of the entire hard drive can be invaluable in detecting, isolating and removing harmful programs.

  1. Disable the “Autorun” or Auto-run

Some viruses operate by adding external devices such as USB / Flash drives, external hard drives or network drives. Windows users can disable the auto-run function following the instructions according to their version of operating system.

  1. Do not “click” on links in emails or attachments

Sometimes by distraction, users end up “clicking” on attachments they receive via email, even knowing that it is a risky action for their computers. Once this is done, the result may not be visible at the moment, but a virus or Trojan may be acting in the computer’s memory, recording and stealing sensitive information.

  1. Navigate intelligently

The main browsers have protection mechanisms that notify when we approach a potentially harmful website. However, it is vital to be careful when sharing personal information over the Internet. Always check if the page where we seem to be is really trustworthy. Check if the URL is of the organization or company. Some hackers install web pages with a design identical to the original to confuse us and appropriate our information.

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Backup And Restore But Never Lose Data




Restore But Never Lose Data

Office 365 is the latest cloud based software offered by Microsoft. It is specially designed for business purpose. It includes an exchange server, Skype and share point and all the other applications that a basic Microsoft office consists. It provides each user with enormous amount of online storage which is stored on the cloud. So basically all the data of a business enterprise is stored on office 365 and its cloud storage. With everything documented on the cloud and software there can be a possibility of an error of data loss. This loss of data can cost the business everything that it has earned till now. It is like nightmare coming true. Even the data stored on cloud is not safe these days. It can be altered or hacked by any technology expert which is a big risk for the business. So how do you keep office 365 safe? The answer is with the help of a backup program.

There are backup software designed especially for Microsoft office 365 and are highly in trend lately. Every successful business is making use of it and keeping their data safe.

Features Of Backup Program

  • Backup office 365 is the main feature of the program. It allows the user to back up all their mail, one drive and SharePoint from Microsoft and other applications and files related to it.
  • The software has an auto discover feature that looks for new data and then back up. The user can be assured that the office 365 is safe and protected.
  • If the software faces any difficulty backing up the organizations data, the software will provide a detailed information on it as well as fix the problem itself. There is a transparent reporting made from the software’s side.
  • The user can find files and emails by browsing and searching and restore what they need to in office 365.
  • All the activities carried out in the backup software by any admin or user can be monitored for security purpose.
  • Users can restore data from any Microsoft supported desktop, mobile, tablet. No data is left behind for backup. The software makes sure that all the data from all devices is backed up as well.
  • It reduces the burden on IT department as employees are able to find their files and folders in the backup software themselves.
  • The software provides unlimited storage for the users. There is no limit for the business to store data. Any number of data can be stored and restored from the backup software.

Businesses across the globe are putting their trust in such softwares. It gives them a peace of mind that their data is safe and is always available to them. It is a onetime investment for the organization but every penny spent on it is worth it. With just few clicks and downloads the entire business can shift on a cloud and recover at the time of data crisis. Any business that is operating on cloud must secure their data before it too late.

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Creating powerful messages for SMS marketing campaigns




bulk SMS

Business companies these days focus more on implementing powerful marketing strategies for creating impacts on the customers. The SMS marketing is the best option for all sizes of businesses allowing them to deliver powerful messages in the markets accordingly.

A lot of businesses these days prefer effective marketing tools in order to ensure progress levels with high success rates. As a result, the SMS advertising is getting more importance these days which ultimately help to reach customers as soon as possible. It is an ideal solution for business firms enabling them to focus more on the goals with a wide range of features. Another thing is that a business can target the mobile phone users with unique messages that give ways for boosting sales in the markets.

Anyone who wants to choose SMS marketing should choose a right platform for meeting essential needs while promoting a brand or service. This will help a lot to reduce competition levels in the markets significantly to obtain optimal results. Furthermore, it becomes a simple one to target the customers with SMS campaigns which ultimately help to gain more advantages.

Getting high-conversion rates with SMS marketing

An SMS gateway provides ways for delivering messages in the markets with unique approaches that can help ensure high-conversion rates. Most SMS service providers allow business companies to choose a package for transactional and promotional purposes. A promotional package is a suitable choice for executing the sales, marketing, and advertisements with innovative approaches for witnessing desired outputs. The transactional package is an ideal one for sending the notifications and other things with special attention.

The bulk SMS service in Delhi covers customization, free chat, premium high speed, 2-way messaging, excel plug-in, short coding, long coding, online  group management, free API, templates, OTP,  SMS scheduling, and other features enabling the businesses to undergo major changes. In addition, a business company can extract the data from Google spreadsheet and excel sheet that gives ways for adding more customers. At the same time, it is necessary to select a service provider which perfectly suits a business.

SMS campaigns for engaging customers

The SMS campaigns are a suitable one for enhancing customer engagement with a variety of tools that show ways for building business in the markets. Apart from that, they play a key role in contacting the customers directly that can increase the brand awareness considerably. A wide range of options are available for the business firms when it comes to advertising and SMS marketing provides ways for growing business with unique approaches.

Anyone who wants to buy bulk SMS in Delhi can search details from different sources including online for getting more ideas quickly. Furthermore, it is possible to select a package at lower prices for saving more money. The bulk SMS enables business companies to deliver messages anywhere based on the choices. It even gives ways for sending messages from computers, mobile phones, and other digital devices with attention for accomplishing goals in a business to earn more revenues and profits.

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