Great Tips to Decorate Your Tiny Apartment

Decorate Your Tiny Apartment

Small apartments have irreplaceable cozy charms and lower rents, but they require certain skills to be decorated right. When decorating small apartments people often focus on functionality rather than design. Although your apartment is short on space, that doesn’t mean it has to be short on style. You just need to focus on adding items that fit your needs while highlighting your personal aesthetic.

Follow these tips that we rounded up for you today and make the most of your small apartment while still letting your personality come through. 


It is normal to accumulate clutter in your home. However, when living in a tiny space, the clutter is much more apparent. At least once a year, we advise you to go through your things and get rid of the items you don’t need. You will be surprised how much clearer your home looks once you throw away the unnecessary items. 


When decorating limited space, every inch counts. Multi functional furniture designs are always a great choice, so focus on finding such furniture. For instance, you can go with hollow ottoman that can be used for storage, or trundle bed that can be folded into a sofa when watching TV. Whichever furniture peace you choose, make sure to select pieces that will fit your space perfectly. Don’t go for bigger designs, because they will only make your space look even smaller. 


After living in your small apartment for years, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut to how you use it. You probably store your shoes under your bed, your clean linens under your sink and extra baking dishes in your oven. But, you should also think about using your tiny apartment in the most effective way possible. Look around your space and identify your corners, spaces and walls that are not serving a useful purpose or are not used at all. Then, try to find the best possible way to use those spaces. 


When choosing colors for your apartment keep things light. While darker colors can make rooms look smaller, light colors can open up any space. So, when choosing color palette for your small apartment, make sure you go with the right ones: two bright shades for the majority of the apartment and one darker color to add accents. 


Small spaces lack depth. Fortunately, you can make up that depth easily by layering in your interior. For instance, you can add throw rugs on the floor and interesting pillows on your sofa. Layer your bed with blankets and throw pillows to add depth and warmth to your bedroom.

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