Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Hip Replacement Surgery

Whenever people undergo a pain in their joints, they immediately start considering surgeries. Number of people every year visit the doctors looking for joint replacement surgeries and this number is increasing with every passing year. Age and diseases are factors due to which people feel that they are not able to survive the pain. With the age, the joints deteriorate and their movement also gets restricted, this is when most of the people plan to go for hip replacement surgery.

Reasons for Hip replacement surgery

There could be a number of reasons for hip replacement treatment. Some of the most prominent reasons are as under:

  • Diseases such as arthritis, damage to the nerves caused due to age or fractures may lead to hip replacement surgery. Hip Replacement surgery in India is commonly done due to these issues.
  • Another reason for this surgery is that people want to regain their ability to move and also reduce the pain in their joints. The hip replacement involves complete or partial replacement where they replace the joint of the hip with a prosthetic device.
  • The third reason is that when everything else fails, hip replacement surgery is the only option left. But in case someone in your family is considering this treatment or surgery, it is better to sit down and discuss as there could be certain consequences and post procedure circumstances which you and your family members might not have considered and are not ready for.

Things to consider before getting a hip replacement surgery

Few of the things which should be diligently considered before opting for a hip replacement surgery are as under:

  • Are there other treatments/options available? The person planning to go for a hip replacement surgery can also lose weight and find alternative remedies to come out of the pain. Physical therapy can also be considered. People may also think of walking with crutches so that they do not put pressure on their damaged joint.
  • Is it the best option as of now? Consider the age and health factors before taking the plunge. The patients must take the alternative opinion as well from other doctors and can also assess the severity of their disease. Sometimes, the pain areas are closed to spine or lower back so getting a hip replacement would only bring more pain and suffering. And then financial losses also would incur.
  • Is the person prepared for the risks and complications? While hip replacement is generally successful but then risks are unforeseen. It could lead to infections and blood clots and at times the devices could get dislocated. So these things must surely be considered before making a move.
  • Material of the implant – These devices are generally made of metal, ceramic and polyethylene. You must always ask your doctor about the kind of implant material they would use. At times it is seen that the metal implants has done far more injury to the neighboring nerves and parts.

Hip Replacement surgery in Indiais fairly common and can be easily done. But one must always consider new methods to repair the body parts rather than going in for surgery.

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