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Are Organic Mattresses Really Good for You? Here’s What You Should Know!



Organic Mattresses

Organic mattresses are quite popular for various reasons. Traditionally beds have been made with several types of synthetic materials. Many mattresses have polyurethane foams. Polyurethane foams can give off unpleasant gases which signify the fact that the material continuously will break down and then release chemical compounds which create it. Many chemicals in polyurethane are carcinogens which have been banned in various European countries and might also soon be banned in the United States of America.


Conventional mattresses also have toxic chemicals commonly called PBDEs or polybrominateddiphenyl ethers. They also contain boric acids. Organic mattresses do not include such materials. Organic mattresses can be either natural latex mattresses or organic cotton mattresses. Toxic elements in synthetic mattresses can cause health concerns, and this is why many people are replacing their older mattresses with new organic cotton mattresses.

Manufacturing materials

Organic cotton mattresses are made by using high-quality cotton padding. Such padding is used exclusively in top quality, and custom made upholstered furniture. Organic cotton mattresses produce excellent, bump-free and supportive surfaces for you to sleep on. Organic cotton, which is used in these mattresses, are of the top quality, and untreated French lamb wool is used to provide the natural layers of fiber underneath the cotton. It makes an organic dust mite repellent because of the presence of lanolin, which is present in ship’s wool. Natural fibers produce a better and more comfortable sleeping experience, especially for children. Organic cotton mattresses and organic latex mattresses are most suited for babies and children. It provides them not only a cozy sleeping experience but also offers additional health benefits.


Organic latex mattresses are made from rubber tree farming. There are many sustainable plantations of rubber trees world over from which the rubber is taken. Natural rubber odor is removed by a complicated process of rinsing and washing. Latex also repels dust mites. It is also antibacterial and entirely hypoallergenic. Organic mattress cost more than traditional beds, but they are devoid of any harmful toxic chemicals and are insect repellent and provide a better sleeping experience.

You can get more information about different types of organic mattresses; if you read this guide.


A good night’s rest impacts your back, neck and overall health in various ways. Ignoring the more delicate aspects of choosing a good mattress can have adverse effects on your health. Organic cotton mattresses are helpful because of a variety of reasons, which include firmness of the bedding, its longevity and so on. Hopefully, from this article, you will have learned about the importance of choosing an organic cotton mattress

Author bio Silvia Watson is a freelance content writer. She has written many good and informative articles on different categories such as technology, health, fashion, education, career, travel etc. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and fitness industry and currently associated as a blogger

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How can your prevent breakdown of your air conditioner in summer?




air conditioner

All air conditioner users wish their unit to break down during the spring or winter when it is either mild or cool outside or not break down at all. However, the bitter truth is that the breakdown of air conditioners always happens during the summer days when the outside temperature is soaring high. This is the time when you are badly in need of cool temperature all around you.

People begin to panic with the rising temperature and humidity in the atmosphere which even causes heatstroke and many health diseases. You want to get rid of the heat, sweat and irritating issues. Hence, in this article, we shall be talking about the ways through which you can prevent the breakdown of your air conditioner during summer.

Ways for preventing air conditioning breakdown

1)   Clean up the filters

Using an air conditioner with very dirty filters is among the key reasons for breaking down of your  residential cooling system. This is one thing that every person experiences again and again. This is why changing or checking your air filters each month will prominently reduce the possibilities of breaking down of your unit. You can make things easier in this regard by setting up reminders on your phone to have regular maintenance.

2)   Schedule yearly maintenance

If you do not have any air conditioning servicing, you can set it up right now. Apart from changing the filters, you can also schedule yearly maintenance for avoiding air conditioner breakdown in the summer. This will help you have a proper check and maintenance tasks of your systems. This will also ensure that your air conditioner to be in the best possible shape for summers.

3)   Do not close your AC’s air vents

Some of the air conditioner users think it to be appropriate for closing the air vents in the homes which are not used much. This is not a good idea as it can misbalance your air conditioner system and result in various operational issues which can further lead to a breakdown. You need to keep the air vents of your home free of any physical barrier and open for avoiding such problems.

4)   Check regularly for water leaks

Have a quick scan of the entire surface or floor around your system whenever you think of changing the air filter. You can condensate your unit’s drain lines which can get clogged many times. This would result in water leakage around and on your system that will also lead to system breakdown. Hence, you need to have a regular check up on leaks.

You can follow all the above things and might still have a breakdown. In such case, never hesitate to call for professional help for exhaust canopy repairs or aircon repairs  which is the best when it comes to handling complex technical issues.

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Top 3 Things You Overlook When Decorating Your Home




Decorating Your Home

We all spend at least one third of our lives in our homes, which is why it is essential to choose or design one in such a way it gives a sense of belongingness. Sure, only an engineer and an architect can actually decide the basic structure of your house – but take a look at all the apartments around you. They have over 10 floors with over 500 houses built the same way, exactly with the same  format.

However, when you actually enter all of them, you can find at least a million minute differences. Same for goes for a hostel, or any place that accommodates a huge number of people with the same structural format. This is because, when all of them are built they are just houses and you make it a home. For reference, Interior designer in Delhi charge  per square feet, but here are the top 3 things you can easily overlook, when decorating your home :

  1. Lighting:

Lighting is one of the primary aspects of Interior designing which is often overlooked by most of us. Lights can easily change or determine our moods  because they can manipulate our feelings.

I’m sure your furnished apartment in Delhi is going to have all the basic lights to cover your rooms, but they won’t sport accent lights. These are pretty cheap and easily affordable, you can start with salt lamps, smart lights that can connect to your Wi-Fi, or even a LED light strip that runs around the back of your TV that gives a great moody effect.

  1. Wiring

One of the simplest concepts that spoil the interior design of many homes I’ve seen, is wiring. When you buy a house, all the wiring is done internally. The same goes for an apartment, but when you add new appliances to your home to decorate or repair these appliances – it is easy to overlook the dirty wires hanging down.

Using an extension cord might be a good hack that works at the moment, but if that particular appliance is going to be used every day in that location, you might as well put in the efforts to fit a plug-point to get rid of those ugly wires. Take a look behind your Computer now, I’m sure most of you might have so many wires in knots. All it takes is a bunch of cable organizers and one weekend to clean it up, so don’t put it away! 

  1. Artwork 

Artworks from another important aspect of making a house your own. It has been one of the quickest ways to decorate a house, yet can be overlooked easily. It can help you express your likings, even talk to your soul. The basic artwork everyone has in their homes are posters. It might be a movie poster, your favorite band, a painting by an artist, or even painting by your 3 year old son. It gives life to your wall.

Yet, these can easily be held accountable for damaging the walls and many of them just avoid it for the same reasons. There are a lot of tapes to hang up posters on the walls without the use of nails, which avoids damage to your paint.  It is up to your skills to convince the tenant, but it’s pretty clear that it will be worth it. Posters just require very little space and effort  but have a very good impact on your home’s identity.

Anyway, that wraps the list for the things you shouldn’t overlook when you’re decorating your home next time. It is also recommended to get an interior designer if you aren’t confident with it. Interior designers in Delhi are easy to reach with the help of the internet, and they will help you get an idea on making your home, look and feel good.

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Although fertilizing the soil before planting grass for your lawn is important, how you do it is equally important. This is especially so for large spaces since you do not want to miss certain areas. There are several devices in the market today that will help you with the preparation of your yard for planting. These devices can help with the mixing, grinding and transportation of fertilizers. When choosing the Best commercial fertilizer spreaderfor your lawn, there are certain factors you need to consider.

Tips on things to consider when choosing the right fertilizer spreader for your yard

  • What type of fertilizer are you applying?
  • What are the specific functions of the machine? Can it be used in the preparation, transportation and application of the fertilizer?
  • What technology does the fertilizer spreader use? Is it a liquid fertilizer spreader, a manure spreader, granulated fertilizer spreader? Is it used for applying pulverized fertilizer?
  • Is it a stationary spreader or can it be moved? If it is mobile, what are the properties?

Some of the 2018 Best commercial fertilizer spreaders in the market

  1. EARTHWAY 3400

This is a handheld fertilizer spreader perfect for small yards. You can use this equipment to get the fertilizer from the bag. It has a capacity of 1.8litres which allows you to work quickly when spreading the fertilizer. The main characteristics that make this the best commercial fertilizer spreader for your small lawn are;

  • You control the speed of spreading the fertilizer. Reduced chances of wastage
  • It has a high speed gear box. This way if you are pressed for time, you can get it to work faster
  • It has an ergonomic handle with a great front panel design

This mechanical spreader is great since you only need to move the cart as it fertilizes the soil. The rotating disc allows you to accurately dispense the fertilizer. This is a multi-purpose spreader since you can also use it when planting seeds or anti-ice chemical reagents such as salt and sand. The large pneumatic tires make it ideal for use on any surface, even or uneven.

Advantages of commercial fertilizer spreaders

  • Reduced cost of employing man power
  • Energy and time saving
  • Even application of fertilizer

Choosing the right and best commercial fertilizer spreader for your use can be overwhelming especially with the many spreaders in the market today. The grass needs to be handled with care if you want a beautiful outcome. You may be eager to get the ball rolling as far as your yard is concerned but it is more important to get it right. Get everything ready so that when you begin the recovery process, you have all that you need.

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