How Patric Lanning Managed To Achieve A Good Reputation For Community College?

Reputation For Community College

A good reputation is a key asset for any organization. Reputation lives longer than the entity, thus reputation is one of the most important factors to achieve success for any entity. Patrick Lanning is of the opinion that if an organization have a good reputation, it will have consistent inflow of work and appreciation but if for once the reputation is gone, the organization start to fall from that point.

In today’s world of the Internet, it is very easy to make a good or bad reputation. Reputation is the brand value of an organization, which assures the quality of service. Reputation management for community colleges is a tricky task. Community colleges are the educational institutes, which provide workforce education like diploma courses to increase employability. There are several needs of a community college, which needs to be performed diligently to maintain a good reputation. The Chief Academic Officer at Yamhill Valley, Mr. Patrick Lanning believes that one need to connect with the surroundings very well, must be aware of the requirements of that region.

It can be maintained by developing a good network. It is important to understand that the reputation of an organization is made by the representatives of the organization and by the service/ product of that organization. To develop a good reputation, one needs to be involved in the service and should have an in-depth understanding of the work process. The person should have complete confidence in the approaches that would be used to maintain reputation. The person who is responsible for the reputation of the organization must be available at any given time to represent and take responsibility. The representatives should understand the needs of the organization and the people involved. They should possess a positive and calm attitude to take the wise decision at the time of mishaps. The benefits of good reputation are multiple for example the organization attracts more customers, employees feel motivated, findings are easily available, talent people are engaged and financial performance of the organization improves.

Good Reputation Management practices by Patrick Lanning

Representative needs to consistently monitor the performance of the organization. The quality of the service needs to be audited time to time. The most effective method to keep a good reputation is to focus on the negative key area of the organization and then improving them. The representative should be alert to every small sign of negative image.

Patrick Lanning: A real community college success story

He is a campus president and Chief Academic Officer, Chemeketa Community College at Yamhill Valley. He is an excellent work history to provide a good service. He is highly experienced in this field and considered to be an expert.

Patrick Lanning’s methodology

Patrick Lanning believes that there are various factors to maintain a good reputation.

  1. It is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of the existing infrastructure and to know that how it can help in maintaining reputation.
  2. It is important to prioritize the objectives.
  3. The understanding of the region and people is important to provide demanding courses.
  4. One should communicate with the locals, in case of the community colleges, the high school students are the target audience.

In summary, it is important to know the region and target audience. The feedback from the target audience is one of the most important factors. Patrick Lanning says a good reputation in the target audience will result in a good business for the organization.

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