Prevention of Knee Injuries

Prevention of Knee Injuries

Knee injuries could spell for young athletes, if they are into professional sports. Some of the injuries could hurt sportsmen for the rest of their life. This is one of the main reasons on why dos and don’ts for knee pain needs to be followed. Let us now understand the common type of knee injuries

  • Sprains- the tearing or stretching of a ligament. When there is a severe pain it means that tearing of some ligament has taken place. Swelling or giving way is some of the symptoms of this type of knee injury.
  • Strain- this would tear of a muscle and the symptoms of it are similar to sprain. Bruising around the injured knee could be witnessed as well
  • Dislocation – the knee could go on to become dislocated if it is stuck with the right amount of force. The knee cap may or may not return to its original location with the help of a doctor. It is suggested that you get the dislocation examined in a proper manner
  • Meniscus tears- it is a common form of sports injury that does arise due to sudden chances in the levels of your speed. Swelling accompanied by tenderness tends to arise all the more.


This tends to emerge where there is a break or crack in the bones of knee emerge. With the list of knee injuries on a large scale, it is indeed difficult to plan for knee pain dos and don’ts. Training methods coupled with proper conditioning could reduce the impact of knee injuries whereby the strength around the knees is enhanced along with the various parts of your leg.

To reduce any form of knee injury it is suggested that you do warm up and then cool down before you start any form of physical activity. The process has to be slow so that the body copes up with the demand of the physical activity. You need to think of the knee as a breaking system of a car. To ensure unnecessary wear and tear of the braking system does not occur, care need to be taken so that it is controlled and smooth, in comparison to the sudden sharp and turn.

Sportsmen who are into a single sport, needs to be active all the time. This is even when they are not active during the off seasons as well. When physical activity is kept around the year it does help them to maintain strength, balance and flexibility. When any of these tend to taper off, knee injuries are bound to arise.

Part of the injuries that arise due to sportsmen is reflected on the own ego of theirs. They do not understand their boundaries. They should figure out when serious pains are bound to arise and then report it to a doctor. This to a large extent does prevent any form of serious injuries. If a sportsmen is able to understand what type of injuries are likely to arise they can take better care of themselves.

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