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The Complete Guide on Gift Cards



Gift Cards


What are Gift Cards?

Gift Cards are a kind of prepaid card that can be used anywhere across the world. The brand can be a problematic factor. It gets activated as soon as you purchase. Gift cards are widely used for online payments. Almost all e-commerce merchants use the Address Verification Service. The cardholder should always select the credit option at the POS terminal. Gift cards offer no cashback option to any of its customers. Discounted gift cards isn’t that painful. It can be done within minutes. Gift cards should never be misinterpreted as vouchers. There is a world of difference between the two.

How does it help in our lives?

For every special occasion like birthdays, anniversary, engagement, marriage, baby shower, family gathering, friends gatherings, and many others, gifts play an important role. A gift can also be referred to as a token of appreciation. Choosing a perfect gift that is suited for a definite purpose can be a very responsible job. During festivals, many companies come up with gift card sale. Gift Cards Sale is done periodically seeing the buying behavior of customers.

Nowadays, one of the best gifts which can be suited for every special occasion is a gift card. They are issued by banks or retailers. They are basically prepaid cards that can be used to purchase items from a particular store or a brand. Gift cards are the new kind of gift which replaces various objects or cash. Some features of gift cards are:

  • They can be redeemed at a particular store or under a specific brand name only.
  • They come with a period of validity thus should be used before the expiring date.
  • People can choose between the various options and select the right one they really need by redeeming the gift card.

E J Gift Cards are available for every occasion. Two things must be kept in mind before buying a gift  card:

  1. The budget of the person who is willing to buy the gift card. There are different price ranges in witch gift cards are available.
  2. The occasion for which a gift card is bought. The gift must suit the purpose of the occasion.

E J Gift cards Provide discounted gift cards and lots of exciting offers. It is one of the best platforms which provides huge discounts on the cards. They provide two types of cards that  are:

  1. Physical Cards
  2. E-cards

Companies like Amazon, Walmart allow customers to buy gift cards. During the festivities, they offer gift cards for free. Customers can get both physical or digital gift cards. Let us know about the pros of gift cards:

Pros of Gift Cards:

  1. No fear of mishandling of cash: Gift Cards eliminate the fear of handling too much cash. Gift Cards aren’t replaceable, but are always less risky.
  2. Easily Replaceability: Registered Gift Cards can be replaced without any difficulties.
  3. Controls your spending: Gift Cards play an inherent role in controlling our spending patterns.
  4. Speeds up the transactions: One can easily check out with the help of Gift Cards. Cashless transactions are far more convenient than monetary transactions.


Because of being unable to recall the balances of their gift cards, customers get irritated. The reason is quite genuine. Nowadays, numerous agencies are available which allows you to sell your gift cards online. It is not at all an arduous task. Selling your gift cards is one of the easiest tasks to do. All you have to do is to look for a merchant provider and check the reusable offer. Many agencies deal with discounting of gift cards.

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Five Occasions to Flaunt Your Wedding Jewellery



Wedding Jewellery

Indian weddings are filled with the vibrancy of flowers, rituals, new clothes and of course Jewellery. While we all cherish our wedding Jewellery very dearly, we often fall short of occasions to wear them. The heavy gold choker necklace that we buy with great love always ends up clad in silk cloth in a bank locker. So is the case of any heavy gold or diamond bridal Jewellery that we purchase. Here are the five occasions that you can flaunt them to the fullest of your heart and awe people around you.

Our milestone celebrations

Our milestone celebrations are something we wish to add a dash of grandeur. It can be the birth of a child to anniversary or birthdays to special dates that hold a memory, these occasions are where our Jewellery can be put to work to add glamour. While not all wedding Jewellery qualify, we can add that temple bangles or heavy gold hangings to our celebrations.

Close relatives weddings

Weddings are another authentic reason one gets to deck to the heart’s fullest, especially when it is of a close friend, sibling or a dear cousin. Our wedding Jewellery like the cocktail ring or that layered Rani haar or the diamond necklace from the reception night- all of them will aptly suit this occasion.


Dressing for the umpteen Indian Festivals is something which we all love to do. Along with new clothes bring out the wedding Jewellery to enhance your golden glow. After all, we only need a reason to deck up- they include both social and family occasions.

Classical art concerts

If you are someone who has flair for dance and classical music shows then your wedding Jewellery paired with a heritage gold stud design would just elevate your look for that evening. They lend that grace and elegance on the bright kanjeevarams or soft silk sarees giving you a traditional vibe that is much expected in these avenues. You can make yourself look regally conventional to fit that classical aura.

Neighbours and next door mini functions

Yes, you read it right they are indeed a great way to flaunt your wedding Jewellery, of course, the lightweight versions that will make you look cool. A pastel saree with a long mangalsutra and diamond earrings or a pearl mala with an Anarkali are few style cues that one can try along with the occasion.

Bridal Jewellery indeed holds a big fat memory- be it the shopping experience, receiving time or purely the love of parents, it ought to be utilized well. Giving thought to this, many Jewellers have been designing multi-use bridal wear with detachable jewellery items, changing stones example: 5-in-1 one Vaddanam, 2-in-1 Vanki, 3-in-1 diamond chains etc.

While you are on your way to buy bridal Jewellery, it is worth to research these type of multi-use ornaments, which give you a lot of scope of styling rather than storing away in safe-keepers.

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Gold Rate: When is the Right Time to Buy Gold?



Gold Rate

Gold has been considered a precious and valued metal for decades now. It is mostly used for making jewellery pieces. In India, gold is an important part of a wedding or any other ceremony. As you know, the price of gold keeps fluctuating because of which it becomes a bit tough for the buyers to decide the right time to buy gold. It must be noted that with the increase in demand for this precious metal, its price also shoots up. However, you too a similar question in your mind, read this post till the end to get your doubts clarified. Down below, we are going to discuss some points which can help you in knowing whether it is the right time to buy gold or not:

  • Off-season 

The demand for gold generally increases in the wedding season because of which its price reaches its peak. You must always buy gold in the offseason or the months when the demand for gold is low. If you need it in the wedding season, you can make prior order of the ornaments to get them at a cheaper price. This is the best time to get a gold locket design.

  • The month of March 

A lot of experts and business people have declared March as buy the best month to gold because apart from the lower price, there are many other benefits associated with it. Keep checking the gold rate today before heading out to the gold shop.

  • Price in the international market 

The price of gold in the international market includes its price in the country also. If the price of gold is high in the international market, then it will be high here too, and vice versa. Hence, the right time to buy gold is only when you find that the gold rate in the international market is low.

  • Higher exchange rate

The prices of gold and silver are largely dependent on the stock exchange market as well as the exchange rate. A higher exchange rate will lead to a decrease in the gold prices, whereas a lower exchange rate will increase the gold prices in the country. Hence, you must follow the exchange rates and accordingly decide when should you buy gold.

  • Interest rates 

The prices of gold share an inverse relationship with the prevailing interest rates in the economy. When you see a fall in the interest rates, you should know that as because people will not get expected returns upon their deposited amount they would prefer breaking the deposits and investing in gold, which can further lead to an increase in the demand for gold as well as price. Whereas, with the increase in interest rates, people tend to sell off their gold and make investments in deposits for earning higher interest which contributes to a fall in the demand as well as price.

You can assuredly know the best time to buy gold by considering all the above-mentioned factors. There are a lot of other factors too, but the ones put above in this post are the major ones and you just cannot skip them if you are looking forward to making an efficient gold purchase.

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Smart Ways to Shop for Perfumes Online



Shop for Perfumes Online

Aside from donning fashionable outfits, most women also feel more confident when wearing their perfume. It can let you get through the day without worrying about unwanted smells and body odour. Perfumes can also enhance your mood and make you feel attractive.

While you may have a signature scent that you often use, it would also help you feel and smell better if you have different perfumes to choose from for every occasion. It means that you need to own more than one scent for options.

Since most people are starting to prefer shopping at the comforts of their home nowadays, buying women’s perfume online has become the norm. However, not all people are comfortable purchasing personal items without testing it first.

It is the reason why online shopping for perfumes can be a bit intimidating. Here are some shopping tips that can help you find the best smelling perfumes for women online:

Do Some Research

Some perfumes come in pretty packages. While it can be tempting to add perfumes in your online shopping cart due to its chic-looking bottles, it does not mean that the scent will suit your taste. So before you shop for women’s perfume online, you need to do thorough research to know more about the item.

To help you get a better idea about the product, you can look for customer reviews online to know the opinion of other women regarding the product. You may also look for honest reviews and recommendations from your trusted social media influencers to know if you will like the scent.

You must also consider looking for feedback regarding the online perfume shop you chose to help you determine if it can provide legitimate online transactions.

Try Out the Online Scent-matching Quizzes

Several websites and online companies post personality quizzes that can help determine which scent is right for you. These fragrance quizzes can be useful if you have no idea which one to buy online.

Some of the factors considered in online fragrance quizzes include your characteristics, the types of activities that you normally do every day, and the kind of lifestyle that you prefer. All these factors will be computed then the website will list down the scent options that would suit you.

Read the Descriptions

All perfume websites post clear descriptions of their products online. The information provided online usually include a list of notable ingredients used in manufacturing the perfume. It also mentions details like the olfactory pyramid, including the top, heart and base notes.

The top notes refer to the first ingredients that a person will detect when smelling the perfume. The heart notes are the core of the fragrance, while the base notes are the component that provides depth and richness of the perfume. You need to read and study the details in the description properly to help you decide if the perfume is right for you.

Know Your Preferred Notes

Since you do not have the opportunity to smell the perfume online, you need to imagine its scent by reading the perfume. To give you an idea about how the item smells, you must learn the different types of notes.

Some of the most common notes include the Fresh note, which usually includes citrusy, organic, and clean scents. This note is ideal for those who love the outdoors. Floral notes, on the other hand, include those that are made using roses, jasmine, and lilies.

Women would love to wear this scent to feel more feminine. Men often prefer woodsy perfumes, but you can also put it on to remind you of your boyfriend’s scent. Meanwhile, the more adventurous women would want to invest in oriental scents to highlight their sensual personality.

Shopping for perfumes online does not have to be a challenge, especially if you know what you want and need. You can get whatever perfume would match your mood by carefully weighing your options through proper research and trusted recommendations. With the help of the above tips, you can smell and feel good all the time.

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